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Ethiopia is attracting billions in direct foreign investment

Tigrai Online Dec. 14, 2012

Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, is at the heart of one of the Africa’s most fascinating countries, Ethiopia. Addis Ababa is becoming the financial, political and cultural capital of Africa.

Ethiopia is registering remarkable economic progress in recent years thanks to the EPRDF (“Woyane”) government policies a lot of red tape and backward system has been removed. As the result of the revolutionary policies doing business in Ethiopia is getting easier every year. The spirit of Woyane which swept the country 21 years ago originating in the historical state of Tigrai in Northern Ethiopia is changing the country for the better.

Ethiopia has been stuck in a backward, tribalist, and darkness mud pit for over 90 years before EPRDF came to the rescue. After the TPLF Woyanes and the Ethiopian people buried the feudalistic system virtually every aspect of life in Ethiopia has been transforming into a bright future.

Look at Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia it used to be swallowed on its own raw sewage before EPRDF.

Now in Addis everything is changing by the very minute. The city has recently been in a construction boom with sky scraper buildings rising in many places. Amazing growth in the hotel sector and investors are tapping Ethiopian tourism potential than ever before. Already many five star hotels are currently under constructions. Various luxury services have also become available and construction of shopping malls has recently increased.

Still the riff raff of the racist system who denied majority of Ethiopians their god given right to live a  prospers happy life are still trying to turn the wheels of history backwards.