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Mechanisms to impede some individuals Pitiable and deplorable tendencies to retard Ethiopian Diaspora’s Initiatives

By Tezera Asegu, London,United kingdom
Tigrai Online Nov. 12, 2012


The Ethiopian Diaspora communities’ attachment to words their birth country Ethiopia is heading in a very matchup demeanor. Their contributions and keenness towards the betterment of Ethiopia is escalating from time to time. They are taking part in investment, knowledge transfer and other concomitant initiatives.

It is well-known that Ethiopia and Ethiopians’ passed through so many traumatic episodes during the last "Derg” regime and the recent Shabia "/EPLF/" provocations and aggressions. Most of Ethiopians’ lost their brothers and sisters in the wars broken up during these eras. The possessions and wealth of some hard working families of Ethiopians’ are annihilated, nicked and confiscated by gruesome cadres and aggressors during the aforementioned awful times.

It is known that Ethiopian people resolutely fought back the Shabia’s /EPLF/ provocation and aggression of a gambit war to acquire the land of "Badme" and other vicinity that border Ethiopia and Eritrea. The scarification of the Ethiopian youths during this epic war must not remain in vain and such inspiring triumph of the prevailing generation has to be commemorated and cherished.

Our enchanting and elderly fathers and prominent individuals are lamented, humiliated and disgraced by the "Derg" regime the so-called cadres /Banda’s’/ and Shabia’s /EPLF/ muggers conspiracies. Some of the remnants of the last government/The Derg/ regime and some who have got a hidden knot with shabia’s /EPLF/ bits and pieces are creating bewilderment and idiocy to avert the Ethiopia and Ethiopians’ noble chores which is impossible and unfeasible.

The Ethiopian people would proceed in fetching peace and development if and only if those influential people who are maneuvering the political make-up at the top level, the Ethiopian parliament and the institutions around the globe persist in handling those sensitive issues cautiously and sprucely.

If any loops and gaps persist because of the lenient handing of such sensitive and delicate issues, the possibility of the Ethiopia enemies to intersperse their venoms would be out of command.

We are also sensing some gruesome individuals in Diaspora are starting to perk-up and trying to erode and snub the scarifications and heroic triumphs of the prevalent Ethiopian youths in every social, economical, cultural and political endeavors.

Some bits and pieces of the last regime that are on the run and some individuals in Ethiopian Diaspora who have got adorable attachment with high up "Shabia "/EPLF/" individuals are trying to create bafflement and confusion.

All these controversies are becoming hindrances a strong, viable and progressive Ethiopian opposition parties to come about rather extremist, disfranchise and fragile opposition groups are emerging across the board.

The paradox is as the Ethiopian proverbs says "A hyena make a request to have endearing well come in a country where they don’t know him” "ጅብ ከማይውቁት አገር ሄዶ ቆዳ ጀንዴ ኣንጥፉልኝ ኣለ". These sorts of individuals who are responsible for the crime they have committed in the past and some individuals in Diaspora who are having a share of soupcon with Shabia / EPLF/ bunch are still trying to have upper-hand in the Diaspora activities and current initiatives of the Ethiopian government across the western countries.

We can assure that the Ethiopian government, the Embassies, enlightened communities and their correlates are disgusted and gutted by their arrogance and imprudent approach. These scandalous individuals have to know that they will no more blinded eye all genuine and active contributors of the ongoing initiatives on board in Diaspora.

Therefore, Members of the Diaspora communities are extending signals and gesticulation to the Ethiopian government and institutions around the globe all the necessary battle, combat and cautious stance to be reckoned as swiftly as possible before things are heading into unnecessary trail.

What the Ethiopian Government and its institution have to do•

The Ethiopian government in conjunction with the established acquiescent institutions have to single out those dreadful and deceitful individuals not to have upper hand in any Diaspora activities & initiatives,

• These hideous and hostile group of individuals in Diaspora have got a perception as the Ethiopian proverb says “The enemy of my enemy is my dear friend” or in Amharic "የጠላቴ ጠላት ወዳጄ ነው/ 0            ",

• These bunch of individuals who are having a share of soupcon and banquet in the palace of "Asmera" have to be watched, neglected and avoided in any initiatives,

• We have a fear that they might leak secrets and pass over fallacious information as they used to do in the past and have got greatest affiliation with the enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians’, take a point /EPLF/ "shabia", "OLF" and "ONLF" and their elements,

• These bunch of people and their adoring Eritrean friends who have been contributing and agitating EPLF /Shabia/ to go ahead with its aggression and provocations in the past who are still backing "Shabia’s " ailing motives are travelling Ethiopia without any prior check-up and scrutiny which is very devastating, risky and nerve ricking.

• These sort of individuals are very power haunted and dig every hall to grip the leader ship roles in any Diaspora initiatives and think as they are impregnable,

• These illicit individual are orchestrating anarchy and organizing anarchy groups to dissect, penetrate and infiltrate those enchanting forums /associations/ and their affiliates in Diaspora,

• They are fond of defaming and finger pointing on those courageous and farsighted contributors of Ethiopians’& Ethiopian born individuals in Diaspora ,

• These felon individuals scratch every hall and create intricacy those progressive institutions not to execute their duties with peace of mind,

• They do every effort to avoid and squash those concurrent, free minded people who knows the hidden agenda of these ostensible cold blooded criminals back ground , history and agendas,

• Most of these illicit individuals had involved in corruption while they had been a mouth peace of the past Ethiopian government/"The Derg"/ and flee the country to avoid imprisonment and legal action. They will involve in corruption with out doubt, if they get a chance of being community leaders of the present Ethiopian enlightened Diaspora forums , associations and initiatives,

• Those prolific minded individuals will be hesitant in contributing their part in the ongoing Ethiopian government initiatives and retreat in becoming members of those decorous community organizations and associations, if these devious /Machiavellian/ individuals get a chance of becoming executive and leader of the established organizations or associations in Diaspora,

• It is not advisable to provide these abhorrent individuals upper hand in any initiatives and activities in Diaspora for they are not good role models,

• These dreadful individuals cause a backlash in any activities and initiatives outlined by implementing their manipulative and cunning approach in Diaspora,

• They speak the same language and act as dedicated individuals in every government initiatives, however there hidden motives and objective is not still wiped-out in their hearts and minds also they are prone to exercise a double standard role,

• The Ethiopian government and the institutions abroad have to know that these wicked individuals wouldn’t be hesitant for a second in intimidating and harassing those individuals who are gallantly working a better and a prospers Ethiopian to come about ,

• The present Ethiopian government in collaboration with those cheerful institutions in Diaspora have to single out those who were actively indulged and partaking as a member and cadres of the "DERG" regime and "EWP "/ BCD / and those who are forced to be member of these erroneous and assassin parties for their bread and butter,

• Those vibrant institutions have to have full information on what is going on around the Diaspora communities for their safety and security and to conduct their activities in a very healthy demeanor.

The Diaspora communities and members:

Members of the enlightened communities are roaring and complaining in every stage and occasions these coldblooded individuals not to have upper-hand in any governmental initiative in Diaspora; however their voice is not heard, yet;

• Members of the open-minded communities and their members must not always expect a swift reply from government for their whining and complaints , however, the duty in exposing these diehard individuals must rest primarily on the shoulder of the Diaspora communities and their members at large,

• Nation and nationalities of Ethiopia have to have full representation in any governmental initiatives and activities in Diaspora

• The youths who have no any involvement and gadgets in any intransigent activities and conflicts in the past "Derg" regime and in EPLF /Shabia/ conspiracies have to have a lucid and full information on what is going on in Diaspora,

• The youth’s activities in Diaspora have to be watched and their enrolments in present governmental activities have to be handled cautiously and with sensitivity,

• The established Ethiopian governmental institutions and progressive forums have to implement every mechanism those youths in Diaspora not to be approached and infiltrated by those hideous and illicit individuals and EPLF /Shabia/ clusters,

• Those acquiesce and optimistic individuals and the youths should not render their ears for the manipulations and trickery approach of those hideous and erroneous individuals in Diaspora. Instead it is very advisable to be united and fight back the hidden agendas and false agitations of those wily individuals,

• The progressive Diaspora communities and their members have to learn from what was happened in the past and have to restrain from collaborating with those ingrained enemies of Ethiopia and Ethiopians’ and should not expend and offer a single penny for repugnant activities on board.


We Ethiopians who are always having a desire a prosperous and a stronger Ethiopia to come about must embrace each one another where ever we are residing. We Ethiopians who want to see our beloved country Ethiopia coming out from the doom and gloom have to have firm stand and unwavering courage the dignity and image of our country to be honored and cherished.

The Diaspora communities and all Ethiopian around the globe have to be as gallant as our ancestors who clogged down existing differences and gaps in the time when internal and external enemies trying to betray our country’s dignity, freedom, and unity.

The Ethiopian government unwavering initiative to empower the new blood and generation has to be implemented in Diaspora. Those who are still maneuvering the Diaspora initiatives and activities for long have to be replaced by those innovative, vibrant and farsighted youths.

We have to warn and give them a firm rattle for those brothers and sisters who are trying to manipulate, penetrate and divide us. We have to say to them we are standing firm and staunch together in defending our values, beliefs and culture. Explicate our defined dictums that we Ethiopians’ do not compromise on our freedom and dignity and bound to live together on the principle of “Unity Respecting Diversity".

"No more War, Division and Suspicions amongst us. We Ethiopians once again will make poverty history”

Footnote / Glossary/: -

"Derg"- The past fogey government of Ethiopia,

"EWP"- The only reactionary party of the "Derg" regime,

"EPLF"- Eritrean People Liberation Front,
"OLF"- The unpopular Oromo Liberation front. 
"ONLF" The ostracized Ogden Liberation Front 
"Shabia" The other adjacent name of "EPLF"