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Why was Abune Mekarios sent to Eritrea by Ginbot-7 after Prime Minister Meles died?

Tigrai Online, Sept. 27, 2012

Birhanu Nega’s crambling organization Ginbot-7 has been trying to get to power in Ethiopia by any means necessary including by waging a bloody war. They have been telling the Ethiopian people in three months, six months or next year we will march to Addis Ababa. There is one tiny problem to achieve their goal, they don’t have any army in fact they don’t have a single soldier on the ground except the imaginary once.

Nothing or no one could stop them from dreaming and spreading lies. Every time they think there is an opening for them to get to the throne at Menlik palace they would not leave any stone unturned. One such time was when the late Prime Minister was sick in a hospital. The Ginbot-7 mouth piece ESAt was broadcasting fabricated propaganda outright lies about the Prime Minister and the eminent collapse of EPRDF.

After the death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Ginbot-7 rushed Bishop  Mekarios to Asmara to beg the dying Eritrean regime to help them get to power and to organize any leftover EPPF ragtag militia. Unfortunately for Ginbot-7 and power hungry Birhanu Nega Isaiass didn’t want to take the risk this time. As to the diablos Mekarios he was back to America scratching his head and his dream of becoming the next Patriarch shattered beyond repair.

Abune Mekarios visits Eritrea to grab power
Abune Mekarios was sent to Eritrea by Ginbot-7 after the death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to take the opportunity for extremist movements to overthrow the Ethiopian government.

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