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Qatar starts importing excellent quality livestock directly from Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, July 30, 2012

Ethiopian bull
Qatar to import livestock directly from Ethiopia for first class taste and freshness.

Mawashi, Qatar's cutting-edge livestock company, announced the arrival of its Ethiopian livestock to Qatar bringing thus excellent taste and quality options for the company's consumers. This is the first time that the company obtains its stock directly from the source in Ethiopia and by plane as a step to guarantee first-class quality and freshness.

Mawashi is also gearing up to receive livestock from Turkey in the next few days when all the necessary European-standard health checks are carried out.

Officials from Mawashi said that the company is slated to receive its livestock according to a specific schedule which ensures the freshness and quality of its products. Mawashi also explained that livestock from Australia is usually shipped by sea while livestock from Turkey, Ethiopia and Armenia are brought to Qatar on board cargo planes and those from Jordan and KSA by land.

Mawashi further added that they expect a 40% increase in demand during the holy month of Ramadan to reach 200,000 livestock, owing particularly to the government's endeavor to subsidize prices for Qataris. The company has already prepared for the season with 100,000 livestock from Australia alongside sheep from KSA, Jordan, Georgia, Ethiopia, Turkey, Armenia, Kenya, Sudan, India, Pakistan and Somalia.

Mawashi is also looking into expanding its existing supply of 1,000 Armenian livestock which has recently reached Qatar in line with the company's efforts to cater to varying demands and needs of the country.

Additionally, Mawashi stated that the company's delivery fleet is playing a key role in smoothing the sales process at its slaughterhouses together with the high traffic at its butcheries located across Qatar from Khureitiyat, to Al Khor, to Duhail, to Bin Mahmoud, to Al Rayyan, to Wadi Al Shaqab, to Umm Ghwailina, to Al Maamoura and Najma.

Source: Ameinfo

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