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Berhanu Nega critically sick from food poising in Eritrea

Tigrai Online, August 5, 2015

Dr. Birhanu Nega the leader of Ginbot-7 is very sick in Eritrea
Birhanu Nega the leader of Ginbot-7 has left the United States for Eritrea to join an armed rebel he leads against the Ethiopian government. In the above photo he is seen greeting Eritrean army officials and supposedly Ethiopian rebels. Now reports are saying he is sick in Eritrea.


Dr. Berhanu Nega is reportedly critically ill from food poisoning in Eritrea. Berhanu Nega left in July 2015 the United States of America where he was working as a teacher at Bucknell University at the economics department. He left to Eritrea to lead a military campaign against the Ethiopian people.

Less than a month after Berhanu Nega arrived in Eritrea he is reported to have fallen ill from food poisoning. Ethiopian Review an extremist website which use to be closely associated with Eritrean regime for years broke the news citing its sources inside Eritrea. Birhanu Nega is leader of Ginbot-7 a terrorist group based in Eritrea with a phantom army.

The news report indicated he might travel to Europe for treatment if his condition gets worst. “Our sources in Eritrea have informed us that AG7 chairman Dr Berhanu Nega is currently recovering from food poisoning. If his condition doesn't improve he will travel to Europe for treatment, the sources added.

This raises so many questions regarding the relationship the Eritrean regime has with Ethiopian opposition groups. The first and most obvious question is: why would Dr. Berhanu Nega an employee of a respected US university and possibly a US citizen go to Europe for treatment instead of going to America?

Judging from the timing of Berhanu’s travel to Eritrea, some people had suspected it was a media stunt purposely scheduled to coincide with the historic visit of President Obama to Ethiopia as the first sitting American president.

Tigrai Online had received information a few weeks back that Berhanu didn’t resign from his teaching post at Bucknell University suggesting that it was done for fund raising purposes. Most of the Ginbot-7 supporters are racist narrow minded people who are out there to do everything they can to hurt the people of Tigrai with help of Shabiya. They will pour in thousands of dollars if they think the imaginary Ginbot-7 army is waging war in northern Tigrai.

It does not matter now if it was real or a drama, because the Ethiopian and American governments have concrete evidence and proof that Eritrea is directly working with Ethiopian terrorist armed groups to destabilize the country and the region. On top of that Berhanu Nega and his terrorist groups are not struggling peacefully to bring about change in Ethiopia, instead they are working with a rogue government dubbed as the North Korea of Africa to overthrow a democratically elected government.

Meanwhile Berhanu Nega’s fate many not be that different than his comrade Andargachew Tsige, sooner or later he will join him in Ethiopia.

Birhanu Nega goes to Eritrea vows to overthrow the Ethiopian government.

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