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Eritrean regime systematically targets naive Ethiopian nationalists

Tigrai Online, July 12, 2015

Eritrean regime systematicaly targets naive Ethiopian nationalist
Hundreds of real Ethiopian nationalists were lured to Eritrea and killed by the Eritrean regime because their views were a long term threat to Shabiya

Since the day the Eritrean expansionist invasion of Ethiopia in June 1998, Eritrea has tried very hard to entice and recruit Ethiopians against their own country. The Eritreans were trained by Egyptian and other Middle Eastern experts how to exploit Ethiopian ethnic, religious, class, cultural, and historical differences and conflicts.  The efforts of the Eritreans worked naïve Ethiopians from all walks of life went to Eritrea to fight against the EPRDF government.

Many of the Ethiopians believed the Eritrean regime was a genuine friend trying to help them, but the Eritreans had their own agenda. The agenda was and still is to destabilize Ethiopia to the point of breaking up if it is possible or severely weaken the country until it is no longer a threat to their tiny nation.

To achieve their goal the Eritreans employed a multi pronged strategies. The first and most effective they thought were to create ethnic and religious strife between the three biggest groups. Ethnically they want to pit the Amaras, Oromos, and Tigraians against each other.  In the religious domain the Eritreans planned to fabricate none existence conflict between Christians and Muslims.

The other strategy is to target nationalist groups and elements of Ethiopia. They continuously spew poisonous hate propaganda against the people of Tigrai to isolate them from the rest of Ethiopia. The reason for that is they fear Tigraians and nationals Amaras will not easily give up the historical claim of a sea outlet.

To implement their long term strategy of destroying Ethiopia, they created rebel organizations virtually in every ethnic group in Ethiopia mostly in name only. They managed to find some extremists and some real nationalists who thought TPLF/EPRDF is not for Ethiopia. Once they have people in the Eritrean soil they start to filter them based on their motives why they wanted to fight against the EPRDF government. If a person is motivated by simplistic personal vendetta, ethnic vengeance, narrow nationalism, or religious ambition they were welcomed to be trained as a terrorist. If the Ethiopian recruit is motivated by Ethiopian national interest or unity of the country they will be marked for elimination.

Hundreds of real Ethiopian nationalists were lured to Eritrea and killed by the Eritrean regime because  their views were a long term threat to Shabiya. Many of the leaders of the old “Arbegnoch Ginbar” were eliminated.

The shrewd politicians like Dr. Birhanu Nega who want to stay alive and get to power at any cost stayed away from the God forsaken land. Those blinded by hate or nationalism like the former Secretary General of the terrorist group Ginbot -7, Andargachew Tsige naively believed Shabiya was a friend.

Such naïve young man by the name of Yosef Haimanot is suspected to have fallen victim to the evil Eritrean regime. According to an article in Ethiopian Review Yosef is an Ethiopian born British citizen independent film maker. The article said Yosef has been to Eritrea many times, but the last time he went to Eritrea in 2012 he never came back and no one had ever heard from him. Elias Kifle who used his website to be a tool to the Eritrean regime for years and had visited in Asmara a few years back has distanced himself lately. He maybe saw what the real intention of Shabiya towards Ethiopia is, whatever the reason is he has been exposing the Eritrean regime and the terrorist groups it’s supporting against Ethiopia.

 Elias the new enemy of Shabiya said, “Recently, someone who spoke with Meazaw Getu, vice chairman of Arbegnoch Ginbot 7, an Ethiopian rebel group based in Eritrea, told one of my sources that Yosef has been sent to his wife in Ukraine. That answer raised suspicions because talking about sending someone to another country is a sign that they have killed that person. Yosef's wife doesn't live in Ukraine. Why would they say they sent him there?”

The now debunked Ethiopian People's Patriotic Front (EPPF) accused the Eritrean government in 2011 wiping out most of its leadership including the secretary general of EPPF.  The following members of EPPF are allegedly killed and buried in mass graves around Tesseney, Eritrea:

  1. Adane Mekuannent (former EPPF secretary general, who was very much defiant to Eritrean intervention and control of EPPF).
  2. Alemu Melkamu
  3. Desse Abera
  4. Gashaw Babel
  5. Melaku Abera
  6. Alemseged Tekhest
  7. Fekadu Endalew
  8. Shumet Sisay
  9. Asmare Zewde
  10. Getnet Feseha
  11. Tekle Gebru
  12. Esubalew Hailu
  13. Beshaw Dube
  14. Yaregal Asmare
  15. Mohamed Molla
  16. Adem Getahun
  17. Fentahun Alemshet

Yosef Haimanot was a Harish critic of the Ethiopian government and he made his disdain for the government clear on many occasions.  We hope for his sake and his family’s sake the young Ethiopian film maker is safe, but when someone disappears for two years without a trace the worst is possible in a land that eats its own people.

The Eritrean regime and most of its followers didn’t want strong united Ethiopia. They want to see disintegrated, weak and divided Ethiopia. They are working day in and day out to see that dream.


The long term strategic threat to the Ethiopian nation is not Egypt or Somalia. It is the tiny paranoid and fearful country of Eritrea. Their aim is to slowly bleed Ethiopia to death without confronting it directly and they are using selfish and greedy Ethiopians who would sell their mothers for power and money as a front.

No sin Ethiopian will expect anything good will come from Eritrea to help the Ethiopian people. Ethiopian problems will be solved by Ethiopians we don’t need people who can’t handle their own internal affairs and fleeing their country five thousand a month to tell us how to bring about democracy.

Elias Kifle speaking against Ginbot7 and ESAT TV

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