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Getachew Assefa a revered hero of our generation

By Berhane kahsay
Tigrai Online, May 9, 2019

Abiy Ahmed orders Getachew Assefa to be tried in absentia while he is proudly living in Ethiopia. This unprecedented idiocy must be the first time to happen in the world.

Tigrians consider poverty as their number one enemy followed by the current leader of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, who has caused so much dislocations and barbaric carnages since his ascension just over 12 months ago. His abomination for anything Tigrai appears to be boundless, and there is no doubt that as long as the half-witted PM lingers in command, he will persist with his unavailing cracks to reduce the valour Tigrians to a position of subservience.

Now let us closely examine the strategies Abiy Ahmed utilised to materialise his unachievable grand aspiration of compelling ‘deki-Alula’ to be a complete and utter complaint of his rule which is thrusting the nation to the rim of an all-out civil war.  

PM Abiy has a very low opinion of the resilient Tigrians, and for reasons only known to himself, he authorised the blockage of major arteries leading to Gonder and Weldia hoping to secure their submission by preventing essential goods entering or leaving their sovereign domain. As far as Tigrai is concerned, the impact of this futile move had been negligible, but businesses in Gonder and Weldai have been irreparably damaged.

Reliable reports indicate that a number of privately owned establishments have completely folded thanks to the day-light lootings of consignments destined for Tigrai. Mob-rule has become the norm and the ruling party appears to be struggling to safeguard the rule of law. And in order to bring some sort of semblance of sanity, it may be necessary for the regional authorities to consider imposing a state of emergency before the situation shifts into an autopilot.

Another strategy employed by PM Abiy include filing criminal charges against Getachew Assefa for gross violations of ‘human rights’ allegedly committed during his tenure as the head of National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).  In line with the constitution, it was the duty of the spy chief to compile intelligence on the enemies of the state, and present it to the PM. And after careful considerations, the PM then authorises the Federal Police to arrest and interrogate the suspects before presenting them to federal courts to face indictments.


This is exactly the modus operandi in many developed countries; this being case, why is Abiy then so desperate to place the NISS chief behind bars? Abiy Ahmed has been pushing Dr Debretsion to hand over the spy master as he did to Major-General Kinfe Dagnew who was prosecuted and found guilty by the wild media before reaching the court of law. This was a humiliating experience for Tigrians, and would not like to witness a repeat of it under any circumstances.

From day one, Abiy Ahmed’s desire has been to engineer a split between the TPLF and its constituents by forcing the organisation to hand over Getachew Assefa. The hope is that if this was to transpire, there would be a revolt precipitating an end to the TPLF and the strong unity of the Tigrian people which has so far been too difficult to break. Divided people would be an easy prey for outside interference, and this would be a great opportunity for Abiy Ahmed to install a puppet administration solely answerable to him knowing full-well this would be considered as a violation of the federal constitution.

It is pretty obvious the charge of human rights ‘violation’ is bogus, the real motive being to foment a crisis in Tigrai and control the region as he did in Ethio-Somalia and SNNP. Tigrai, which defeated the largest army in Africa, is not going to be an easy pick for Abiy. Whether the TPLF remains in power or not, it is up-to the people to decide, and definitely not the business of a clueless and second rated ‘politician’ in charge of a country which seems to be spiralling out of control.

In any case, if Abiy’s real concern is violation of human rights and outright massacre, there are criminals in his midst who committed horrendous atrocities against innocent civilians. The current FM of Ethiopia, Gedu Andergachew, is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Qmants with the full knowledge of the PM himself. Only this week, over 300 Gumuz children were mutilated in Amhara region, but once again, Abiy Ahmed failed to condemn this cowardly and barbaric act never mind bringing the culprits, which includes Demeke Mekonnen and Dr Ambachew, to face charges for the severest crime against humanity that is possible to perpetrate.  


How about the 800,000 Gedeos who were forced out from West Guji in Oromia and left to fend for themselves in make shift camps exposed to the harsh elements?  These unfortunate people have been denied humanitarian assistance, and it was only when their plights were exposed by a combined efforts of Digital Woyane and foreign media that compelled PM Abiy to visit and offer them a fleeting attention. According to The Guardian edition of 14 May, 2019, the ethnic cleansing of the Gedeos was far greater than the Rohingya in Myanmar (Burma) in 2017. Why is PM Abiy looking elsewhere when the perpetrators of hideous fatalities and destructions are sitting next to him and causing considerable mayhem in the country?  Getachew Assefa kept the nation safe and secure for the last 27 years whereas the duplicitous Abiy Ahmed and his partners in crime, could not even do the same thing for a measly 12 months. Hounding a patriot who served his country diligently is simply a treachery of the highest rank. In any case, the fate of the former spy supremo is in the hands of the Tigrian people, and any attempt to apprehend him would be met with stiff resistance that could possibly trigger an all-out conflict in our immediate neighbourhood south of the border and beyond. 

So far, PM Abiy has not succeed in his efforts to defeat the indomitable Tigrians, but lately there has been a change of tack that may cause economic hardship in the short term. In his recent televised press conference, Dr Debretsion announced that the federal government had deducted 200 million birr from the regional budget subsidy fund for non-repayment of loans taken out by farmers for which the provincial government was their guarantor.

The Deputy President also disclosed that there would more reduction in June on top of the withdrawal of infrastructure subsidy under the pretext that Tigrai had been the main beneficiary over the last 27 years. Because of this, the House of Federation (HOF) is considering distributing Tigrai’s share to other states including Amhara and Oromia who already receive the lion’s share of the annual budget subsidy and capital grants required for infrastructure developments.

These awards are based on the HOF’s formula taking into account revenue potential and expenditure needs of each regional states. And this being the case, how is it possible to allege that Tigrai had been the main recipient of federal financial support over the last 27 years?  Tigrai received its fair share based on the HOF’s calculations. The wild and false assertion of a special treatment is simply a political move intended to punish the Tigrian people for establishing federalism, in place of a Unitarian system, that was completely dominated by chauvinists who are now out to exact retributions for losing their ‘God’ given right to run the country. At this juncture, Tigrai is passing through testing times, but in the end, it will triumph as it did during the arduous armed struggle that lasted for 17 challenging years.

Getachew Assefa a revered hero of Tigrai

United we stand, divided we fall!!


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