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Personal Ads Page Nine

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Name:Birhane Bitsue Age: 29
bbitsue at yahoo.com
Hi deki adey!!i proud of you all!!being tigrean is spirit!!!for those who want to have a good relation ship with me, i remain alert to hear from you!!my height is 1.70 and weight 70kg.age 29

Name:Haile Age: 24
hapen.hyab at live.nl
Location: Nezerland
I am 24 years old female, looking for a relationship.I MSC student in nezerland, we will se latter what will happen. This email does not work unless you provide a valid email, this ad will be removed soon.

Name:Haile Age: 28
goliad.giday at live.co.uk
Location: Manchester (UK)
Hi every one there, my name is haile I am from Agame(IROB) which I am very proud to be. I am living in Manchester (UK) I am 28 years old. I am single and looking for beautiful Tigrian girl ,if you write me I will write you soon. ALL THE BEST!

Name:Tigest Meteku Age: 24
tigmeteku at yahoo.com
Location: Adids ababa
I am a 24 years old woman who is 5'5" inches tall, weigh 51kg and has a good education. I would like to meet, sweet just a Tigrean man between the ages of 24-35 years. I am looking for a guy best, down to earh funny, with some education. My Hobbies fiction reading, listening to music, I am free sprited girl.

Name:RIGB Age: 24
tesfah at gmail.com
Location: Adids ababa
I am a 24 yrs old handsome boy. I have first degree in electrical engineering. Currently i live in addis. I am interested to discuss in every matters of life. With any one interested.

Name:Mulu Miesho Age: 25
muluflying at yahoo.com
Location: Ethiopia
I am 25 years old man who is 1.60 meter tall,weigh 61KGs and have top academic status, I wiil graduate on July 2009.I am Tigrian and I would like to meet Tigrian girl between the ages 15 and 25years. I am looking for a lady that is smart, open, funny, educated. thankyou.

Name:Edna Tesfaye Age: 28
win1winner at gmail.com
Location: Abu Dhabi
I am a single young lady from Tigrai Ethiopia. I am looking for Tigrawai Man (wedi) From Tigrai who is between the age of 30-35
Regards Edna

Name:Weyni A. Age: 33
behakiweyni at yahoo.com
Location: AU
I am a proud tigraweyti & I would love to have a serious relationship with a tigrian man.I prefer a relationship to start as friendship. I would love if it can grow further. If you are interested keep in touch I have a lot of love to give.

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