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Is Prime Minister Abiy really a reformer or a deformer in Ethiopia?

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online, July 17, 2019

Prime Minister Abiy really a reformer or a deformer

Ethiopia has broken the world records of coup attempts, assassinations, chaos and internal displacements of its citizens in one calendar year. Gross human right violations against Tigrinya-speakers have become the hallmark of the new incompetent administration. However, the clueless PM Abiy’s team is still trying to inform people, chaos as the natural results of social and political reforms rather than addressing his administration’s failure and the vacuum in the leadership.

Team Abiy is not a formal political party; they are a collection of people who masterminded the chaos, lawlessness and evacuation of Ethiopian citizens from their ancestral homes in Ethiopia. The PM Abiy’s team had conspired against their EPRDF mother party. They have dissolved EPRDF unlawfully. Consequently there is a leadership vacuum, lawlessness and coups in Ethiopia.

As we all know the first coup was made against PM Haile-Mariam Dessalegn by Colonel Abiy’s team to grasp political power without any political strategy. The second coup was against PM Colonel Abiy Ahmed by the members of the Ethiopian Military forces who demanded an increase in their salaries. The truthfulness of the Military coup was not confirmed by an independent body. The third coup was a regional coup by Asaminew Tsige which many people believed it was just assassination of leaders rather than a coup. 

What did the Ethiopian people benefited from the coups or reforms?

There is no a righteous or an unrighteous coup. All the coups are unconstitutional and illegal actions committed by the members of all the teams. The first unconstitutional coup by the team Colonel Abiy Ahmed had paved the way for the other consecutive illegal coups and disorders in the country. Still, Ethiopians have no guarantee when these vicious circles of coups will end.

All the coups had potentially devastating effects to the overall image of Ethiopia and Ethiopian unity in general. The regional coup of Asaminew Tsige resulted in the assassination of leaders only. But the coup of the so called the failed Oro-Mara team at the federal level has killed Ethiopia’s prospects of regional peace, economic development and unity.


The team leaders transformed Ethiopia from an Island of peace in the troubled region into a lawless nation; from a Military and an economic powerhouse in the region into a form of a stateless nation.  The once strong and unified Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Party (EPRDF) transformed into four antagonistic parties under the meaningless slogan of “TOGETHERNESS” (MEDEMER, Amharic). Consequently, today Ethiopia has become a playing ground for all the enemies of Ethiopia and for the interests of other nations.

What should we do as nations and nationalities to save Ethiopia?

These vicious circles of coups and disorders by the suspected criminal teams will not have an end unless the Ethiopian nation and nationalities together wake up to respect their own constitutional orders that are violated time and gain. It seems there will be no end to the illegal coups unless a free and fair election is held according to the laws of the Ethiopian constitution. The Ethiopian people must claim power to their elected people only, but not to any team that cheat people in the name of reforms. The people’s voice must be respected. Those who immersed Ethiopia into this political and economic mess by violating the Ethiopian constitution should be held accountable for their actions. No one should be allowed to behave and act above the law.

Recently, his Excellency PM Abiy has publicly admitted his team’s violation of the Ethiopian constitution in front of the world at the Ethiopia parliament. He said that he had ordered the Ethiopian Military forces to interfere in the internal affairs of the Ethiopian-Somali people without the request of the regional government. While the Sidama people are demanding their constitutional rights peacefully, the PM had threatened the Sidama people to commit the same unconstitutional crimes in the same way he did in Ethiopian-Somali region. Such acts of leadership are not only a clear indication of the failure of law and order in Ethiopia but also indicate the lack of a responsible government in Ethiopia.

Who could be the conspirators of the murder of General Seare and Gezae?

Most Ethiopian people suspect it is you. I will leave the political correctness to the politicians. But, one does not have to be a genius person to think the people in the power of position who assigned the killer as a bodyguard will not be free of the suspicion.

The bodyguard of a VIP person is not randomly chosen; the bodyguard’s background history is well studied by the government officials as a trusted person to execute the mission of guarding leaders. However, according to the killer’s social media profile, the killer was unfit to become a member of the Ethiopian Military force, let alone to be a trusted bodyguard. It is unlawful to hire a person who has a strong political affiliation into the Ethiopian Military force.

Do we expect a reliable and valid investigation of the crimes committed?


Most Ethiopians believe the suspected government officials are still in their position of power. Therefore, directly or indirectly they will be part of the investigation. They will directly or indirectly influence the outcome of the investigation towards their own agendas.

In my view, it would be naïve to trust the government teams who have made and endorsed narrations of false movies to try to demonize all Tigrinya-speakers through government Media outlets. Anyone should make no mistake, according to the team’s narration, any Tigrinya speaker including the brave Generals fall within the domain of their false narrations. Therefore, I will trust only an independent investigation that incorporates the experienced and highly skilled members of the active/inactive TPLF/EPRDF elites. I do not believe other falsely made up dramas that are narrated by the government media outlets that are fully controlled by the irresponsible individuals.

What the Ethiopian people demand from the investigation is not just to go after the dog that has bitten General Seare and Gezae; but after the ringleaders within the security apparatus, the military and all the masters of the dogs who trained, assigned and gave orders to bite the two hero generals. It is a matter of time, the people’s voice will be heard, the truth will be revealed and true justice shall prevail.

God bless Ethiopia


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