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Ethiopian Checkpea - Tigrai OnlinePepsiCo Invests in Ethiopian Chickpea Production
While Ethiopia is the sixth biggest chickpea exporter worldwide, the majority of farmers that grow chickpeas in Ethiopia do not grow them as a principal crop. The initiative plans to collaborate with 10,000 Ethiopian farmers, teaching them to utilize developed irrigation More

Kenyan Army - Tigrai OnlineKenya courts neigbours to oust al-Shabaab
The sources added that Kenya was mainly interested in Ethiopia and the African Union’s support in the war against the militant group. Signs that Ethiopia is in agreement with Kenya came last Wednesday when Mr Wetangula travelled to Addis Ababa More

U.S. Drone - Tigrai OnlineU.S. drone base in Ethi­o­pia is operational
The US Air Force has invested millions of dollars to upgrade an airfield in Arba Minch, Ethi­o­pia, where it has built a small annex to house a fleet of drones that can be equipped with Hellfire missiles and satellite-guided bombs. More


The Gallant TPLF Fighters
Eternal glory to our martyrs!

Teen runner collecting shoes for EthiopiansSara Kebede Ethiopian American runner - Tigrai Online

Growth and Transformation Plan in Tigrai State Detail info

Tigrai Online - Invest in Tigrai State in Ethiopia
Invest in Tigrai State in Ethiopia


A number five screw extractor (easy out)still attached to the broken peice of the spark plug after I took it out
How to remove a broken spark plug embedded deep down in the engine block

  1. Study shows Ethiopia has Enormous untapped wind and solar energy potential
  2. Ethiopians in the UK raise 2 million Birr for Construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam
  3. There was no foul play in releasing former Derg members Mulugeta Aserate Kassa
  4. Libyan leader Moammar Gadahfi is Dead
  5. UN draft resolution would hit Eritrea mining
  6. Bees Business Tackles Climate Change and Food Security in Ethiopia
  7. A wekup call for all Ethiopian diaspora community
  8. To Organizers of “Project 10 Days” events in North America
  9. Government to Relocate Residence and Businesses for National Rail Way Network
  10. Memorial Service Held for Car Accident Victim Artists
  11. Ethiopia- US Investment Forum 2011, Held in Washington DC
  12. Dr. Bereket Habte selassie wants to see Eritrea and Ethiopia united when he is alive
  13. Nyota Minerals makes three new gold discoveries in Ethiopia
  14. Derg higher officials released from prison
  15. Letter of Support to the Norwegian Government and the International Energy Agency
  16. Teen runner collecting shoes for Ethiopians
  17. The Loot from Maqdala: an Historical Reminder (I) Professor Richard Pankhurst
  18. EXPOSED: BBC Newsnight turns to wikileaks for more deceit
  19. Hannah Godefa delivers 400,000 pencils to Ethiopian children
  20. 700 arrested after protesters at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York
  21. Ethiopian Airlines takes delivery of two aircraft>
  22. 2013 U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery Begins on October 4, 2011
  23. Playing for Life recruits top players for trip to Ethiopia
  24. Statement by H.E. Hailemariam Desalegne at the 66th Session of the U.N. General Assemblyg>
  25. Impoverished Eritrea financing, arming African militants
  26. 3rd Global Ethiopian Diaspora Conference on Health Care And Medical Education Kicks off in Arlington, Virginia

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