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We neither piggy back others and nor we desire to be piggy backed

By Dr. Elizabeth
Tigrai Online Dec. 01, 2012

Form the inception of TPLF there was only one and one concept that engulfed the whole region. The people of the region spoke in one voice and said enough is enough to oppression, injustice and inequality. It was decided no matter what it takes we will fight for freedom and justice so started the struggle. The struggle was bitter, nerve breaking and on the process the gallant sons and daughters of Ethiopia were fallen in the mountains and valleys of Tigray and later on in all part of the nation. The freedom fighter knew from the very start and said “Our struggle will be long and bitter but victory is inevitable” So was bitter and took 17 years to get rid of the heavy yoke from each and every Ethiopian. But the victory was sweet and soothing for the vast majority of Ethiopians. Having said that, it was not without problems.

There were few pockets of dissidents among previous government members and beneficiaries who were trying hard to discredit the incoming government (EPRDF). When things get tough, the tough gets going as the saying goes so they gradually left the country and are living in various cities of the west. This happened after they realized Ethiopia is not their mama any more. There were no place for old and stagnated ideas and mentality. Ethiopians started to enjoy the fruit of their hard earned peace and tranquillity. Peaceful and tranquil society is hard to instigate him or her to any type of violence and chaos. To date this group of people are all over diaspora trying to do whatever possible to destabilize Ethiopia with no avail. By now, they should understand the more they try the less support they have.  They even went as far as crossing the boundary to beg for a helping hand to topple the government unconstitutionally. What a shame! What an irony! Chat rooms are packed 24/7 with such remnants of the old school scoff each other with no end result.

The recent loss of our hero Prime Minister Meles Zenawi , is a testimony to how the mentality of the people of Ethiopians inside the country has changed for good. The development taking place in the country is not the only indicator for the legacy of the late PM. The PM has inspired millions of Ethiopians specially the youth and women there is nothing unachievable if you put you heart and mind to it . He had demonstrated not to be complacent with what you have but seek for more. To aim for the moon and you will find yourself among the stars.

Foreign and local investors are flocking in Ethiopia to have the slice of the development strategy to help themselves and others. Create jobs for the jobless, knowledge transfer on the way. Build strong green economy and make poverty history. As I am writing this piece Ethiopians are moving Ethiopia forward. Nation and nationalities are working together hand and glove to re built the nation.  If everyone works invest in his /her region, Ethiopia will be on the move. We will not only erase the Oxford meaning for famine from its dictionary, but from each and every Ethiopians households.

At this junction, I would like to thank our gallant Ethiopian fighters and the Government of EPRDF for making this happen. And also to the women and men on the land for making our aspirations and dreams a reality.

It is not fair to finish up without saying, Thank You!  to the Christian and Muslim elders of all denominations, for  your prayers and creating harmony among all believers. God, Allah Bless you!

Last but not least, my gratitude goes to all regions of nations and nationalities for working together and embracing one another to make what Ethiopia is today. After all,, the tenacious struggle for equality was not to  piggy back others nor to be piggy backed by others.

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