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Name:Seife: 35
yosephb3 at gmail.com
Location: Addis Abeba
I Addis Ababa Ethiopia, I would like to establish a relationship with any woman who believes in love.

Name:Sora T: 27
nahomafework at yahoo.com
Location: Addis Abeba
I was born in Tigray in 1975 E.C my hight is 1:60 I'm working in plc & 3rd year degree student. I want wedi Adei whose age is 30-38.
Hope to hear from you deqi Adei

Name:lidya: 37
lidyadnl at yahoo.com
Location: Dallas, USA
Hi My name is Lidya I am single and interested in a relationship. I am looking for somebody from Tigrai (tigraway) loving and caring. Some one who is educated...bachelor or above. The soul mate i am looking for should be age 39 and above.

Name:Gere: 28
kudasol at gmail.com
Location: Europe
am 185cms tall, and weigh 70 kgms. I am currently in Europe for higher education. I have been working hard, now I feel I have to find my soul mate and start a lovely life. It is always difficult to talk about oneself, but I believe I am caring, understanding, and honest, faithful. I strongly appreciate married life, and christian values.

I am looking for a good girl, one who is humble, caring, faithful, honest, understanding and loving girl. I prefer girls between 18 and 24, however as far as I find something which is worthy in her, she can even be 30. I really appreciate understanding. Well, I think it is not the requirements that matters so much. It is just how we understand each other, and how much willing we are to sacrifice some of our habits for the sake of the other. We have to understand each other well is the point. I do not feel I have described my self nor my match well. I believe that love is growing together, and not the coming together of two perfect ones.So the best thing is to start emailing so as to know each other. So please, do not hesitate to email me. I am so much open. Again location does not matter a lot. We can make it if we find each other compatible. I am seriously looking!!!!! I will reply soon to whoever emails me. that is all for the post, hit me now to know more.

Name:Tigist Womdimu Age: 29
wondimutigist at yahoo.com
Location: Dubai
Hi My name is Tigist Womdimu. I am 29 years old woman. I live in Dubai. I want to meet a Tigraway man from all walks of life. We can be freinds or strat a relationship. But first let us communicate.I would prefer guys between the age of 35-39 to contact me,. Regards

Name:Samri Yohannes Age: 24
smriyohannes at yahoo.co.uk
Location: Ethiopia
Hello My name is Samri Yohannes am 24 years old woman and i am frome Ethiopa Oromo. I would really like to meet and have relationship with an Ethiopian Ye Tigray Lig (Man). Who is between 27 to 30 years old.

Name:Ezra Araya Age: 24
Email.ezraaraya at gmail.com
Location: Ethiopia
My name is Ezra Araya. I am single male, Ethiopia. I was born in Adwa, on 01/10/1984. I weigh 60 kg and my height is 1.70 metre . I have BA degree in Management at the University of Arbaminch. Presently, I'm working as Auditor with Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority in Bole International Airport office. I would like to meet a Tigrean girl b/n the age of 18 and 30 years.I am looking for a lady that is open minded,down to earth ,funny,with some education.