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Ethiopia’s Public Diplomacy Entourage should be buttressed as a new democratic cultural heritage of its Foreign Policy approach

By Tsehaye Debalkew
Tigrai Online Washington DC. 23 January 2015

The recent win-win strategy that resonated in the wake of the triumphant return of the entourage of a high-caliber Ethiopian Public Diplomatic Mission to Egypt has been a marvelous job well done

This hitherto unprecedented momentous .public spectacular event will certainly pass down in the annals of contemporary Ethiopian-Egyptian Diplomatic history as a pioneering episode of people to people bond.

The  Ethiopian public diplomatic Mission not only broke the back of the make believe narrative perpetrated  by the old political order, so much so that, the rank and file Egyptians were cunningly made to think that any attempt at using the Nile waters initiated by Ethiopia will  be hazardous to Egypt precipitating an Armageddon scenario on the populace.

However, the plausible and practical Ethiopian positive measure pursued against the time bomb theory which was planted for years on end entailed an ignominious debacle to the nefarious scheme.  The Ethiopian Public Diplomatic Mission offered an olive branch, courtesy to a long running Ethiopian traditional mores that echoes the need to appreciate a neighbor in need of understanding.

This gesture allows the Egyptian brothers and sisters a reasonably ample confidence building process and time, to dispel the poison that seemed to have been intrinsically intertwined with their psych to look realistically into the matter I e. the building of Electricity Dam which is being built to eject Ethiopia out of the abject poverty it finds itself in, is not directed against anybody but to give a final blow to the cancerous disease, called poverty.


Ethiopia is not an Island in today's globally interconnected and interrelated world in all its manifestations.  Any predisposition that impacts socially, politically or economically on the Ethiopian societal milieu certainly has wider ramifications beyond its frontiers.

What is more, Ethiopia' history of yesteryear is pregnant with solid historical anecdotes that testify to the fact that Ethiopia had the niche as a pioneering state as the vanguard of the anti-colonial struggle by nipping in the bud a technologically and militarily superior European aggressor power. 

Today, we witness that history is repeating itself on an elevated avenue by consciously enabling Ethiopia to again shoulder the gigantic responsibility to lead the arduous path of ascribing the burden of poverty to become the dust bin of history.

It is on this realm that Ethiopia as a member of the global family should reckon with its dual mission of being accountable to the events beyond its borders by thinking globally and locally act being answerable to its objective needs.

Thus, the act of pursuing with building the Great Renaissance Dam which has  recently registered over 42% is not a game of cherry-picking for Ethiopia but is a sine qua none necessity.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian strategic approach to think globally is not as some few apple-polishers in the category of the fringe extremist elements of the Diaspora want us to believe by deliberately distorting the facts on the ground and lamenting by saying that Ethiopia has abandoned its grand project.

It is against these dual sworn enemies I. E. external forces and their internal nay Sayers who are their hirelings that the recent successful public diplomatic mission of Ethiopia to Egypt should be gauged. The experience is immense and needs to expand hugely in depth, width and breadth.

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