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A young Qemant woman explains eloquently question of the Qemant people in Ethiopia

Tigrai Online , August 31, 2019

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Qemant woman explains eloquently the question of the Qemant people and the crisis in Ethiopia.


A young Qemant woman from north Gonder explains the Qemant question and Ethiopia's problems in Mekelle. The beautiful Tiyero Mallede (we are not sure if that is what she said her first name was)  is in Mekelle representing the Agew National Shengo (organization) in Addis Ababa participating in a national conference in Mekelle the capital of Tigrai state.

The conference is organized by the Tigrai state government under the motto of “National forum to rescue the Ethiopian Constitution and the Federal system in Ethiopia”.

The articulate Qemant lady summarized the Ethiopian political crisis and lawlessness which threatening the existence of Ethiopia as a country in a beautiful clear manner.

Since Abiy Ahmed came to power through a silent coup about two years ago, Ethiopia has been inching towards disintegration because Abiy’s government is working with enemies of Ethiopia and forces that are determined to destroy the Ethiopian Constitution and the Federal system.

The national conference in Mekelle seems the last effort to rescue the country from certain destruction. You have to hear the Qemant woman’s interview by Weyin newspaper, trust me you will be amazed how she formulated the complicated ideas and questions in Qemant and the whole country.


A smart beautiful Qemant woman

It is a travesty of justice people like this young Qemant woman are not part of the Ethiopian government, instead you have people like Demeke Mekonnen.


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