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Ethiopia is pulling itself and the Horn of Africa out of poverty

Tigrai Online, August 3, 2015

Ethiopia is going through revolution of change and transformation to get rid of poverty
Ethiopia is going through remarkable revolution, a revolution of total transformation.

Ethiopia is going through revolution, a revolution unlike what you see in the Middle East and North Africa which is a cause misery to the populations of those countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Ethiopian revolution is unique, progressive, green and it is absolutely homegrown. The Ethiopian revolution is not imposed by others to fulfill their global agenda. It is not concocted by the so called “NGOs” to bring mayhem and destroy the social fabric of the country. It is rather to uproot the fundamental enemy of our people, Poverty.


Based on the Axumite Kingdom’s history Ethiopians have been proud to claim over three thousand years of history. However Ethiopia didn’t keep up what the Axumite kingdom had for centuries. The glorious history of the past was only the past. For hundreds of years Ethiopia was reduced to fiefdoms that fought constantly to dominate each other. In the process they forgot their past and where they came from.

Now and then there were some leaders who had amazing vision of modernizations, but the internal and external circumstances didn’t permit them to bring change to the country.

Ethiopia was a playground for the last king of Ethiopia to amass billions of dollars and stash it in foreign banks while the majority of the people are starving to death.  Emperor Hailesilassie didn’t build one thing that will benefit the Ethiopian people while he was in power for decades. He manipulated the Ethiopian people through religion and he was considered one step below God.

The Derg Fascist Military junta didn’t have the capacity to think for themselves because they were puppets of the Soviet Union.

The Ethiopian revolution which started in Dedebit Western Tigrai on Lekatit 11 1967 as a trickle is now tsunami of change. The Lekatit tsunami is cleansing Ethiopia from the dirt and grime which has been collected for hundreds of years halting Ethiopia’s civilization. A powerful brand new Ethiopia is emerging from the ashes and the whole world is taking notice.

For the first time in a very long time all Ethiopians are filled with enthusiasm and positive energy about their country.

Ethiopia is strengthening economically, militarily, socially, and developmentally.  The Ethiopian revolution is in a stage of no return. The people of the Horn of Africa region are hopeful as much as the Ethiopian people.

Those who are fanning the revolution of destruction in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and other countries are trying to bring that situation to Ethiopia. Unfortunately those evil forces have local greedy dogs on a leash that are ready to do their dirty work for them. All the Ethiopian people should keep their eyes opened and watch out for those prophets of poverty.

The entire international community is paying attention to Ethiopia and the most powerful nations on earth want to be partners with Ethiopia because they can’t afford to ignore the superpower of the region. Wink wink! tiny enclaves and former provinces should join the Ethiopian revolution or know their place in the greater Horn of Africa.

With almost 100 million people, the second most populace country in Africa is fast becoming the most powerful country in the continent.

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