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Birhanu Nega and Gelebawoch's barking wont stop us.

Tigrai Online Nov. 10, 2012

Jigna Weynai TPLF-Tigrai Online
This song describes the enemies of the people of Ethiopia/Tigrai who were destroyed by the gallant TPLF fighters in the battle field but still barking like a mad dog.

This song describes the enemies of the people of Ethiopia/Tigrai who were destroyed by the gallant TPLF fighters in the battle field but still barking like a mad dog.

The leftover of the fascist derg are changing their hat every day but they bark the something no matter what they are wearing.

As you listen to the words of the song try to read the poem above, it just makes perfect sense. How the riff raff of derg are still barking day in day out.

Reply to some of the comments

First I would like to thank all of you for sharing your thoughts, eventhough some are here to spread hate.

Telling the historic defeat of the enemies of Tigrai and Ethiopians does not mean blaming the general Amhara people. It just means we are reminding ourselves what it took to destroy the evil system in Ethiopia then. It means how many of our youth died to remove the 90 years old system. It means we will never ever let our enemies murder our youth in the squares of our cities and towns. NEVER AGAIN!

Some of you are saying, we have told it enough times we don’t need to tell it anymore it is not good for Ethiopian unity. NO, in fact we have not told enough times yet. When the time comes we will be making movies, write books and make it part of our history. We will be telling it for the next millennia. Ethiopian unity is strengthened by it not weakened. Those who are barking are those who were part of that system or their children and we don’t give it a rat’s a$$ what they think. If this is bothering you so much, there is one thing you can do, go listen to Gelebawoch’s delusional plan how they are going to take power or you can work for freedom, justice, equality and respect of all Ethiopians.

We are building multicultural, multilingual, multi religious, colorful, beautiful and strong Ethiopia whether you are with us or not it will be a reality and all this would not be possible if it wasn’t for the sacrifice of over fifty thousand Tigraian youth. Some of you might find this hard to swallow, but the sooner you embrace it the better it is for you.

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