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Eritrea jabs Ethiopia, Ethiopian Prime Minister makes another empty promise

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, February 23, 2016

The Ethiopian Prime Minister makes another empty promise

Ethiopian Prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn threatens to take “merciless” action against those who are wreaking havoc in some towns in the southern part of the country.


The prime minister in a press statement he gave to journalists has complained that anti peace forces are taking advantage of the Ethiopian federal system to twist the legitimate questions raised by peaceful people in the Oromo region.

The funny thing is the Amharic statement says “anti peace forces supported by Shabiya and other foreign forces”, but the English version of the statement does not mention Shabiya. It is odd that the tow statements are different.

The main message of the prime minister is exactly the same as the once he gives every time the Eritrean government sends its armed terrorist groups to do its dirty job inside Ethiopia.

It feels like déjà vu, six months ago our Prime Minister  said on TV “The ball is in the Eritrean court if the Eritrean regime wants to work for peace and stability, but the Eritrean government has a collection of terrorists in Eritrea ready to diabolize and to take terrorist action against Ethiopia… what we are saying is DON’T TRY, but if you try, WE WILL TAKE ACTION ONCE AND FOR ALL and we have notified all the UN Security Council member countries don’t accuse us saying Ethiopia has used force if we take action“.

The Ethiopian government has been making the same statements for the past fifteen years, but no action. The Eritrean government has learned a valuable lesson the hard way in the Badme war. The bitter lesson for Eritrea was, do not ever confront the Ethiopian defense forces directly, or risk uncertain death.

While the Ethiopian government is playing with pretty words, Shabiya is starting fires in every corner of Ethiopia. The aim of Shabiya is to destabilize Ethiopia from within and eventually dismantle it as a nation and believe or not there are internal and external forces more than eager to help the Eritrean government achieve its goal.

We are seeing the results of Shabiya’s handy work in the Oromo region, in western Tigrai, in Somali region, and in Gambela. In all the above regions Eritrean government agents are actively fanning ethnic, religious, and other political conflicts. What does the Ethiopian government do? They issue more meaningless press statements promising they will take action against the main force destabilizing the country and even threatening its existence as a nation.

Some people are saying the Ethiopia couldn’t take any action against the mafia gangsters in Asmara because priority should be given to deal with the drought and completing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam-GERD. We think Ethiopia can do all the above and protect herself from foreign aggression at the same time.

All the Ethiopian defense forces need to do is send some of the SU-27s and hit some military and economic installations. That would send a clear message to the old dictator if you mess with our country we will mess you up!


Whenever a country is faced with a natural disaster or building a mega project does not mean the country should disable its national security.

Why is EPRDF letting a poor, weak, limping, and tiny country terrorizing Ethiopia and Ethiopians? Does self defense and protection of national borders mean anything to the government?

What does Shabiya has to do to Ethiopia and Ethiopians for the Ethiopian government to say enough is enough? Mr. Prime Minister by the time you take action it might be too late Sir!


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