Ethiopia is going two steps forward one step back
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Ethiopia is going two steps forward one step back

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. Oct. 8, 2016

The two faces of Ethiopia todayThe choice is clear for most Ethiopians

There are two forces hell-bent on destroying Ethiopia if they can, but if they don’t they will do everything they can to make it extremely difficult for Ethiopia to get out of poverty.

The two forces pulling back Ethiopia backward are Egypt and Eritrea in one hand and the riff raffs of the old regimes on the other hand.


For every step the EPRDF government and the Ethiopian people move forward, Egypt and its destructive puppets pull it two steps backward.

The destruction of infrastructure, transport vehicles, bridges, houseless, and government offices is part of the Egyptian and their slaves strategy to destroy the progress Ethiopia is making or to significantly slow it down.

We have seen time and again hooligans in Gonder, Bahirdar, and some parts of Oromia region targeting none military and none governmental industries and transportation vehicles. The damage done in the country starting last year is worth millions of dollars and thousands of Ethiopians lost their jobs and source of income.

The main reason for this is to portray Ethiopia as an instable country, and then investors will shy away from pouring their money in the country. The other reason is the financial cost to the Ethiopian people.

Oromo National Charter for a transitional government is ready says Mr. Jawar Mohammed. This is what the narrow Neftegnas are helping.

Birhanu Nega and other Eritrean slaves say they are promoting this as a means of struggle to bring about change in Ethiopia. What kind of change are they trying to bring to the Ethiopia? Judging from what have seen so far it seems they are determined to breakup Ethiopia.

Believe it or not if things continue the way they are going anything is possible, unless something drastic is done by the Ethiopian government or the Ethiopian army.

What would happen if people destroyed 11 factories and over 60 transport trucks and buses in any country other than Ethiopia?

This kind of things are not happining in Kenya, Sudan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia or the United States, then why in Ethiopia?

There you have it the Egyptian and Eritrean governments anti Ethiopia efforts paying off big time.

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