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Physical History of Axum and Yeha Video

Tigrai Online Oct. 31, 2012

Tigrai is among the few in the world, frequently mentioned in civilization and cultural lists of humanity for its universally accepted historic sites. The state has some of the most important historical monuments of the continent.

Axumite Gold showing the kings head
Tigrai is very well known for its pre-Christian monuments. The Axum obelisks or Steles (2nd century BC), the pre-Axumite Yeha’s "Temple of The Moon" (5th century BC), bath and palace of the Queen Sheba

Tigrai is very well known for its pre-Christian monuments. The Axum obelisks or Steles (2nd century BC), the pre-Axumite Yeha’s "Temple of The Moon" (5th century BC), bath and palace of the Queen Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant, are among the most prominent.

The Ark of the Covenant, is said to have been brought from the Temple in Jerusalem by the first king of Axum Menlik. Moreover, the region has served as entrance of the two world religions Christianity in the 4th century AD, and Islam in the 6th century AD into Ethiopia.

The mosque of Negash which is found in the Kilte-Awlaelo district of Tigrai is also another historical site.

There are more than 120 rock hewn churches and caves that serve as monasteries scattered over the mountains of Tigrai, containing gold and silver crosses, glittering crowns, manuscripts and stones bearing ancient Sabean inscriptions. These and other cultural heritages are priceless assets of the country.

It is in Tigrai state the over 4 thousand year old Axumaite kingdom was once very powerful and had tremendous influence around present day Rea sea countries. It left rich architectural and archaeological heritage of rock-hewn churches and monuments. It was a highly literate society, soon developing an alphabet called Geez, and it is from the language Geez that modern Tigringya, the language of Tigrai has evolved. Christianity was introduced in the fourth century to this to the kingdom of Axum. Its monasteries became centers for learning, translating Greek and Hebrew books, including the Bible in the fifth century. By the end of the sixth century Islam was introduced to the kingdom Axom in Tigrai.

The Axumite heritage is still important in Tigrai today. The oblisks from this era are still standing in Axum today. They symbolize national pride and consciousness for all Tigraians. Today Axum a small town in central Tigrai is a tourist magnet attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The Tigraians also had an important role in defending and defining today's Ethiopia and Eritrea from colonial powers. Emeror Yohannes the fourth, a Tigraian origin king of Kings of Ethiopia, defended the area from Egyptian, Italian and Sudanese invaders. The Italians were soundly defeated in the battle of Adwa in 1896. The first of its kind in black Africa for a modern colonial power to be defeated by a poorly armed, but determined, and ill-trained peasant army. Today not only Tigraians, and Ethiopians but all Africans feel tremendous pride from the defeat of the Italians by an African nation. It is one of black people of the world's brightest spots in history. It has been preserved since then as a symbol of black power over colonial Europe. Present day TPLF leaders also started their armed struggle from Tigrai in 1974. That movement eventually ousted the brutal Megstu regime in 1991 and gave Ethiopia its first taste of democracy in centuries.

More historical evidence that shows Tigrai is the mother of all civilization in Africa

I know some of the enemies of Ethiop would be grinding their teeth and boinling their blood, but they will live.

The pain the feel when the hear the true history of Ethiopia is eminating from their ignorance and their hate filled brain but deep down they knbow it is all true. Sooner or later they will come out to the light. For now they can live the dark allys of false history village.

To those apologists who are trying to make the hate monger feel better, no matter what you do they will hate you more than they hate us, so stop trying. If you don't respect and love yourself who would? Don't fool yourself, know, accept, and love yourself and everyone around you will love and respect you. I for one no matter what others say, I am a Tigrawai from Ethiopia and very proud of it. This does not mean I am better than anyone else or less than anyone; it is just that I am and that is my identity. I love and embrace my identity no more no less.

Axumite Gold coins showing the king Ezana's head
These gold coins are from the fourth century showing the head of the famous Axumite king; Emperor Ezana EllaAmda.

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