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What drove the U.S Government to get involved in Ethiopia’s Politics

By Behailu Fekadu
Tigrai Onlne - January 24, 2014

Recently, a part–time rioter and part–time petitioner political party by the name of ‘Andinet’ has chosen its latest ‘out of the revolving door’ leader. During this party's election his Honorary MP Ato Girma Seifu only got 29 votes out of the 256 who cast their vote. On the contrary ''Engineer'' Gizachew Shiferaw, who is known for his position–less political pasturing so much that during the '97 electron he claimed that the Addis Ababa election was rigged only to change his mind the same afternoon, was chosen as the party’s leader with 227 vote.

Although the ''Engineer'' asked the government for forgiveness for his exploits as one of the leaders of the riot–crazed squad by the name of ‘qinijit’, his antics during election '97 cannot be forgotten. Before even the voters finished casting their votes and the polling station were closed or before even the counting process was started, this “Engineer” came out on national television in the morning to claim one thing (''the Addis Ababa election is rigged'') and later retract his statement to claim a whole another thing. He was to be made fun by the public and shown for his forte of ‘speaking out of both sides of his mouth’.

Although its obvious that the would-be ''engineer'' made his claim at the request of the color–revolution proponents to prepare a fertile ground (for a riot to breakout), most of the fair and mature Ethiopian people did not choose to accept these people; who were striving to get to power through instigating street riots (a sort of color revolution) at the expense (blood) of many civilian lives.

As its known the people protected the constitution, which was ratified with the blood sacrifice of many Ethiopians, from being torn apart by these people through the rule of law. On the contrary this havoc-squad that advocated undemocratic and anti–public rhetoric, decided to disrespect even the people that had voted for it by refusing to enter in to the parliament and take the seats of Addis Ababa administration (which the party won).

Dear readers, despite my reminiscing of election ’97 (in order to give you an idea on the political posture /if there’s any/ of the newly-elected leader of the party), the aim of this article is to look into the American government shadowy involvement in the recent ‘Andinet’ party election.

Before I go into this incredible action (of the American government), I would like to look into he election result in which Ato Girma already knew he wouldn’t win so much that he was heard as saying, “even If I had won, I didn’t bring a speech with me”.

I believe the election result implicates two hard facts, the party’s innate nature and its future plans. The fact that the party chose to choose a former leader of the havoc–crazed ‘Qinijit’, shows ‘Andinet’ party’s appreciation for riot, havoc and the likes. The party’s decision to vote for a person (so skilled with wrecking havoc) with a huge margin against Ato Girma, can indicate the party’s choice lies with opting for an experienced rioter and color revolutionary.

What I'm trying to say here is that the “Engineers” leadership experience on havoc and riot have made him an attractive prospect. And since Ato Girma has only joined the party’s leadership very recently and does only have ‘on paper’ knowledge about riot, he can’t compete with the engineer of havoc. .This is the only explanation or reason for this kind of huge margin loss – as the party doesn’t want someone that doesn’t have the necessary experience on riot and havoc leading it. Ato Girma’s statement “I have come to understood that I have a lot to learn to lead a party” speaks high volume of this reality.

For this writer, although the election run of this two persons (the third candidate had bowed out of the race for “unknown reasons”, maybe he didn’t accept the presence of the neo-liberal forces) is a case of choosing “the best of the worst”, this whole ordeal has shown us that the party has reaffirmed its close relationship with riot and havoc.

On another note, the outcome of the election has shown us ‘Andinet’ party’s future aspiration lies with seizing power through lackeying for neo-liberal extremist forces. As I have tried to mention earlier the good-old Engineers' ability to lackey is the another reason for his appeal for the voters. we have seen him already twice compromising his own people’s interest for the color-revolution-instigating neo–liberal extremists, and may be he wants to make it a hat-trick at the 2007 election.

I am sure dear readers you would understand the fact that ‘Andinet party’ has the duty to carryout party election based on its own party provisions, as the right to politically organize in Ethiopia is only for Ethiopians, and also as the party is created out of the country's constitutional system.

The constitution has given the party the right to carry out its own election through peaceful and legal means. so, I want it to be known that I don’t have any qualms about the appropriateness of the party’s election. However, as a responsible citizen I don't want to pass up the opportunity to stress that the party’s usual lackeying for its foreign master’s wishes during elections is not good for our country’s democratic building process.

Having said this much about the party’s so–called “election”, I will turn my attention to the main issue I wanted to discuss in the first place by first posing  the question ‘what drive the American government to get involved in the party’s election?' Although it’s not known or clear what the American government representative’s role was during the election (whether he was attending as the party’s 257th voter or not), but one thing (truth) is very clear.

That is there is no legal way for the Washington administration to inter in the internal matter of our country’s dismissing more than a century worth of cooperation and relationship of both governments which is based on mutual respect and benefit.

This kind of clear meddling is not to be expected of America; a country that claim to have a built a strong democracy and fervently advocate that political parties, civic organizations and other democratic institutions should move freely in every country.

This is really incredible. What makes it more incredible is the fact that a huge super power country like America was involved in an election matter of a lowly political party known for not having a clear strategies or policies (except for spewing random unconfirmed blabber) and its leaders insulting each other in the media. This will undoubtedly ignite a suspicion among many people that the country’s involvement may have something to do with (the possibility of instigating) a color revolution.

Here its important to ask the questions ‘what is color revolution?’, 'Does the American government has a role in the overthrowing pf popularly elected  governments who have their own unique politico-economic system'?, ‘How can the American's interference in the Ethiopian political parties internal matters be seen with regards to its `we support democracy’ rhetoric’?... The answers to these questions will enable us to see the reasons that drove the Washington administration to participate in the color revolution-crazed ‘Andinet’ party's election…

As any readers of this article understand a color revolution is the interference of neo-liberal extremists in a certain country with the aim of installing a puppet regime that bends to their wishes (at the expense, of its own people). Most of the ‘expert’ color revolutionaries are financially supported by the American billionaire George Soros; and their main aim to guarantee and secure the interests of the western world’s 1% (not 99%) like the lights of George Soros .

Color revolution is a movement orchestrated by neo-liberal extremists and its carried out by home-based power-crazed political parties like the lights of “Andinet’. In order to create a conducive environment for a color revolution to erupt in a given country, master color revolutionaries will start to shower praise on oppositions who are a sucker for their policies.

And the oppositions who believe these extremists forces will carry them to power, end up serving their masters wish at the expense of working for their own people sake. They ask for council; and will not hesitate to do anything even if it means their own people wiping each other, as long as they carry out their given ''mission''. After all, their motto is ‘the end justifies the means’.   

In parallel with this, the International 'liberalism–oriented' Media outlets will be made to start a smear campaign on the country that is marked for color revolution to be instigated. These medias will prepare themselves to propagate that the revolution is started by the wishes of the people.

So, the status of the human and democratic rights of that country; whether its political spectrum is too narrow or wide and the conditions of the oppositions will be presented in a twisted, blurred and manipulated manner. As a verification to their stories, the media will present those same power–crazed, opportunistic and selfish opposition leaders as their witnesses.

Mostly, color revolution is usually carried out during election days. This is because it’s believed that those days are very fertile for the ‘power-or-death’ oppositions to play their political drama much in the vein of Engineer Gizachew's ‘the election is rigged’ fiasco of election’ 97. And also it will be much easier during these times to credit the public, if riot is instigated.

Of course both the local oppositions; who are inconsiderate enough to dream of seizing power no matter the amount of life and blood their action spills, and neo–liberal extremist forces; who sit from a far while the fire they ignited burns others, don’t care about the consequence of their ignited revolution. In fact, they sit and amuse about it with their colleagues up in the ''human right protection'' and ''advocacy'' groups.

Since I spoke this much about color revolution, I will take you through my perspective on the question, “does the Washington administration involve itself on color revolution that overthrows governments?”

As studies that came out at different times confirmed, color revolution are conceived by western countries. A researcher by the name of Stephen boas on his article under ‘learning from color revolution’ (that came out and years ago) claimed the fact that the color revolutions that were instigated in Serbia, Ukraine and Georgia were coordinated by western–led governments.

Their chosen representative will be responsible (answer to) not to its own people, but to the Washington administration and the western world’s business interest. So, considering this he argued that the revolutions can not be called neither democratic nor internationally legitimate (have an international consent). This article clearly depicts the hand of Americans and other western countries meddling in the domestic affairs of other countries.

According to mister Goas, the benefactors from this whole deal are not the country men of the host country, but the neo–liberal governments that end up signing a treaty with NATO in order to 'the Pentagon' happy; these same governments that work to dismiss tariff and subsidy, to exploit the majority with low wages, privatize government-owned institutions, create a low–tax order to benefit western business corporate (exporters).

However, these governments that are put to power by the western powers are not better than the overthrown government; in fact they are found to be even worse. For instance, the color-revolution-sponsored governments in Serbia, Georgia and Ukraine that went into office expected to be democratic and all were later found to be worse than the previous ones. Especially the ones that seized power in Serbia and Ukraine were seen to be undemocratic and under-developmental, so much that they were left to be hugely marginalized and despised by their own people.

All in all, let me put evidence that show America has its hands on color revolution – Georgia's ‘Rose Revolution’. Following Georgia’s color revolution, the one that was chosen to take the office was the American educated and George Bush admirer, the lawyer Mikhail Shakiashvili. This man was never seen following a new or a democratic path (during his tenure). Instead what this man did was to give way to American business companies and military interests by dragging his country through a faux democratic path.

What this reality shows us is the fact that he’s a recruit of the Washingtonian government and neo–liberal extremists to carry-out a color revolution (in his country). There can’t be any logical reason for the people of Georgia to vote (choose) a leader that strives fulfill the interests of American government's (that's a continent away mind you) wishes instead of his own country's national interest.

It’s a known fact who sent color–revolution proponent institutions like ‘Human Rights Watch’ ‘International Crisis Group’, ‘International Rivers’ ‘CPJ’ and the likes to other countries. Their employer is the American billionaire philanthropist George Soros and an institution that does the total opposite of what its name ‘Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS)’ suggests.

In addition to this, these institutions are sponsored by the American Republican  party’s (GOP) faction 'International Republican Institute’ and the American-based ‘freedom house’, which gets its the majority of its funding from the Washington government and who also has close relationship to the CIA.

So, I believe based on these facts we can safely say one truth with full confidence – that is the US government, either directly or through its lackeys situated throughout different countries, supports and involves in color–revolution activities.

In addition to this, the fact American government backed institutions like ‘Soros Foundation’ ‘USAID’ ‘National Endowment for Democracy’, ‘the International Republican Institute’, ‘National Democratic Institute for International Affairs; and ‘Freedom House’ are the main culprits (actors) behind the color revolutions, I think speaks volumes on who's coordinating and sponsoring this whole saga.

Thus, I (the writer of this article) believes that the American government who is   even said to put up institution like ‘Albert Einstein Institute’, giving them indirect support and procedure to come up with their own various color revolution orientation and training, cannot possibly  say that its not involved in color revolution related happenings and events. Because the facts I mentioned earlier in the article speaks high volumes about this reality.

So, considering this I found the recent American government involvement (be it as clandestine voter or kingmaker) in the election of ‘Andinet’ party; a party so concerned with seizing power through street riot that it doesn’t even entertain the idea of winning the public's heart and mind, forced me to ask ‘what’s going on?’

As far as I can understand, this act of the American government to is both undemocratic and shameful. I found the country with 'I have more than 200 years of experience in democracy that I can teach it to others’ interference in our country’s political matter with impunity, very incredible. Washington had been heard at different times that it supports democracy.

As we all know, one of the principles of democracy is neutrality and neutrality vehemently opposes interference. With regards to this principle, American should itself understood that its contradicting its own value, considering its involvement in the recent ‘Andinet’ party’s election.

It should also be understood that a situation; where a certain country's involvement in an undemocratic activities is labeled ‘wrong’, while this same condition is labeled as 'right’ when America does it, cannot be tolerated. I believe the fact that this country is stretching its long hands onto political parties' election to meddle instead of sharing its experience and strong culture of democracy with others, is both shameful and unfortunate. 

As the Ethiopian government don’t interfere on the Americans' Democrat and Republican parties’ election there are no international or two way diplomacy that allows for the Washington administration to meddle in the internal affairs of be it ‘Medrek’, the confused ‘Semyawi’ or even ‘Andinet’ party.

As both governments have a very strong relationship that's based on mutual benefit and cooperation on various international, regional and bilateral matters, this strong relationship should also manifest itself on the issues political parties as well, based on mutual respect.

As its known the Ethiopia-American relationship has reached today carrying a firm foundation with it. And today the relationship is built in a strong foundation. The relationship is based on mutual benefit and cooperation, on securing both country's national interest, led by policy and principle.

So, I believe Washington's overt and covert meddling in our country's internal matter by anointing color revolution addicts disregarding the strong and golden relationship both countries have, can suck-out the trust aspect out of the relationship.

All in all, I would like to conclude this article by telling both the Washington government and the local lackeys (the so-called oppositions) that there's no opening for a color revolution to erupt in Ethiopia. I will repeat it...there's no opening (not an iota, not an inch) for a color revolution to erupt in Ethiopia.

This is because our country's nations, nationalities and peoples; who are the ultimate holders of the power in our country, knows (have seen) the oppositions undemocratic nature and behavior in two elections.

The public have seen these oppositions trying to seize power outside of the constitutional procedure, carrying neo-liberal missions (disrespecting the public in the process) during election '97 and their pleading and lobbying to foreign powers at every embassy during the 2002 elections. Therefore, it would be behoove of everyone to know that the door for a color revolution is closed as a result of the just and fair outlook of the public.

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