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TDA-UK Members and Supporters Buy Bonds Worth 46,110

TDA-UK, Oct. 03, 2012

TDA Members singing the TPLF anthem
TDA-UK Members and Supporters Buy Bonds Worth 46,110; Hold 40th Day Memorial Service for PM Meles

Forty days after the demise of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, members and supporters of Tigray Development Association (TDA) in Greater London seized the opportunity at the Premier’s “40th Day Requiem Mass” (Ye Arba Ken Metasebia) to purchase bonds worth £46,110 and made pledges for an additional £22,650 for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). This is following national mourning where millions of Ethiopians vowed to realise the late PM’s vision.

Speaking at a celebration of the life and work of PM Meles held at the branch office of TDA-UK, guest of honour H.E. Berhanu Kebede, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom and to Nordic Countries, praised the late Prime Minister for working tirelessly to conquer extreme poverty from the face of Ethiopia. He said there could be no better way of honouring the memory of the late premier other than realising his vision by buying GERD bonds. He thanked all those who decided to buy bond in memory of Meles on this occasion.

TDA-UK Chairman, Kelem Laike, urged members to mobilize resources for the implementation of GERD and to remain committed to the late Prime Minister’s vision of seeing a developed and prosperous Ethiopia.

During the function, the Premier’s comrades-at-arms during the 17-year liberation struggle recounted their personal experiences and testimonies by paying glowing tributes to the late Prime Minister’s unwavering loyalty and allegiance to Ethiopia’s nations, nationalities and peoples, to his iron resolution to see things through, to his firm commitment to party discipline and to his humble life-style.

The occasion was further graced by the choir of young boys and girls singing the popular TPLF anthem “Zeyenidiyebo Gobo” (There will be no mountain that we cannot surmount). There was also a poetry recital by young Ethiopians eulogising the Great Leader.

For further information, please contact the Press Office on 020 7838 3883/0; 07717 603163; 0788 637 1094 or send an email to info@ethioembassy.org.uk.

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