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Abiy Ahmed reshuffled his cabinet yet again as Ethiopia slides to deep crisis

Tigrai Online, April 18, 2019

Abiy Ahmed reshuffled his cabinet yet again as Ethiopia slides to deep crisis
Abiy Ahmed reshuffled his cabinet for the third time this year as Ethiopia slides to deep crisis it might be an indication of worst times coming.

Ethiopian prime minister reshuffles his cabinet again, the third time since he became a prime minister of Ethiopia this year.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appointed his buddies Lemma Megersa the president of Oromia state as Defense Minister and Gedu Andargachew the former Amhara state president as a Minster of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

 As Ethiopia’s political and social crisis deepens to a catastrophic level, Abiy Ahmed and his foreign masters are desperate to keep him in power as long as they can. Millions of Ethiopians are internally displaced, almost nine million people are starving, law and order are broken, and the federal government is barely controlling the capital Addis Ababa.

The latest cabinet reshuffling is supposed to appease Abiy Ahmed’s supporters in Oromia and Amhara regional states. At the same time demoting Engineer Aisha Mohammed Mussa the current Defence Minister of Ethiopia who happens to be from Afar will heighten the tension between Abiy Ahmed and the Afar regional state. Abiy Ahmed has been trying to interfere in Afar Regional state in order to encircle Tigrai, but his attempt was futile.


The appointment of Gedu Adargachew to such high cabinet as important as Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia is to take revenge on Tigrai state for challenging him and his team’s illegal actions against the Ethiopian constitution, federal system, and the Ethiopian people. Gedu as member of the “team” was doing Abiy Ahmed’s dirty work against the people of Tigrai and TPLF from next door.

The appointment of Lemma Megersa as a Defense Minister is to wage aggressive war against those who are refusing the so called “change of medemer”. If in fact Abiy takes military action against any regional state, the country will plunge into a bloody civil war for the last time and eventually break apart.


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