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Ethiopian leader is mediating in Sudan while Ethiopia is in a verge of collapse

Tigrai Online, June 7, 2019

Ethiopian leader Abiy is mediating in Sudan while Ethiopia is in a verge of collapse

Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed is in Sudan to mediate between the Transitional Military Council leaders and the opposition groups opposing the military rule.

North Sudan has been rocked by demonstration for the past six months leading to the overthrowing of Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir. The Sudanese military removed Bashir from power after the demonstrators surrounded the military headquarters where Bashir was residing.

The Sudanese military saved the country from further disintegration, but the demonstrators refused to stop their demonstration demanding they wanted civilian government and the military said there will be a cooling time of about two years.

The military leaders and the opposition are locked in a bitter power struggle and this week the military decided to stop the ongoing demonstrations which are crippling the Sudanese economy. The crackdown didn’t go smoothly apparently in the ensuing confrontation between the two sides many people got hurt and some civilians lost their lives.

Abiy Ahmed flew to Khartoum, Sudan on June 7, 2019 allegedly to mediate between the military and the opposition. The irony here is Ethiopia is in much worst crisis since Abiy Ahmed came to power. Ethiopia is the number one country in the world for having internally displaced people. There is no central government to speak of because the Abiy regime couldn’t even control the security around the capital Addis Ababa. Federal institutions like Universities and Hospitals are virtually stopped working because of there is no law and order. Every single state in the country is in a state of war with its neighbor or neighbors.


All in all Ethiopia is falling apart in every way since this mercenary came to power. The wolf in sheep’s skin was able to fool many people when he came to power the first few months, but his true nature has been exposed over the past year. Now the entire Ethiopian people are fully aware he is the worst imposter Ethiopia as a nation has ever seen.

While Ethiopia is in a verge of collapsing the great hoaxer is trying to douse a little house fire in the Sudan in the meantime Ethiopia is being ravaged by a raging wild fire which might consume it in a short time, how ironic.


Ethiopian leader Abiy Ahmed is mediating in Sudan while Ethiopia is in a verge of collapse from ethnic conflict.

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