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The futile attempt of Amharas to create an Ethiopia on their image is destroying it

Tigrai Online, July 15, 2019

ADP is desprately trying to hide its greed for power in Ethiopia, but it is only eccelerating its demize.

Roughly for the past 100 years before TPLF/EPRDF assumed power in Ethiopia, the elite Amharas have been trying to create a country the mirrors their language, their culture, and their values. The effort of converting others to Amhara identity by stripping them off of their own language, culture and history was more pronounce in the southern part of the country. The Amhara elites were harsher in the south where the culture and beliefs were more different than theirs and the people were not armed with guns. The campaigns to the south part of Ethiopia was not smooth or without resistance. The people of the south including the Oromo fought back the alien forces with what they had at the time.

The Amharas endeavor to create a country in their image was futile, but their attempt was not in vine. There were a few benefits for the Amhara elites and the general population of Amhara. The first benefit was a huge economical windfall from appropriating land and resources and heavy taxes from local population. The second is as an occupying force they were able to settle millions of their people in every part of Ethiopia except in Tigrai and Eritrea because they can’t do it. The third benefit is as the Amharas invaded and occupied other people’s land they were able to spread their language and culture by destroying the indigenous language and culture there by making their language Amharic an official language and their culture more or less dominant. To achieve all this the Amhara elites used warfare and other forms of violence and it wasn’t that difficult because they controlled the government.


After the Dergi government led by Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam overthrew the last King, Amharas influence was slightly diminished, but they still wielded formidable power in Ethiopia.

After TPLF/EPRDF removed the fascist government of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam it made a fundamental change to the country’s political, governmental, and socio economic structure. Ethiopia was divided in to nine sovereign regional states under a federal government. The regional states are not only administrative bodies, but also fully functioning sovereign state governments with real power. The new constitution gave the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia full autonomous power including seceding from the country and forming their own country.

The radical change in 1991 in Ethiopia sealed the fate of the Amhara people as one of the peoples of Ethiopia nothing more nothing less and their illusion that the entire Ethiopia belonged to them was shattered forever.

TPLF’s profound and transformational change in Ethiopia was shocking to the Amhara elites and to some extent to the ordinary people. Since the day TPLF/EPRDF came to power, the Amharas were organizing, mobilizing and attacking the federal system in Ethiopia. They formed multiple armed groups to reverse the system aided by foreign countries, which are hell-bent to keep Ethiopia weak and poor.

The Amhara elites didn’t care about the fate and future of Ethiopia as long as they are running the show in the country. So, they did everything they can to destroy the new federal government from outside and from within. They managed to hold some key government posts representing ANDM and they were working silently and covertly against the Ethiopian federal government for years.


Last year when Abiy Ahmed Ali came to power, he created a golden opportunity for those who were waiting for years patiently in the shadows pretending to be part EPRDF. Then when the chance came knocking they seized the moment and flew with it. Amhara’s support for Abiy Ahmed in the beginning was about 98% which is extraordinary. It wasn’t personal for Abiy, but it was a celebration of a golden chance to grab power. The Amhara elites flooded Ethiopia arriving by the droves from the Western world where they have been hiding and waiting. Kassa Kebede, Dawit Woldegewrgis, Berhanu Nega, and many more came to Addis Ababa to congratulate the new prime minister and pledge their support to the new government which they thought they will easily remove and install one of their own. They were greatly mistaken the Abiy Ahmed government is supported by way bigger forces and wouldn’t be removed that easy. The people of Ethiopia although they were sick and tired of TPLF/EPRDF, were not ready to compromise on the main gains brought by the TPLF/EPRDF.

The chance of Amhara elites coming back to power to dominate the masses of Ethiopia is next to nothing, but that doesn’t discourage those greedy expansionist power hungry Amhara elites from trying again and again. That is the reason they are still trying to snatch government power by any means necessary including declaring war on neighboring states. The recent tragic events we witnessed in Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa are a manifestation of this misguided illusion of Amhara elites.

The scary thought is Amhara elites will continue to push Ethiopia to the edge of civil war or worst yet they will ignite war by provoking one of their regional states and we don’t think Ethiopia could survive a civil war at this time.


Amhara elites coming back to power to dominate Ethiopia is next to nothing

The chance of Amhara elites coming back to power to dominate the masses of Ethiopia is next to nothing, but that would not stop them from keep trying.


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