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Beharé Tigray: The Citadel of Divine Law, Fortress of the Spiritual Laws of the Universe

By Hailemariam Abebe
Tigrai Online Oct. 27, 2020


I believe I was in the fifth or the sixth grade in Axum’s Abraha Atsbaha Elementary School when the Mother of all Shocker took place.  The policeman’s name was Tsegay, and to this day, I remember all about him.  He was the friendliest and a very good football player!  I remember him too, just like it was yesterday, both when he was in uniform on duty and in civilian cloth heading to or coming from church.  I remember so much about him because he was also a friend of my cousin, Haile Michael (May he rest in peace). The two had graduated from the police academy and dispatched for service in Axum.  But I wish that all I remember about Tsegay. Unfortunately, I remember him for something else too.

It was one day, about dusk, I found myself one of so many people streaming to the police station.  The reason?  The news was blowing like a wildfire that someone had been shot-killed by a gun at the police station.  And as the mass of people approached the police station, the word was that Tsegay’s gun had accidentally discharged and killed him!  Axum had never seen anything like that, and the shock and grief was equally unprecedented!

The idea of taking a human life being the exclusive domain of God, is what every Tigraway child learns just about by the time he/she learns to walk.  And clearly, Tsegay’s death, although supremely tragic, fitted that belief but the idea that someone could be killed by a gun was something so new!  I remember, so did many of the people who stood shocked nearby, being stunned, numbed and confused.  We have never heard of the sound of a gun let alone someone killed by a gun in Axum and anywhere nearby!  I may even dare say, anywhere in Tigray, and if it did occur here and there, it would have been an exceptionally rare event.  And so, as I and many others stood shocked, there were no tears.  The tears did not come until the next morning, when the funeral procession was underway, and when all had sunk in!  


Behere Tigray: Where God’s Laws Run Supreme:

For Tegaru, the idea that Tigray is a citadel of the divine, would not be an enlightening news.  Let alone the taking of a human life, Tegaru do in fact, religiously pause and do undertake a solemn soul-search, on ones right of way or on who is due the right to precede first, at an intersection!  And it is not just at the road but at the dinner table too.  Dinning for Tegaru is in fact a time when we believe we are not only in the company of angels but also in the presence of God!  There is a reason why the Mesob comes dressed in the colorful vestment of the communion cup in a church, and why the usher carrying the Mesob is dressed like a deacon. There is a reason why when we dine, we speak as though we were at a church.  And there is a reason why our parents teach us how to eat the food.  There is a reason why we do not dart for the food like a dog but approach it as though we are receiving a communion!  Not only never to invade past your side but in the way we gather the nourishment, its size, the number of fingers we must use, the angel and the trajectory we bring the food to the mouth, the width and height of the opening of the mouth, the way we chewed, swallowed, drank, and the volume of the sound we made in our conversation.  It is that dining is a sacred moment.  That, food is sacred tantamount to the bread and wine in the communion!  

There is even a divine meaning to the feeding (mkulas) of our loved ones too.  It is because for us believers, dining in the company of angels and presence of God means, we are in a heavenly state, in a state of absolute freedom where we can see with heavenly eyes.  And when we are so free and with heavenly eyes, we see, like never, God’s ultimate gift to us is/are sitting right in front of us.  And the feeding that we do to our loved ones, is the ultimate way to express our love! It is a personification of communion in our houses!  A Tigraway may flaunt a secular or manmade law(s) but not the other law or not the laws of the transcendental or God!  In the Tigray of my childhood, the priest’s word had much more power than the police!  When the priest forbid one by raising the name of an angel, saint not to mention God, compliance was a certainty and not a probable!  But that is not all.  There is that other fundamental tenet of the Tigraway – sharing no matter how small or give whatever you have got for your loved one!  

It was after the demise of the Derg and after I spent my years of adolescence in the U.S. and returned home when it took place.  Tigray having endured the savagery of the Derg, I was worried that all that way of life guided and governed by the divine Law, the spiritual laws of the universe, and righteous ideas from the bottomless reservoirs so amply available on demand from those temples of knowledge, shrines of wisdom and the chapels of the boomerang principle, might have been pulverized by that chauvinist/Ahdawee pagan and beast, born to worship his belly even if it meant at the expense of everything sacred and precious: people, faith, country, tradition, history even its family!  It even once dressed in blue and declared itself Socialist/Communist, a concept beyond its mental faculty, and showed us its unmatched barbarity which not only shocked us numb but also so did to the international community!  Remember the “Misery Index” of the world?  But to my pleasant surprise, although the devils had incurred incalculable damage upon our people, like life everywhere, our people were not only resilient but invincible!  

It was as I travelled from Selekleka to Axum, on a Hagi Abdu bus full of fellow Tegaru, when the lady sitting a couple of rows in front of me, whom I  found out later that she was from a small village in Endaba Guna, stood up with a large and golden Himbasha in her hands.  Then as the bus cruised through the plains and hills, she broke the Himbasha into as many as she could and shared it with many of us!  No, she could not eat alone. Not only because sharing is at the heart of Tigrayan spiritual fiber and soul but also, she knew of the other Tigrayan fundamental belief, that the person we do not know, be it the person we meet on the road, the beggar calling on us for his daily sustenance  or the person we do not know sitting next to us on the bus, could be Jesus Christ!  And so, even though, she did not have enough for all and she apologized for that, she shared what she had with as many as she could!  Moved by what I had observed, as I disembarked in Axum, I asked her where she was heading.  That was when she told me she was on a long journey to Addis Ababa to see her son who was a Tegadalay! Here was a lady of very little means but she shared what she had and probably she needed it for her long journey but then she not only knew of her spiritual calling but she knew of that other Tigrayan core belief, a man/woman does not live by bread alone!

Chauvinists/Ahdaweeian:  A Plague of Cyclical Pandemics:


I shared Tsegay’s story and about the divinity of Tigray to make a point.  I was a tenth grader in the United States and on my way to a football practice with my teammates when the driver of the bus called my name and asked me what was going on in my country, Ethiopia.  I had no clue what he was asking me about until he, himself told me of the murder of the sixty most senior government officials of the late Emperor Haile Selassie (RIP) government!  I was so shocked and horrified that it took me a long time not to get over it but to live with it!  Sixty people, without the due process of law, were gunned down and shoved into a mass grave!  But this was just the beginning. Menelik’s progeny had just begun celebrating his devilish legacy with a new and unparalleled round of brutality!  

I believe it was some months later that the Derg had rounded up and imprisoned in Mekelle every Tigraway that was who was who in Tigray, the elite, the cream of the crop of the society, the most educated in the entire Tigray, such as distinguished educator, Memhir Seyoum Gebrekidan who once served as the principal of Abraha Atsbaha Elementary school in Axum.  After their imprisonment in Mekelle, the Derg then, under a disguise of moving them to prisons in Addis Ababa, loaded them into buses but when they reached Wollo, the Derg stuffed the prisoners into the belly of the bridge and mowed down in cold blood!  According to an incomplete list being drawn now, there were from as many as one hundred to three hundred eighty Tegaru intellectuals.  And then came the shocker of the Mother of all Shockers: The Red Terror!

Yes, the Red Terror courtesy of the most demonic humanoid, grotesque to the eye as he was repulsive to the mind, in the history of Ethiopia.  For the first time in the history of Ethiopia, the chauvinist/Ahdawee beast, asked Ethiopians to not only pay for the bullet the beast used to extinguish the lives of their loved ones but to sing and dance over the corpse of their loved ones riddled with a barrage of bullets!  And as I called home in desperation, the obituaries were too many to count.  My cousins Belay Zemichael, Kassa Woldemariam, Yemarshot Assefa, and my friends too many to count of who some were Fasil Asgedom, Amare Tetemke, Haile Teklu (Kideya), Fantahun Beyadgo, Cherkos Kassa, etc.   And that was not all.  

There was the seventeen years of Ahdaweeian sheer and unparalleled madness all over Tigray and over our people in Eritrea.  And as the savagery consumed the lives of my loved ones and turned those living into nocturnal beings, I wondered, physically safe courtesy of the United States, how the people of Axum/Tigray (who once were shocked numb by Tsegay’s accidental death), were coping seeing the bullet riddled corpses of their loved ones displayed on the streets or on the public square?  I wondered too, of the families of those sixty government officials and those Tegaru intellectuals!  And then I had that burning question as to what drove the Ahdaweeian beasts to be born condemned for a life of unspeakable crimes lasting not for generations but centuries?  And when the Derg was finally destroyed by the TPLF/EPRDF and just about all those architects on the front seat of the holocaust were captured, I prayed to be able to ask these beasts what drove them to reduce Ethiopia into hell on earth.

In 1993 or two years after the demise of the Derg, I went to  Maekelawi prison in Addis Ababa, in search of answers not only to the crimes against the sixty officials, Tigrayan intellectuals, the Red Terror and the wars, but also to a topic told to me by people who had detailed knowledge about how far the Derg was about to go to silence Tigrayans residing in Addis Ababa.   What I was told was that, as the sun was setting on Menguistu and his chauvinist backbone, the Derg had made a list of all Tegaru who lived in Addis Ababa for liquidation.  What a better way to get an insight into the matter than to talk to those who were at the epicenter of power? And so, I requested for permission to interview both Colonel Fiseha Desta and the late Colonel Leguesse Asfaw.  My request was granted, and I was able to ask them about the “List” as well as, conduct about two hours long interview on a whole range of topics.  

My first impression of Colonel Fiseha was how not only friendly (even though we have never met or we did not know each other, I remember him welcoming me with so much excitement and affection) and candid he was but also how strong and unperturbed he was about the case of life and death scenario he faced!  On the existence of the “list,” Colonel Fiseha told me in effect that if he was not a member of the top echelon of the Derg, the fate of Tegaru in Addis Ababa would have been sealed!  He told me of how he and other prominent Tegaru once met with Menguistu and told him that viewing Tegaru as enemies was wrong and cited so many Tegaru and themselves as proof.  I never forget what else he said.  He told me that Tegaru will never grant him credit for what he had done in averting what would have been a national tragedy, and TPLF leaders would characterize his assertion as a last-minute effort to save his skin, but that he had played a pivotal role in averting an Armageddon and an apocalypse! 


I did interview Colonel Leguesse Asfaw too.  Interestingly, my question about the “list” came as I bid him farewell.  Most of the time I spent with him, dealt with questions I had about his reign as the Big Brother with a merciless sword over Tigray.  Unlike Colonel Fiseha whom I had seen on photos or occasional television appearances during official ceremonies, Colonel Leguesse was very familiar for just about every Tigrayan on the planet.  As Menguistu’s right hand man and hangman over Tigrai, he was in just about every news reel and videos roaming and brutalizing innocent Tegaru in Tigrai proper!  As I waited in the meeting room for him to join me, I must admit I was worried about how I may react!  But then he was led into the room where I sat, and I could immediately see that he was sweating profusely, so much so that I ended up comforting and assuring him that I was his fellow countryman who has come from abroad to get answers for posterity.  

For a good length of time, I ended up asking him about his family, how they were doing and how he was being treated to which he responded by telling me that his family did visit him frequently and that he and his fellow prisoners were treated very well.  I then asked him about the murder of the late Emperor Haile Selassie, the slaughter of his most senior ministers, advisors, generals, the Red Terror, and the horrific campaign waged on the people of Tigrai and Eritrea, Communism in Ethiopia, and about the fate that awaited him?  What was incredibly remarkable about my interview with Colonel Leguesse was that not only was he vigilant about saying anything that would incriminate him but also he never accepted responsibility for his part in the national tragedy which reduced Ethiopia in to the “Misery Index” of the world!  I remember him passing all the blame to Menguistu and how he was just following orders for which he had no alternatives.  Even when I challenged him with the fact that he had options and that he could have done as did Dawit Woldegiorgis and abandon the Derg during one of his foreign trips, he had nothing but more excuses!  And as I was about to conclude my interview, I asked Colonel Leguesse of the “List.”  He did neither confirm nor deny it, but he did tell me that Menguistu had plans too many to count leaving me wondering whether those “too many to count” plans along with that “list,” were secretly acted upon!  After all, people like Memhir Yemane Yaynu were on that list and murdered.  

As I bid him farewell and I was about to leave the prison, I directed my attention to the group of men within the compound of the prison.  I could see some of them leaning to their prison door and gazing into the horizon while others were chatting amongst themselves.  That was when I asked the guard who these prisoners were and when I learned that these were the Derg’s once most powerful people, those who extinguished the life of the late Emperor and some sixty of his top ministers, generals and advisors, the authors of the Red Terror, the strong men who were not only the architects of “Sefera” but also who turned the people of Tigrai and Eritrea into nocturnal beings, without that power they once wielded and worst, waiting for their day of reckoning, I could not help it but feel sad for them! I could not help it too, no doubt because my question was not answered by those who should have been able to answer, that was when, once again, I wondered why people choose crime, and at that, crime of unspeakable depth and dimension?  

It did not take me long to recall about the notion of "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely."  But I did not find this idea as a rationale for what transpired during the Derg era.  I believe it has to do with something else!  If we look at the behavior of the people of Tigray or the TPLF during the war against the Derg, even though they faced a dictatorship of chauvinists backed by Africa’s largest army, armed with advanced instruments of war of all types, and with full military and diplomatic support not only from the USSR but also the entire Eastern Block, China and Cuba, and even though the chauvinist camp scotch earthed the people of Tigray which included not only using food as a weapon, decapitation of the entire echelon of Tigrayan intellectuals, Red Terror, abductions and executions on a mass scale but also uprooting people from their ancestral land and disposing them in a jungle infested with mosquitoes. During all this barbarity, never did the people of Tigray advocated ethnic cleansing, hate against their brethren that are the “Amara” or any other ethnic group, or burn down cities and towns or economic infrastructures! In fact, let alone ethnic cleansing or destruction of the public good, the people of Tigray fought the war with a policy to do everything not to kill but capture the Derg soldiers taught to believe they were fighting foreigners! Despite the chauvinist total madness and despite relegating the people of Tigray into nocturnal living, the people of Tigray, just as they did to the Egyptians and Italians, brought the Derg and its chauvinist back bone to their knees but never went out for revenge!  On this regard, I remember the words of His Excellency, Tegadalay extraordinaire and former Politburo member of the TPLF, Tewolde Woldemariam, who told me at the time to my question of what was going to be done to the top echelon of the Derg.  He told me that he had spent the last seventeen years in the jungle struggling for the rule of democratic law and never to become like the very people that were the Derg’s top officials, devoid of any humanity and where justice was by the sword!  As one reared in that Behere Tigray of Divine Law, Spiritual Laws of the Universe, Temple of Knowledge, Shrine of Wisdom & the Bedrock of the Boomerang Principle, His Excellency, Tewolde Woldemariam, told me the accused deserved the due process of the law!  


How about the Chauvinist/Ahdawee beasts compared to the TPLF or people of Tigray?  As mentioned above not only did they burn Tigray to “dry the sea to catch the fish” but on those rare events where the Ahdaweeian/Chauvinist beasts were able to capture some Tegadelti such as Amora and a few of his comrades, they had no mercy but the guillotine!  And even in the post Derg era, just about five years ago, while Hailemariam Desalign was at the helm of power, the ANDM’s top echelon, the likes of Gedu Endargachew and Demeke Mekonen, over saw the murder and ethnic cleansing of Tigrayans from Gondar and elsewhere in the “Amara Kilil,” no “Amara” said a word against the horrific crime!  Compare that to what His Excellency Tewolde Woldemariam said and upheld!  And it is not by coincidence that, at this very hour when the new Ahdawee is committing even far greater crimes than the Derg, Tigray is home to everyone irrespective of ethnic, religious or political affiliation!  It is not by coincidence too, that members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF) on the Northern command are hand and glove with the people of Tigray while the other branches of the EDF elsewhere in Ethiopia are engaged in the slaughter of their fellow citizen!  It is that because Tigray is governed and guided by divine Law, the spiritual laws of the universe, and righteous ideas from the bottomless reservoirs so amply available on demand from those temples of knowledge, shrines of wisdom and the chapels of the boomerang principle so abundantly everywhere in the land of Behere Tigray!

Clearly, I have not been able to get the answer from the very protagonists of evil that were the Derg’s top echelon I interviewed in prison.  And I have now an additional question(s).  Why it is that the “Amara Kilil” and in fact every other “Amara” entity not to mention every “Amara” be it political organization or media, if not, already collapsed or on its way down to the abys, OR they has become a killer for hire willing to serve as Telalakiwotch for their belly?  And why the culture of crime has no limit?  At this very hour, the people of Benishangul Gumuz, the Quimat, and Agew are dying and the beast that is Demeke Mekonen and company are calling, just as he did with the Tigrayans in Gondar and elsewhere in the Amara Kilil, for more slaughter of innocent people!!!  There is also their creeping hand as Telalakiwotch for Abiye Ahmed, in the killings in Oromia, Wolayita, Sidama and the imprisonment of so many leaders of so many political organizations of the peoples of the Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia!!   In fact, as they have done for the last a hundred and so years, they are continuing to bring death and destruction to the entire people making the Ethiopian state!  And yet, the hard working ordinary Amharigna speaking people living in the so called “Amara Kilil” are not only suffering the scourge of both economic and political mayhem but also, because of what these elite of beasts do, on the receiving end of both Abiye’s tyranny and the tyranny of other ethnic groups venting their anger on the innocent Amharigna speaking people living elsewhere!  No, it is not due to power corrupting those beats absolutely but that these are beasts reared in the absence of not only divine Law, spiritual laws of the universe, no temples of knowledge, and shrines of wisdom, but also clueless of the boomerang principle!  And what should Tigray do to uproot, once and for all, this seed of the tree of evil or shut down, in perpetuity, this fountain of evil?

The Antidote for the Evil & the Vaccine for the Plague:

In many ways, it hard to blame those merchants of evil!  They have told us and demonstrated to us in ways we should never have forgotten.  But it seems to me we are the ones who are not making good use of the historical data.  In his 1899 book entitled “Tarik Ethiopia,” author Deftera Fiseha Ze-abiyegzi from Adowa, contemporaneously chronicled the sheer savagery of what Emperor Menelik had imposed on the people of Tigray.  Not only did he carryout a scotch-earth policy which rendered the people of Tigray prone to a cycle of biblical famines but also, his other policy of extermination had called for, for every male child born he could get his hands on, to be castrated!  This was followed with Haile Selassie’s crime not only keeping us developmentally frozen, used English warplanes to incinerate innocent civilians in the marketplace but also exposed us to the biblical famine of the early seventies!  And although, the monarchy collapse, the culture of crime continued.


Following the demise of the late Emperor, we thought change may come.  But instead, as mentioned elsewhere, it was in fact, the more things change the more they stayed the same; the Chauvinist/Ahdawee class, in fact, made things worst!  Tigrayan intellectuals were rounded up and butchered on the Wollo bridge, our people murdered and thrown in the streets, once again starved, uprooted and those who stayed behind bombarded with Africa’s largest army backed not only by the entire superstructure of the Chauvinist/Ahdawee class but also by the entire communist block!  Then like we have done before, we, Tegaru fought back and prevailed.  We even had some of the very progenies of that chauvinist/Ahdawee class, ANDM, hoping to help them help themselves and become, for once, the forces for good.  And as it was apparent as early as 1993, the top echelon of ANDM could not help it but resort to what it was condemned to live by.  By 2005, ANDM leaders and cadres, while giving lip service to the cause of Woyanay democracy, behind the scene, they were working for Kinijit!  And we know what happened when the late PM Meles Zenawi passed away; ANDP and the entire chauvinist/Ahdawee clique not only merged into one but also cajoled our Oromo brothers to take part in its Ahdawee enterprise and set Ethiopia ablaze!  It did not stop there but even threw itself behind Isayas and his handlers that are the Egyptians to put Ethiopian sovereignty on the chopping block!  Even now, at this very hour, the Ethiopian President along with every major chauvinist intellectual, even the ones on the GERD technical team and key Ambassadors, have gone silent even though Ethiopia’s national interest and sovereignty has been sold to Ethiopia’s mortal enemies!  Similarly, the Chauvinist/Ahdawee class had not only said a word against the road closings, the ethnic cleansing of Tegaru from the “Amara Kilil,” and other government sanctioned crime against humanity such as the fight against locust, coronavirus and ban on investors from investing in Tigray!  But that is not all.  As we gear up to smash those forces of inhumanity in all fronts, there is the next generation of coterie of poisons, the likes of Amhara National Movement (ANM) and Semayawi Party sowing the seeds evil for their time to come!

The question is whether Tegaru have learned the lesson.  When the TPLF removed the Derg, the hope was that not only the battles, but the war had been one won!  Many were those of us who thought the sound of bullets or crimes against humanity would be the thing of the past!  But that was not what happened.  Once the TPLF leadership made it to Addis Ababa, they either forgot the cause, got swindled by the glitter of Addis, or got corrupted by power.  It became clear early on that the selfless Tegadalay was never in fact in the leadership but in the ones in the field!  So blinded that not only the hatcheries in Asmara but in Addis Ababa, despite the enormous ringing of alarm bells and sirens from the Tegadelti and civilian alike, the leadership which had been devoured from within the TPLF, was hoodwinked by not only Menelik‘ progenies  but also by those raised by missionaries, missionaries who not only reduced them into self-hating “religious robots” but also into sex toys in the scale of Sodom and Gomora!

Fortunately, Tigray is the land of the divine Law, the spiritual laws of the universe, and where righteous ideas bubble from the bottomless reservoirs of knowledge and wisdom, and its people have been masters of the boomerang principle.  Although its children had let her down, she did not let then down! As a land of faith, both Orthodox and Islam, a winning culture molded from historical firsts, foresight and insight anchored on humanity and eon-aged common sense so perfected over the passage of time, it did not take long, for Tigray to come together, not only check mate the chauvinist/Ahdaweeian merchants of evil and fountain of cyclical scourges but she has already broken into fragments!   All these, without even for a moment, losing her humanity, generosity, and humility!  It has become not only a home to our brothers and sisters from Eritrea but safe heaven to every people from the Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia!  It has too, become the vanguard and the bulwark against the evil which is decimating the peoples of the Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia!  Then again, no Tigraway is surprised by the citadel of peace, safety, love and brotherhood Tigray has become; what would have been a surprise would have been, had Tigray not lived up to its governance by the divine, law spiritual laws of the universe, and in accordance to her bottomless reservoirs of knowledge and wisdom, and its mastery of the boomerang principle!  The question is then, now that we have evil on the run and in the brink of winning on all fronts, will things be the same or as usual and relapse into that same old habit of never making good use of the historical data?


First and for most, although we are at the gate of the Mother of history of all time, never fail to realize that it is not done until it is done.  Accordingly, Tigray not only must arm every Tigraway not only with the arms of God but with arms of the 21st century, to disarm those soldiers of evil terrorizing our people that are the people of Quimat and Agew but also those who currently occupy of historical land!  And in conjunction with the Federalist Forces, help our Oromo, Benishangul Gumuz, and elsewhere in Wolayita and all our people in the south.  In this regard, Tigray must call on all to do their part.  That includes not only on the people Kilils but also those elites flying Ethiopian Airlines, the Ethiopian Air force and the Defense Forces of Ethiopia!  It must never be only those children of the farmer that had to be, time and again, the rescuer of Ethiopia but also those pilots who fly the criminals domestically or internationally!  Tigray must also call on those in the security services who are protecting the criminals to do their part!  Each ethnic group must reach out to their every son or daughter in Ethiopian airlines, air force, army or the security services, to protect Ethiopia and never fly or protect the criminals that have not only sold our Abay to the Egyptians, made Ethiopia Isayas’s play ground but also made Ethiopia, once again, the “misery Index” of the world!

Tigray alone with the Federalist Forces must demand also that all those with key knowledge of the auction of the Gerd to tell what they know now!  Demand to of General Mohamed Adam and his accomplices in the security services what they know on the murder of General Seare, Gezai and Engineer Shimengnew and the many others murdered dead on his watch!!!  Meanwhile, supporters of the Federalist Forces, must make sure any of Abiye’s killers never find quite home in the diaspora, especially in the West!  But there is the Mother of all mission which must never again take to the back seat, and that the building of democracy with teeth must go on with greater ferocity, tenacity and crusade!  The only perfect antidote and vaccine against evil and the cyclical out break of the chauvinist pandemics, is rule of democratic law not only in Ethiopia but more importantly, in Tigray itself!  Moreover, we must have selfless Tegadelti of the same exact resolve as those who fought as to who must go on first in times of Hujum!  We cannot have anymore bureaucrats dressed in the fatigue of the Tegadalay!  We must have Tegadelti of the 21st century, ones who can never be seduced with power, money or any other vice!  Those with the façade of Tegadelti must go; what Tigray needs is Tegadelti who live selfless and dedicated to the cause of our people around the clock, week, month, year and for life!!  We can not have demobilization, remobilization and a network of evil in our midst!  Such is what destroyed what our people had fought for and it must never be allowed to ever resurface again!  

And finally, Tigray must commit itself to apprehend and bring to justice those not only ethnic cleansed our people from the so called “Amara Kilil” which includes Gedu Endargachew and Demeke Mekonen but also those who murdered Engineer Shimengnew, General Seare, Gezai, Hachalu Hundessa and the many others whose lives have been extinguished by the Abiye regime!  Tigray must never let Abiye and his henchmen escape; they must be captured, brought to the court of law and the preceding broadcast live on all Dimsti Weyane TV and radio as well as on OMN.  Let us bring to bear the divine Law, the spiritual laws of the universe, the righteous ideas which bubble from our bottomless reservoirs of knowledge and wisdom, and our excellent aptitude in the boomerang principle, as we have done on elsewhere, upon those governed by the laws of evil and the jungle! May be too, this time around, I will get an answer to my question of what drives people to commit crimes the like of the Derg and now Prosperity Party!  I can not wait to interview them in prisons!

“Tegaru Enkin Habir Lomi Kemtmali;
Zeynsegro yelen Tibeb Hizna Akli;
Fikrina Ztselou Endanebou Yinberu;
Tegaru Halalt Sesinu Niberu”
Tewelde Gebru- Gize