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Abiy Ahmed Ali preparing to invade Afar Regional State in Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, May 16, 2019

Abiy Ahmed is trying to hold on to power by any means nessesary including illegaly invading regional states.

For the past eight months the mercenary group led by Abiy Ahmed Ali which is hunkered down in the capital of Ethiopia Addis Ababa has been trying to over throw some of the regional state governments in Ethiopia. The regional states that were seen as threats to Abiy Ahmed’s group and his backers were marked for destruction. These states include Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz, Somali and Tigrai among others.

 Abiy Ahmed invaded the Somali regional state a few months after he took power. After invading Somali state Abiy dismantled the regional government including the parliament, the senior state government officials were arrested including the state president. Abiy and his backers targeted the Somali regional state because it had one of the strongest regional Special Forces, the Djibouti Addis Ababa railway line passes through the state, Somali regional state borders Kenya, Somalia, Somali Land and Djibouti (the only regional state that controls important outlets to countries bordering Ethiopia), and Somali state has the one of the proven oil reserves.

The plan was after controlling the Somali regional state, the next state was Tigrai State, but things didn’t go as planned for many reasons least of them the unity and strength of the Tigrai people. Due to the size of the population and the weakness of the regional state government in Benishangul-Gumuz, the Abiy group didn’t spend that much effort to rearrange the state.

The next state targeted by Abiy Ahmed was the Afar Regional State, however the planned overthrow of the state government didn’t succeed mainly the people of the sate resisted the evil plan from Addis Ababa and the regional politicians learned a lesson from Somali state. For a while Abiy Ahmed’s avaricious group was quite as if they gave up on their plan to overthrow the Afar regional state government and dismantle Afar state, but due to the deteriorating political situation in Ethiopia the group is trying it’s final desperate push to control Afar state.


In the past few weeks Abiy’s team fabricated a fake conflict between the Afar and Issa ethnic groups who are found in Afar and Somali states. For a long time there has been a low level conflict between the Afar and the Issa regarding animal grass land, but this time the Abiy government is using it as an excuse to invade Afar state. Reports from residents of many Afar towns including from the town of Assahita which is located in the center of Afar state claim seeing Ethiopian defense forces or some armed groups in Ethiopian troop uniforms coming at night time and terrorizing residents in the state. There are videos and photos circulating social media networks like Facebook showing Ethiopian army trucks loaded with soldiers entering Afar twons and Afar people protesting.

This illegal invasion by Abiy Ahmed should not continue to take place against the peaceful people and government of Afar state in Ethiopia. All peace loving Ethiopians should show their support and solidarity to the Afar people. The Tigrai state people and government should stand with their brothers and sisters of the Afar against any aggression by Abiy Ahmed and his sponsors.

If Abiy Ahmed is allowed to control the Afar regional state, the consequences will be catastrophic not only for the people of Afar, but it will be disastrous for the people of Tigrai and the Horn of Africa in general also.


Abiy Ahmed Ali preparing to invade Afar Regional State
The Regime of Abiy Ahmed Ali is preparing to invade Afar Regional State in Ethiopia residents reported

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