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Eritrean mercenaries tell their own story

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, May 29, 2016


Eritrean terrorists tell their own story with their own words. They were trained in various military weapons and how to carry out terrorist actions on civilian people, community leaders, start ethnic conflict, and how to destroy the hotels, airports, and other places which are frequented by tourists.

Four of the leaders were killed when they try to escape, but the rest of the group was captured by the gallant Ethiopian security forces.

Mark my word one of these days the Ethiopian people are going to say enough is enough, the Eritrean government can not continue to destabilize Ethiopia.

The Eritrean gangsters in Asmara are so sloppy they are an embarrassment for all the terror sponsoring nations of the world like Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Eritrean terror group captured by Ethiopia speaks up on TV
Eritrean terror group captured by Ethiopia speaks up on TV. The humiliation of the Eritrean government continues.


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