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Dr Berhanu Nega: Esayass’ Coolie

By Berhane Kahsay
Tigrai Online - July 11, 2013

Dr Berhanu Nega: Esayass’ Coolie
G-7 is committing treachery of the highest order; it is a shameful act to receive blood money from the recluse Eritrean dictator responsible for the exodus of thousands of Eritrean youth

It is an open secret that Dr Berhanu Nega has been on Esayass’s payroll for a considerable period. Every six months, the leader of G-7 is paid $500,000 for services rendered to the tin-pot dictator of Eritrea. According to Dr Berhanu, a big chunk of these funds is allocated to its subsidiary, Semayawi Party, which is legally registered in Ethiopia but flagrantly violates the FDRE constitution. The Election Board must follow developments and if any links are established with G-7, the party should be disbanded and its leaders face the full force of the law.

Obviously Esayass’s desire is to precipitate the complete disintegration of Ethiopia and it is precisely for this reason that the pariah leader is openly sponsoring Dr Berhanu. A ruthless tyrant who rules his own people with an iron fist, and detests democracy and the rule of law, could not possibly be concerned about human rights and democracy in Ethiopia. But Dr Berhanu and his foot soldiers would like us to believe that they are ‘fighting’ for ‘justice’ and ‘democracy’ in Ethiopia where democratic elections take place every five years.  Of course the system we have at the moment is imperfect, as it is elsewhere, but with the passage of time this would undoubtedly be corrected.

G-7 is committing treachery of the highest order; it is a shameful act to receive blood money from the recluse Eritrean dictator responsible for the exodus of thousands of Eritrean youth unable to remain in their own country because of the severe political and religious persecutions. What caused Dr Berhanu to flatly fall into the hands of the tyrant who is abusing his own people after enduring 30 years of hard struggle for justice and democracy?

Lack of support among the Ethiopian populous at home and in the Diaspora has left the leader of the terrorist organisation with no option but to loyally serve the self appointed President of Eritrea in order to quench his lust for power. So far, G-7 has not succeeded with its futile endeavours and the likelihood of causing a major ‘upset’ in Ethiopia now or in the foreseeable future is extremely remote. What else is forcing G-7 to exist on the ruthless tyrant’s hand-outs?

For the first time in the history of Ethiopia, its citizens have a government that is ceaselessly engaged in consolidating democracy and the rule of law, and in the fight against abject poverty. The country is surely in capable hands and it is on the right track; correct conditions and policies are in place that would ensure the continuity of the super fast economic growth that has been recorded over the last decade or so. Ethiopians can clearly see a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and no doubt, would continue to give a vote of confidence to the EPRDF administration, that is determined to extricate the country from its dire predicaments. Pre-1991 leaders of   the country had made it synonymous with famine and hunger, but under the watch of the late Premier Meles, the image of Ethiopia has been transformed, and it is now one of the best economic performers in the world.

There is literally no conceivable force that could stop the growth momentum initiated by the EPRDF led government. Unpatriots and traitors like Dr Berhanu can huff and puff, but wouldn’t be able to hoodwink the Ethiopian people for a millisecond. The writing is on the wall and can clearly be read from afar.

Late alone the miniature G7, even Esayass has not succeeded in his efforts to create havoc in Ethiopia which he set out to unleash soon after his decisive and humiliating military defeat in the war he foolishly started in 1998. The pariah unelected leader has not recovered since then and his misfortunes are further exacerbated by the meteoric rise of Ethiopia and the failure of Eritrea as a viable independent state. In any case who is instructing Eritrea to do the dirty deeds on Ethiopia?

For years, Egypt has been doing its hardest to destroy Ethiopia by using Eritrea and other surrogate organisations in order to ensure the free flow of the Blue Nile. On numerous occasions, the Arab state scuppered Ethiopia’s efforts to solicit funds from the World Bank, African Development Bank and the IMF to construct dams to alleviate poverty. It justifies this unfair and unjust action by citing the 1959 Nile Waters agreement to which Ethiopia, the source of 85% of the Nile, wasn’t a signatory.

Two years ago history was made when the late Premier of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, gave the go ahead for the construction of publically-funded 6000 mega watts generating dam along the route of the Blue Nile. This very brave and pre-emptive announcement stunned the Egyptians and its leaders have since been in a state of utter shock. All sorts of confusing responses are coming out of the Arab nation, and, very recently, President Morsi’s cabinet members were heard calling for an all out action against the primary originator of the Nile.

Aerial bombardment of the Grand Dam is suicidal and would not benefit Egypt at all. If it does, it can only do it via Sudan - as the confidential papers recently released by Wikileakes confirm. In the event of an attack, Ethiopia would be within her rights to take proportionate measures against Sudan which could include targeting its massive dams that are being used for irrigation. It was very wise of the Sudanese President to accept the findings of the Panel of Experts as he knew full well the grave ramifications if he hadn’t.

Invasion of Ethiopia is unthinkable and Egypt would not dare consider it for a flitting second. In any case, things have turned seriously bad for Egypt - removal of President Morsi from power has created serious economic and social crisis, and the Arab nation is slowly but surely edging towards a bloody civil war. The irony is that, the country that has been working openly to ensure Ethiopia remained in perpetual war is itself so unstable; it is tottering on the side of complete collapse. Worrisome stand-off between the Liberals and the Islamists is the best possible outcome as far as Ethiopia’s interest is concerned. Meles must have been following developments in Egypt before he gave the go ahead for the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam--- the timing was spot on.   

So far, the relentless efforts by Egypt and its lackeys such as Eritrea and Al-Shebab to bring Ethiopia to its knees have been successfully thwarted by the government. G-7 which is financed by Egypt via Eritrea is also likely to falter in its desire to harm the EPRDF as this formidable organisation has the support of the Ethiopian people thanks to its impeccable track record that spanned over two decades.

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Egypt can’t stop the construction of the Grand Dam come rain or shine. The 6000 mega watt energy generated would be made available to investors interested in setting up manufacturing industries. This in turn would create huge job opportunities for unskilled workers as well as those graduating from the 31 state universities every year. Those naive young Ethiopians seduced by ruthless brokers to go to Arab countries to earn a living, but end up being maimed or killed by their employers would also have great prospects of finding jobs in their own country.

Renewable green energy is further required to run the light metropolis trains under construction at a cost of $475,000,000. Around 30,000 people are expected to be transported every hour and the impact this would have on the reduction of traffic and pollution is incredibly massive. As a result of the building of hydro dams, dependency on fossil fuels that cause great damage to the environment would be substantially minimised.            

Sudan, South Sudan and Djibouti will buy surplus energy and the hard currency earned from the sale is to be used to ameliorate poverty. In due course large parts of Africa and beyond are expected to be the beneficiaries of Ethiopia’s hydro-energy. Things are looking up and it won’t be too long before the country joins the middle income nations of the world. Esayass and Dr Berhanu are bank rolled by Egypt to stop Ethiopia’s fast and sustained double-digit economic growth, and the construction of the Grand Dam, but they are for sure destined to be disappointed. Ethiopia’s brave decision to construct the Millennium Dam has encouraged other upper riparian countries such as Uganda which has finalised to build 600 mega watt generating dam.

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