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The two Abebes' Partners in crime

By Teshome Kassaye, Sept. 24, 2012

Abebe BelewAbebe bought a huge Villa at Gift Real Estate in his wife's name, that amounts to two and half millions Birr and additionally he paid government tax more than 300.000 Birr.

The tale of two Abebes', Abebe Belew and Abebe Gelaw are very mysterious. These cheerleaders of the opposition party in the Diaspora are identical twins in their political attitude and to this date they are charged as terrorists by Ethiopian court. They need one another to exist but each harbors same hate politics which threatens to destroy the Diaspora Ethiopians bond to their own country. Both fall in love for an object called money. They have fantastic weapon to serve their purpose, one owns radio station and the other Internet Television. They were using the Ethiopian Diaspora as an ATM machine and they squeezed enough money and resources bargaining the kind heart of Ethiopians in the pretext of politics.

One of the things that got me excited this week was the story of Abebe Belew. What I heard was no fiction but News. Ethiopian first.com, Ben kebede did an investigative report on Abeeb Belew of Addis Dimts Radio that Abebe bought a huge Villa at Gift Real Estate in his wife's name, that amounts to two and half millions Birr and additionally he paid government tax more than 300.000 Birr. The man is now confronted the reality of loosing this wealthy estate. He was so pathetic that in his yesterday's radio talk show he neither denied nor had the gut to challenge the allegation but rather in his whole radio air waves time concentrate on fundraising for thousands rounds .This was the guy who was preaching tirelessly the Ethiopian Diaspora not to invest in their home country but he ended up putting his foot in his mouth.

Abebe Gellaw -Tigrai OnlineAbebe Gellaw barking like a mad dog at the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

Abebe Gelaw story is no different, we heard four months ago he got a huge sum of money for bad mouthing and a disrespect he showed for the late prime minster Meles Zenawi. He is living in a lap of luxury. New motives, deceptions and lies are revealed on both Abebes but the closer we get to these toxic Diasporas cheerleaders, the deeper they will get themselves in to a trouble and the greater possibility of lying in a grave. Both Abebe's were moving heaven and earth to find a formula to squeeze money from the Diaspora community. But why in the world an Ethiopian Diaspora opposition party supporters give its hard earned money for these rubbish is a good question to ask.

Abebe Belew and Abebe Gelaw have an extraordinary arrogance, one can't afford to ignore them. Now they are facing uphill task, not in too distant future they will be given a leg up by many Ethiopian in Diasporas. Tamagne Beyene, a close friend of these two evils had similar story. It was only lately that I was under the impression,Tamegne Beyene had no job for the last twenty plus years being in a usual state of good health. You got to be kidding me. I am truly embarrassed. You see this is the story and the situation of the few toxic Diasporas in a nutshell who preferred to live on the sweat and blood of others. The majority of Ethiopian Diasporas need to learn much from their misdeeds and ask a serious question what we have become to give our hard earned money for those architect of hate politics. We need to say enough is enough.

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