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Amhara extremists in Ethiopia are disillusioned after failed government takeover

Tigrai Online, June 28, 2019

One thing is for sure, the hallucination of Amhara extremists to come back to power to dominate Ethiopian politics is dead.

On June 22, 2019 a badly coordinated attempt to take over the regional government of Amhara state failed miserably. The hodgepodge group which included former Derg riff raff, former prisoners of war, lawless bandits, and sympathizers of the fake old Imperial system were led by former prisoner of war Assaminew Tsige.

Assaminew Tsige and his ragbag criminal group conspired to overthrow the regional government in Ethiopia’s north western state of Amhara by force. Their grandiose idea was to establish hidden cells in many parts of Ethiopia including the capital Addis Ababa. After they are ready to take over Amhara region and the capital they will launch simultaneous attacks in every city and town effectively controlling the police satiations, radio stations, television stations and airports. Then they will master enough regular and irregular Amhara soldiers to take over the country except Tigrai and western Oromia, well that was the dream plan.

The way Ethiopia is configured this days the above plan will never work, but the Amhara extremists are far removed from reality when it comes to power grabbing in Ethiopia. These bunch of buffoons were told a fairy tale as their history by their fathers and grandfathers. They have absolutely no idea what is real what is fake and what is theirs and what is not. After they were defeated by the gallant TPLF fighters in 1991 the fake Amhara Empire was buried permanently. Since that year the Amhara extremists have been trying to take power by any means necessary including using force. In 2009 Assaminew Tsige and 30 other members of the military were arrested for a coup attempt against Prime Minister Meles Zenwi’s government, but they were nabbed by security forces.

When the mercenary team assumed power in Ethiopia last year they opened the gates for all the criminals outside and inside Ethiopia just to hurt the people of Tigrai and the TPLF. The Amhara extremists couldn’t believe their luck because they thought Abiy Ahmed Ali was the golden key to destroy the people of Tigrai and the TPLF. Amharas started acting as if they love anything Oromo, they praised Abiy Ahmed’s decision to arrest over four hundred Tigraian business people, security officers, and politicians in trumped-up fake charges mostly to appease Amhara special interest groups.


Is Abiy Ahmed Ali involved?

Abiy Ahmed Ali tried everything in his power to reconcile the Oromos and the Amharas. He even created OROMARA, but after six months they were at each other’s throats because the extremist Amharas greed for power is limitless. The Oromos have over hundred years long experience what this fascistic groups are capable of if they get the opportunity of running Ethiopia.

While the extremist groups were training and arming themselves Abiy Ahmed and his government didn’t do anything. When Assaminw Txig’s armed groups killed, deported thousands of Tigraians Abiy Ahmed didn’t do anything and when Assaminw Tsige’s armed militias decimated hundreds of civilians in Metekel, benishangul gumuz, Abiy Ahmed did nothing. All these crimes were committed under the watchful eyes of Abiy Ahmed Ali and his masters. So far the only involvement by Abiyot Ahmed Ali is the fact that he crippled the Ethiopian security system, he let criminals go free to score cheap political points, and he arrested Tigraian security professionals with years of experience to appease Amharas and his masters. Other than that we can’t fund direct connection or any other evidence that ties him to the terrorist act last week. This doesn’t mean he is not directly involved, it just means we did not see it yet.

Assaminew Tsige and his neurotic Amhara extremists were not going to be satisfied with a small part of Ethiopia, they wanted the entire Ethiopia. That is the reason they took the foolish and reckless military action in Amhara region and the assassinations of the Tigraian generals.

What is next for Ethiopia, Amhara region and Tigrai state?


Since Abiy Ahmed become prime minister of Ethiopia, Tigrai Online has been trying to show he is a mercenary and he means disaster to Ethiopia and to the whole Horn of Africa region. He doesn’t have his own agenda he is pushing other countries interest at the expense of Ethiopia and Ethiopians especially the people of Tigrai. Oh! He has one his own agenda, to become “a king” literally at any cost. He wouldn’t care how many people lose their lives and he doesn’t care how much the Ethiopian people are suffering because he is blinded by his own personal ambitions. Ethiopia is teetering on a very dangerous path nearing a real braking down. For the morons who keep saying “you will be breaking, Ethiopia will be there forever united”, I say keep dreaming, if you don’t stop attacking Tigrai and its people, I guarantee you one of this days when you wake up from your dreams you will be a citizen of a different country. Tigrai is reaching the limits of maximum restraint with all the nonsense in Ethiopia. Ethiopia that murders our heroes, our students, our business people, our women, Ethiopia which deports our people, Ethiopia which robs Tigrai people, and Ethiopia where Tigraians are not welcome, what is it to the people of Tigrai?

We noticed Amhara activists on Facebook and YouTube starting to warm up to the Tigrai people. They say “Abiy is planning to build an Islamic Kushite Kingdom” and he is trying to exclude the Orthodox Semetic populations in the Horn of Africa. Wow! Did this knowledge revealed to you this week when a few of your extremist criminals were arrested or did it down on you when you realized the trap you were preparing against the Tigrai people is about to trap you. It is astonishing beyond believe to see some Amharas still plotting with domestic and foreign enemies of Tigrai to encircle us, while others are begging for Amhara Tigrai unity. Our answer is in a question form, what happen to OROMARA and what happen to the old man you presented our Axumite Geez Alphbets and Obelisks? We are assuming your illusion of creating allies against the people and government of Tigrai didn’t bode well.

Tigrai doesn’t want your wishy-washy misleading reconciliation because you are two faced backstabbers. Tigrai is united in every way, strong, has thousands of years in warfare and in peace, we are just, truthful, and most of all we are armed to the teeth and time is the witness we know how to use.


One thing is for sure the hallucination of Amhara extremists to come back to power to dominate Ethiopian politics is dead in 1991. Instead of chasing a deceptive mirage of getting land from others, it would be wise if you can carefully handle your conflict with the people of Kemant, Agaw, Shinasha, and Argobas in your region before it is too late.

We know Amharas worst nightmare that is keeping them all night as spoken by Dr. Dereje Bekele last month, and that is what if the Tigringa speaking people of Tigrai (7 million) and Eritrea (4 million) reconcile. We have news for you, whether you like it or not the people on both sides of the Mereb River will reconcile and forgive each other.  Not only because it is beneficial for both of them, because it is natural. One people in two countries so we recommend you get over your fear and do peace with those people around you.


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