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Professor Asmerom Legesse: hate spewing exponent of tyrannical regime

By Berhane Kahsay
Tigrai Online, April 24, 2019

Response to Professor Asmerom Legesse by Tigrai Online. Leave the people of Tigrai alone!!!

Esayass has failed to secure the backing of the Eritrean people and his army to take advantage of the current situation in Ethiopia and invade Tigrai in retaliation for the comprehensive defeat he sustained in the border war of 1998. The Eritrean President is no longer in tune with his subjects, and to reverse this, Professor Asmerom Legesse was summoned to appear on Eri-Express TV claiming that the TPLF committed atrocities against civilians when Embasoyera fell into the hands of the Ethiopia army; and demanded an apology.  Esayass not only blames the TPLF for scuppering his grand agenda of dominating the Eastern region, but also for skilfully eroding the universal support he had from his people.

Esayass is desperate and foolishly believes that demonising the TPLF and the Tigrian people would re-invigorate Eritrean nationalism and place the Red Sea nation on a war-footing hoping this would enable him to stabilise his precarious hold on power. To help him with his futile endeavours, the tin-pot dictator has enlisted the support of Professor Asmerom, but the Eritrean people know exactly what is being machinated by their tormentor and would not fall for it.

Eritreans as well as the Army hold no animosity towards the Tigrian people or the TPLF, and this was visibly demonstrated when Zalambesa was re-opened where thousands of Eritreans flocked unexpectedly to meet their ecstatic kin south of the border. To witness such a historical re-union must have been a humiliating experience for the tyrant who abandoned the opening ceremony five minutes after his arrival. Most of the Eritreans have declined to return home as they appear to be happy and contented to remain in Tigria joining the nearly 200,000 of their fellow citizens who have already been living in their second home for many years now. Nothing can come between these two peoples, and the combined exertions of Esayass and Professor Asmerom to place a wedge between the historically, linguistically and culturally liked kinfolks is simply a futile venture which would not work now or in the foreseeable future.


Professor Asmerom seriously believes that the TPLF is pleading for Eritrean support because of the current situation in Ethiopia and wants Esayass’ nemesis to apologise for what transpired in Embasoyera before any reconciliations. The point is that the Tigrian people are firmly united as they did during the armed struggle and would not seek outside backing, not least from a regime that is on its last legs, to defeat potential aggressors as they did to the largest army in sub-Sahara Africa. Embasoyera suffered during the full-fledged war in the same way as Zalamebesa did, and this was regrettable by any standards.

But before the full-blown conflict begun, was it not Esayass that instructed for cluster bombs to be dropped on Ayder elementary school in Mekelle in June 1998 killing 48 people including 10 children under 15 but never apologised? It was also Esayass who prevented access to food conveys from Sudan to Tigrai via Shabiya liberated areas at the height of the 1984/5 terrible drought causing the deaths of thousands of Tigrians. How about the 150,000 mostly Tigrians who were expelled from Eritrea leaving their properties behind? Did Esayass expressed any remorse for all these acts of outright crimes?

Professor Asmerom knows the history of the oppressive organisation that he supports but prefers to degrade himself at his twilight years by appearing on a television to defend the indefensible. Eritreans would have respected him if he was to highlight the plight of what is left of the G-15 who are rotting in shipping containers instead of aiming for the TPLF which saved the EPLF from total extinction in Sahel. The former FM Haile Waldense and Petros Solomon have been languishing in dungeons for the last 19 years and Professor Asemerom never uttered a word in their defence. What a disgraceful peddler of hate!

The delusional octogenarian Professor also said during his interview that the indomitable Tigrians suffer from inferiority complex which is of course very far from the truth. With a superb and unique history that stretches from Yeha all the way to Axum and the liberation of Ethiopia in 1991 under their belt, how is it possible that the Tigrians would feel inferior to anyone he cares to mention? Only confident people who are sure of themselves can have such an exemplary track record unparalleled in the history of Ethiopia and beyond.

Professor Asmerom’s abhorrence towards the Tigrian people beggars belief. He went out of his way to claim that Welkait, Humera and Raya are part of Amahra, not Tigrai. For his information, these rightly belong to Tigrai and the evidence is that over 90% of them speak Tigrigna as their first language. Of course, a minority speak Tigrigna but as a second language. In addition, various historical documents clearly indicate that these lands which are claimed by the Amahra have been part of Tigrai for generations.


While we are on the subject, Professor Asmerom wrongly understands why Emperor Yohannes had Amharic as his court language. This was simply for ease of administration not for the reasons Professor Asmerom indicated. The language was in use well before the King of Kings came to the throne and consciously decided not to impose Tigrigna on his subjects who were not familiar with language. Moreover, Emperor Yohannes was not only accommodating in relation to court language, but he was also the first monarch to allow the various kings under him to take full control of their domain as long as they accepted him as their Emperor.

Professor Asmerom will very soon eat a humble pie and regret the atrocious and depreciating remarks he made about the Tigrian people. His premises for all his comments stem from the erroneous assumption that Tigria needs Eritrea more than the Red Sea state does. This is not a correct assessment of the prevailing reality, but it can be stated with absolute certainty that the minute the dictator is removed from power, Eritrea would desperately need Tigrai when religious based politics is dictated by Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of the despot Esayass. Saudi Arabia which destroyed Yemen and Syria is in Eritrea for the long haul for geo-political reasons; and if Eritreans believe that the Arab nation would simply leave after the fall of the tyrant are very much mistaken.

We urge Professor Asmerom to focus solely on Eritrean politics and stay out of our internal affairs. Eritreans are crying out loud for change as they have been under an oppressive regime ever since the liberation of their country. After 30 years of armed struggle, Eritreans expect a better deal and avoid trekking to the Sahara Desert in search of a better life but end up as sources of organs for Arab Bedouins.


Professor Asmerom Legesse: hate spewing exponent of tyrannical regime in Eritrea
Professor Asmerom will very soon eat a humble pie and regret the atrocious and depreciating remarks he made about the Tigrian people.

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