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A Candid Letter to Eskinder Nega
Your open letter to the Prime Minister you, rather haphazardly, refer to the “message from the grass roots.” I never knew that you could use your accolade to make yourself an Ombudsman for Ethiopians. Or since when have you become an MP which is one other means of speaking on behalf of the people. Read More

The delusional state of our Timocrats
Let’ face it, not even EPDRF defends that life in Ethiopia is a bed of roses. We all know our strength and weaknesses. We also are aware of the monumental challenges which we face in keeping a patchwork nation like Ethiopia intact and working. But in our heart of hearts, we all know it all too well that our today is far better than our yesterday. Read More

Extremists Becareful what you wish for, the fire you are trying to start will consume you!Becarful what you wish for
It is a public secret now days that pro opposition and right out anti Ethiopia websites have been advocating for an Egypt like demonstrations in Ethiopia. There is no stone they have not turned over and they are screaming from the top of their lungs to convince the Ethiopian people to go out on mass distraction of their country. Read More


The Gallant TPLF Fighters
Eternal glory to our martyrs!


Headline News

March 31 2011

Ethiopian Denies Arrest of Opposition Party Activists
Ethiopian Leader Criticizes Hydropower Opponents Amid Expansion
Tech helps Ethiopians build rural roads

March. 30 2011

South Korea’s Ambition To Open Up Access To African Natural Resources
80 arrested at demonstration over lack of citizenship
Italians Rescue Africans Fleeing 'Boiling' Libya

March. 29 2011

African Ministers Mull Government’s Role in Development
Muslim Jihad in Christian Ethiopia
More than 500 migrants land in Malta from Libya
Harla: Ethiopia's lost civilization

March. 28 2011

Egypt seeks food and water security in Sudan
Meeting the endangered Ethiopian wolf
Crude Drops As Libya Rebels See Oil Exports Soon.

March. 27 2011

Ethiopian secures additional financing for B777s
Malta refuses to host any fleeing Eritreans, Somalis and Ethiopians
Libyan rebels reclaim lost ground in sudden reversal

March. 26 2011

Libyan gov't reportedly agrees to cease fire, NATO assumes partial command
Government Transports Ethiopians from Libya to Tunisia
Mandatory Cash Register Brings Woe, Not Ease

March. 25 2011

UN chief says Libya must declare cease-fire or face further Security Council action
EU to admit Africans from Libya
Do-gooders keeping Africa the dark continent
California Congressman Returns to Ethiopian Roots

March. 24 2011

Colombians and Eritreans most likely to be affected by proposed refugee rule change
Ethiopia's religious divides flare up

March. 23 2011

ETHIOPIA: Reducing TB risk in Addis Ababa
Calvalley Petroleum says Yemen crisis delays equipment supply
Civil engineering , design work underway to build 2516-km railway

March. 22 2011

Ministry Touts Increased Gold Sales
Ethiopian Airlines to open third hub in Lusaka
Several African Leaders Criticize Air Attacks in Libya

March. 21 2011

Canadian companies urged to look at the cost of doing business with despots
Ethiopia’s to increase defense budget amid rising tension with Eritrea
Illegal immigrants found en-route to Fareham

March. 20 2011

US commander warns of Libya stalemate
Dado takes third straight Rome title as Chumba surprises
Tana Beles hydropower plant to go fully operational

March. 19 2011

Ethiopia pledges support for peaceful settlement of Sudan’s post-referendum issues
French fighter jets deployed over Libya

March. 18 2011

As Libya announces cease-fire, violence reported in MisrataEthiopian students occupy 30 per cent seats at DIAT
UN security council resolution 1973 (2011) on Libya – full text
Bahrain crackdown enrages Shiites across region

March. 17 2011

Ethiopian dams on Nile stir river rivalry
Raw material costs concern Pittards
Ethiopian gets top UN position

March. 16 2011

Israel's Ethiopian Jews Face Challenges

March. 15 2011

Gadhafi's pet project, US of Africa, moves forward
Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Underscores Ethiopia's Fast Paced Growth at a UN Confab
Ghion Hotel deal collapses

March. 14 2011

Ethiopia - an emerging mining location
Ethiopian govt woos Nigerian investors
Ethiopia inflation falls to 16.5 pct in Feb
Ethiopian hydropower Nile project alarms Egypt

March. 13 2011

Ethiopia PM blames Muslim sect over church attacks
Lush landscape, wildlife parks draw visitors to Ethiopia
Minister addresses Turkey-Ethiopia trade forum
Libyan rebels flee Port Brega as Kadafi forces advance

March. 12 2011

Ethiopia to Start Work on Nile Hydropower Plant, Zenawi Says
India is being seen as a hub for Asia by Ethiopian Airlines
African refugees hired to build fence to keep migrants out of Israel

March. 11 2011

Ethiopian Potash lists in Toronto
Assefa brewing a market for Ethiopian coffee farmers
US Chamber of Commerce Sees Investment Opportunities in Africa
In Libya, tide seems to be turning in favor of Qaddafi's forces

March. 10 2011

Turkey and Ethiopia to be partners, Caglayan
Ethiopian Airlines sets out vision to soar in The aviation industry
Somali troops close in on Al-Shabab
Eritrea 'denies' UK consular access to detained Britons
NATO to Send Ships Closer to Libya to Enforce Arms Embargo

March. 09 2011

Turkey and Ethiopia to be partners, Caglayan
Ethiopia Charges 130 in Church Burning Incidents
Somali official: American militant reported killed
Ethiopians reflect on Mengistu's stay in Zim

March. 08 2011

Somali Gov't Forces Seize 2 Towns from Insurgents
Kenya's KCB eyes Zambia and Ethiopia
Ethiopia and Somaliland Seek EU Funds For Berbera Corridor
Liya Kebede: A Woman Apart

March. 07 2011

Ethiopian TV (ETV) programming increases from 8 hours a day to 12 hours a day In DC
Ethiopia begins evacuating 170 citizens from Libya
Traders Seeking New Markets for Hide Products at Trade Fair
Kenya arrests six Shabaab fighters in border town

March. 06 2011

US renews travel warning to Eritrea, borders to Ethiopia
India to finance Ethiopian sugar sector revamp
Libyan civil war looms as battles rage near capital

March. 05 2011

Ethiopia to Cut Foreign Adoptions by Up to 90 Percent
Calm Eritrea avoids talks of rebellion
Taxi industry insider pleads guilty to bribing D.C. officials for licenses

March. 04 2011

Kenya denies presence of Ethiopian troops Ethiopia posts big gains in access to drinking water
Walking 1,950km to Support Ethiopian Korean War Veterans
Eritrea jittery over Arab world revolt
Eritrea Tyrant Lends Fellow Libya Tyrant A 200-Troops Strong Hand

March. 03 2011

Kenya denies presence of Ethiopian troops
Gaddafi accepts Chavez talks offer
Eritrea latest no-go zone for cruisers
Eritrea Tyrant Sticks With Gaddafi, Trashes UN Move!

March. 02 2011

Eritrea: Africa's Human Rights Black Hole
UK's Development Program in Ethiopia Will Become its Largest in world
U.S. issues travel warning for Eritrea

March. 01 2011

Britain to increase its aid budget to five countries including Ethiopia
Somali Government Plans to Intensify Fight Against Insurgents
Nile treaty set for ratification
Hailu, Not Haile, Wins Tokyo Marathon


Heineken Submits 163.4 million us dollars for Two Ethiopian Breweries

Shaebianism and Its Desperate attempt To Recuperate from a Terminal Disease
Gidoen Bahtemariam

Saudi Star Agricultural Development Plc Will Invest $2.5 Billion in Ethiopia Rice Farm

Peace and Isaias Afewerki’s Eritrea can never be bedfellows
Dilwenberu Nega

Ethiopia warns of action against Eritrea

Is the North African-type revolutiion inevitable in the rest of Africa?
Tesafye Habisso

Pro-Democracy Movements in North Africa...
Tesafye Habisso

Yet again, Negede Gobeze commits another aberration of judgement
Dilwenberu Nega

Gibe III detractors are the new priests of darkness

The brag and chatter of antagonists in London
Dilwenberu Nega

Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi is world's 63rd Billionare

New Ethiopia, old politics? Which square do you belong to?
Gidoen Bahtemariam

The secrets of can do

Developing a Poltical Culture of Tolerance ...
Tesafye Habisso

A Candid Letter to Eskinder Nega
Dilwenberu Nega

The delusional state of our Timocrats
Dilwenberu Nega

Urgent call to the Eritrean armed forces and the public in genereal
Asgedom Wediafa

Extremists Becareful what you wish for, the fire you are trying to start will consume you!

The Power of Truth and Awareness in Social Revolutions
Tesfaye Habisso


An open letter to Ethiopia from dollar intellectual Ethiopians worldwide (DIEW)
Daniel Barkaw

Cyber-tigers: take your drama to your momma*
Dilwenberu Nega

Facebook and Facebookers

Culture and our future: where are we going from here?
Godofai Tgiorgis

The Religious Leaders' Call for Granting Forgiveness to the Convicted Derg Officials: A Feasible Plan or a Misconceived Idea?
Tesfaye Habisso

A Once Promising but Now Wounded Nation: A Review of Dr. Bereket Habte Selassie’s Book on Eritrea
Professor Desta, Asayehgn, Ph.D

A Nation with Brighjt Hope
Fano Wdey

South Sudan in landslide vote for independence

AF spends $50M to upgrade Ethiopian airport

Adama operates most-modern spinning unit in E Africa

Q and A with G.E. Gorfu

In a calm sea every man is a pilot
Dilwenberu Nega

UTNA Supports the Timely Call by Ethiopian Government for Diaspora Engagement in Nation Building

Does the end of Isyas leadership means the end of Shaebism,or does the end of Shaebism equals the end of Isyas ?
Gidoen Bahtemariam


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