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Ethiopian Security forces destroyed Eritrean terrorists in western Tigrai

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Tigrai Onlne November 27, 2013

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Shaebiya's mercenaries killed in northern Ethiopia, Tigrai State. (file photo from June 2012 in the same area)

The 18 terrorists were given military training and armed in Eritrea. When they thought they were ready to do the maximum damage in the public and government properties, they were trying to sneak in to Ethiopia through the Sudanese border, but thanks to the swift action of the Ethiopian security forces six were killed and 12 of them were captured alive.

The messengers of bloodshed and wanton destruction were caught with ten thousand Ethiopian birr, 8,000 Sudanese pounds, civilian clothing for camouflage, two military communication radios and many guns and ammunitions.

Year after year the hellhole country sends hundreds of terrorists, but most of them end up as a target practice to the Ethiopian army. We are wondering for how long we are going to do this game.

The moron leaders of the tiny nation never learn from their mistakes. As if the first war they started in 1998 didn’t take them to the brink of braking point or the 2012 foolish adventure didn’t make their county the dancing ground of the Ethiopian army, this week they sent another terrorist group through Sudan.

The dying one man Eritrean regime has been sending terrorist groups to Ethiopia for the past 13 years.  Since humiliating defeat at the hands of the gallant Ethiopian defense forces, the Eritrean regime has been sending paid mercenaries through, Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti and through it’s border with Ethiopia.

In June 2013 Shabiya sent a squad which consisted of nine terrorists five of them including the leader of the squad was killed and four of them were captured.

Isolated from the world and rejected by it’s people the Eritrean government is desperate to divert attention from itself by any means necessary. The Asmara gangs preferred method of deflecting attention from it’s countless problems in the country is to try to create mayhem in Ethiopia. This plan has been tried before, but what they got was a bitter punishment from Ethiopia.

Source Aigaforum