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Ethiopian government is blocking students from leavening their universities

Tigrai Online, June 2, 2019

Abiy Ahmed has ordered all universities to block any student from Tigrai leaving their campus.

The Abiy Ahmed regime is pressuring students especially those from Tigrai state not to leave the universities they are in despite the immediate threats they are facing daily.

On May 27, 2019 students from Tigrai state who were attending the University of Debremarkos in Amhara state were savagely attacked in the university campus. In the vicious unprovoked attack one student named Seare Abraha was killed and three other students were seriously injured. Seare Abraha was a graduating student majoring in economics and his body was sent to his parents in Tigrai.

The Tigrai students were attacked simply because they were from Tigrai or they were Tigringa speakers. The unarmed Tigrai students were attacked by a mob of students and possibly none students working together armed with knives, sticks, stones and other weapons.

After the attack Tigrai students have been asking to go back home to Tigrai because they feared for their lives, but they weren’t permitted to leave the university.

Unable to control the security of the civilian population in Ethiopia, the immature prime minister is said to have given a strict order prohibiting any student from leaving an university. The secret government document coming directly from the prime minister’s office instructs all concerned universities to stop all students especially those from Tigrai state from leaving their campuses.

Abiy Ahmed has ordered all universities to block any student from Tigrai leaving their campus. If any Tigrai students manage to leave the university they were assigned to attend and arrive in Tigrai, all Tigrai universities should not admit them. The secret order also allegedly directs all Ethiopian universities to refuse Tigrai students their transcripts. It is said the prime minister is worried about the number of students quitting school and going to their respective home states. The document reportedly indicated the Ethiopian prime minister saying if we don’t stop the flow of students back to their homes, the country’s unity and the existence of this government will be in a grave danger.


In a similar horrible news, the Ethiopian government is forcing internally displaced Ethiopians to return to their homes without adequately working to address the root causes of the communal violence which forced this poor people out of their homes. The Abiy Ahmed regime is forcing internally displaced Ethiopians by restricting food assistance. Refugees International said it was alarmed by the Ethiopian federal government renewed effort to force internally displaced Ethiopians. In a press statement, Refugees International’s Mark Yarnell said The government’s actions are making an ongoing humanitarian crisis even worse.

The Abiy Ahmed Ali regime in Ethiopia is trying to hide its failure from the Ethiopian people and the international community by minimizing the internally displaced crisis in Ethiopia. Since Abiy ahmed Ali came to power Ethiopia became the number one country in the world for having the most internally displaced people, a whopping 3.8 million. The over all situation in Ethiopia is worst than it was when the military dictator Mengstu Hailemariam was in power thirty years ago. Ethiopia has so many social, political, economical, and security problems, if the Ethiopian government takes one wrong move it will explode and isintegrate.


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