Eritrean military expert training anti Ethiopia terrorist groups
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Eritrean military expert training anti Ethiopia terrorist groups

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. Oct. 12, 2016

Eritrean military expert training anti Ethiopia terrorist groups in Eritrea

The latest secretly recorded video and smuggled outside of Eritrea shows an Eritrean military expert  Lieutenant Colonel  Solomon Eyasu training members of Ginbot7, OLF, TPDM, and other terror groups how to make and use home made weapons and explosives.

As you can hear at the very beginning of the video, he says “for our organizations or those who work for us or do our job for uscan do this easily without worrying too much about it.


At some point in the video he mentions Ethiopian SIM cards don’t work in Asmara and Eritrean SIM cards don’t work in Ethiopia. He further explains a person don’t have to be physically in Ethiopia or any specific place to carry out his mission. He said one can program those devices to operate by phone call and it can be done from anywhere in the globe.

While the EPRDF government is snoring fast asleep on the old policy of NO WAR NO PEACE, the PFDJ mafia group in Asmara have been working day and night not only to try to stay above water, but actively working to dismantle Ethiopia forever.

The above video is a perfect example how diligently the Eritrean government is working to spread chaos and conflict in Ethiopia and it is paying off big time. Look what is happening in Amahara and Oromia regional states. The loss of human life and destruction of property is worst than when a full-fledged war.

It is about time to speak loud and clear with absolute transparency about the Eritrean government’s role in the current situation in Ethiopia.

We have heard time and again people, especially some Eritreans insisting if there is no internal problems, external forces can’t make too much damage in Ethiopia. That is not entirely true if it was the Western countries wouldn’t have created the Orange revolution and the Arab Spring to bring unimaginable suffering to the people of those regions.

The dictators in the Middle East were hated by most people, but countries like Libya, Syria, and Yemen were peaceful and functioning normally, then the United States and the West manipulated the minor internal problems encouraging the people of those countries to destroy themselves. The same exact thing is happening in Ethiopia now because Egypt, Eritrea and other enemies of Ethiopia are manipulating the Ethiopian youth to disintegrate their own country.

Eritrean military expert training anti Ethiopia terrorist groups

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