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Eritrean military worried about the consequences of TPDM forces mass defection

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, October 2, 2015

Eritrean military worried about the consequences of TPDM forces mass defection to Ethiopia
Eritrean government and military are worried about the consequences of TPDM forces mass defection and the security vulnerabilities their massive spying created.

The TPDM forces mass defection has been the biggest news event in month of September 2015 in the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities inside and outside of both countries. Tigray Peoples Democratic Movement (TPDM), the only rebel group with real military force which was trained, armed, and financed by the meager income Eritrea gets from the Bisha Gold mine defected to Ethiopia in the first week of September.

In a stunning and daring act the TPDM rebels led by Mola Asgedom fought their way out of Eritrea exposing the Eritrean military weakness and security vulnerabilities.

The TPDM rebel group leader Mola Asgedom told Ethiopian media TPDM has been working with Ethiopian spy agencies and security apparatus infiltrating all levels of the Eritrean military and government.  Once they were done with their secret mission deep in the heart of enemy land it was time to come home.


Now we know when the TPDM rebel soldiers engaged the Eritrean conscripted and poorly armed troops at the border they didn’t stand a chance. At least 27 Eritreans soldiers were killed in the two locations where most of the heavy fighting took place and many more were wounded. The wounded were taken to the Teseney hospital and eye witnesses say there wounded soldiers all over the compound waiting to be seen by the doctors.

How on earth did this happen, how do the TPDM rebels inflict so much damage to the regular Eritrean army which is entrenched in fox holes? The main reason the TPDM rebels were determined and ready to fight if they have to in order to cross the border in to Ethiopia. Most of the TPDM troops were highly trained by the Eritrean government where Eritrean Special Forces and commandos get their military training, so the regular Sawa boys and girls were not a much for them. The other reason is the Eritrean army units are not only lacking moral, adequate food and training and the will to fight, but they are victims of the Eritrean gangs in Asmara. International military experts in many occasions have stated the Eritrea arm exist only in name.

Most of the Eritrean generals are engaged in human trafficking selling their own people to the highest bidder in the Sinai desert. Most of the Eritrean military leaders are so corrupted they forgot what their primary responsibility which is to defend their country from external and internal threats. If they were doing their jobs Mola Asgedom and his rebel group would not have broken the Eritrean defense lines that easy. The Eritrean military reconvenes and spy groups are in the same predicament, they are deep in corruption up to their eyeballs.

TPDM’s action is becoming an embarrassment and source of concern to many supporters of the Eritrean regime. People are asking if less than two thousand rebels can do this to the Eritrean army, what would happen if the Ethiopian gallant defense force supported by one of the most powerful Air force in Sub-Saharan Africa, hundreds of tanks and the most battle hardened soldiers in the world decided to attack the Eritrean army? The answer to these questions is keeping the regimes military on adage.

Slowly a split is developing in the Eritrean army between those who are diehard supporters of the regime and those who are worried Eritrea might plunge to Somalia like civil war. All the necessary ingredients for defragmentation and a nasty civil war are present in the Eritrean community. Ethnic Afars, and Kunams are waging war against Asmara in a small scale. The awraja conflict between Hamassien, Seraye and Akale-Guzai is at it’s worst. Akale-Guzai and Seraye to some extent are accusing the Ahamssien dominating all aspects of the government and Eritrean political power. Most of all majorities of Eritreans from all walks of life are sick and tired of the dictatorial regime which is systematically destroying their country and their dreams with it.

Ideas of abandoning the independence agenda and joining Ethiopia are floating around and are discussed openly among Eritreans. This kind of discussion was unthinkable in the 1990s when Eritrea got its independence. Now many Eritreans are questioning why they fought for 30 years and paid so much for what they have now.

The Eritrean regime and its supporters are still tooting against Ethiopia and our people. They still say Woyanes days are numbered Ethiopian rebels supported by Eritrea are going overthrow the Ethiopian government and TPLF/EPRDF would be thrown to the dust bins. The whole world including the Eritrean and Ethiopian people can see who is crumbling and in the verge of disintegration.

It is high time for Eritreans to wake up and save their country and themselves before it is too late.

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