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A descent Looking Hyena demands to groom Calves

By Selam Yiheyis, PhD
Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, February 26, 2016

A descent Looking Hyena demands to groom Calves


I have seen Professor Messay’s latest article in Ethiomedia. I want to reflect on it and the underlying perspective that informs or misinforms it. I respect you (Dr. Messay) for your intellectual status, but as a person sharing the North American social value, I don’t worship titles (including mine). My parents have paid a lot in taxes to cover your academic pursuit and all Ethiopians anticipate that your profession be put into good use to promote national unity and development. I know very well you are fond of criticisms, or at least discourses and that you will not take it personal or consider it character assassination if I do same.  I hope you will tolerate criticism and personal point of view. It appears that your name reveals your true hidden personality and ill fated action.  

I don’t really know the intended meaning of your name, I don’t bother a lot to know either, but I guess I hear “messy” coming out as I try to endear your name!…as Messay apparently clings to the concept of phoniness not authenticity.  That notion reflects that you are just a shadow of your motives and action.  At least, that is what I felt ever since the mid 1980s. I know you as a student of Addis Ababa University, the impression I had had of you is that you were a very bossy and arrogant despot, like the system you were serving. You feign intelligence but all we learnt from you was how to become arrogant, autocrat and thereby disseminate panic and terror to disarm the potentials of poor younger fellow Ethiopian students. Don’t ever think you were teaching; in fact you were preaching socialism which, as we all know, ended up being bankrupt, because there was hardly any material and spiritual basis for cultivating socialism in Ethiopia. Instead, you have sown the seeds of discord and mayhem that is still plaguing young Ethiopians.  To say it bluntly, you and your circle has the burden of responsibilities for the much mess that Ethiopia is immersed at the moment. You had a very golden opportunity to pull the country out of quagmire.  EPRDF’s Ethiopia has gone to great lengths so far to rectify your evil messes but you have left the legacy of a culture of ignorance, denial, pretence and sterile debate that fares nobody, including yourself and did not save you from flights away from your country.  No any system after the Derg can easily cure it, even if you were given the chance three to four times, you just can’t. You have destroyed the gadgets of Ethiopian identity beyond repair in such a short time. And now you are toiling to prescribe an expired drug, much like a quarter’s drug man.

Why are you barking so loud for Ethiopians to forge your style of “unity” when you have destroyed the basis of a collegial unity by turning it into an instrument of Derg’s propaganda machine? Unity has been detested because you have already imposed it by force over all Ethiopians without empowering them and teaching them in a descent way how best they can benefit out of it. I advise Prof. Messay better not to lecture us about forging Amahara-Oromo alliance?  That makes me even more mystified. Who killed Ethiopia and Ethiopian unity from within Derg’s circle?  Who mistreated Ethiopians in the name of Ethiopia? You and the Derg! Who was making Socialism as an illusory precondition for intimidating and harassing young revolutionaries? Who was intimidating the very intelligent minds of Ethiopia and created a fertile ground for TPLF/OLF /EPLF recruitment grounds? Who was so arrogant to brag about his “wisdom” like a traditional drug vendor? Better stop barking and let us heal our wounds! You have not even the slightest moral and intellectual ground to be the mastermind of a new era of change. We know you and your bankrupt Dergist politics! Your strategy of harassment and mass murder has never redeemed Ethiopia. And we have no more energy to listen to your illusory discourse and no more strong backbone to carry you. Let others with new blood advice us whether to join or not to join the Oromo protests. Let me pose a few questions. How dare you call it Oromo protest in the first place? Are you sure others were not part of it? Did you make a field inquiry and inventory (expected of a person of your academic stature) or you just simply echoed ESAT’s gossips?  By the way, I challenge you that you have not the slightest concern for any ethnic group beyond your elitist power grabs. You wanted poor people’s protests as Trojan horse to take you back to the palace and reclaim your roles as an old advisor with outdated ideas.

You claimed the young Amharas were hibernating in their ethnic shells while the Oromos were being killed? This seems is even a cheaper propaganda inherited from old Derg remnants.  Are you sure the conflict was only taking tolls of the Oromo lives? Does conflict and violent incidents distinguish ethnicity if it flares up somewhere in Central Ethiopia? Do you have clear demographic data base and ethnic tree of victims? Are you sure protesters blood was proven in the labs that it was purely Oromo? Is there anything among Ethiopians of the Oromia region as solely composed of Oromo? Does the army of Gobena and his descendants you referred to be exclusively composed of Oromos? Where did you throw your “Greater Ethiopia thesis” that celebrates assimilation? Are Shawa Oromos purely and exclusively simply Oromos as you are now purporting to claim? Is ethnicity something static? Is that what you teach in USA? Is that what you taught us at AAU? All that you are airing is essentially the discourse of instigating hate and Tigrayan ethnic exclusion (your usual habit), i.e. campaign against an ethnic group. You may bark for it, but that ethnic cleansing approach you advocated won’t happen in your life time; because more sensible Ethiopians will never succumb to your dangerous propaganda. And people’s freedom and rights is not a gift from benevolent individuals but a result of heroic struggle and determination. Don’t ever forget that your bankrupt ethnic cleansing framework was attempted with impunity during the late Derg times to which you were a party, but did neither halt regime change nor deceive rationale Ethiopians. What else can we expect from you? You are always hatching evil in your “fertile” mind. I learnt how Ethiopia is an unfortunate mother of selfish and egotistic minded intellectuals, like you, who barely bother about the real motives, efforts and goals of the masses. The Ethiopian people deserve a more constructive engagement, not hate speech and perverted propaganda campaign only to reinvent the wheel.


Many of your apocalyptic predictions have been doomed time and again, the last being in late December 2015, with Oromia riots, concocted by dissolute elements who advocated bloody civil war by spreading false gossips. I assure Messay and your few sadist disciples, you may crave power, but you will never ever get it again. The Ethiopian people are now too conscious and wise about their strategic interests to be manipulated anymore. They have drawn enough lessons, sometimes the hardest way. It is also too late for you bad old guys to harvest power and reinstate tyranny!  We know you very well. Your bid for power simply reminds us the Amharic adage, “ጅብ ከማያውቁት አገር ቁርበት አንጥፉልኝ አለ!”  Instead repent of all the evil deeds you have done and your atheist “god” will guarantee you the kingdom of hell. Ethiopia does not deserve chaos to crown liars-Berhanu and Messay. Enough for the moment!

God Bless Ethiopia and Selfless Ethiopians,who truly love their nation beyond narrow partisan politics!

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