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Ethiopian Supreme Court President, Meaza Ahenafi threatens Tigrai

Tigrai Online , August 3, 2019

Ethiopian Supreme Court President, Meaza Ahenafi threatens Tigrai

Meaza Ahenafi is threatening the people and government of Tigrai with war, this should not be taken lightly.

Meaza Ashenafi, the President of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia directly threatens the northern state of Ethiopia, Tigrai state.

Meaza Ashenafi is a core member of the Abiy Ahmed team. She was appointed as the President of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia on November 2018.

At a meeting of the judiciary organs of the federal government, apparently Mr. Gidey Zeratsion was embedded in the meeting to ask a question even though he has absolutely nothing to do with federal justice department. With no justification why Gidey Zeratsion was in an exclusive leadership meeting for the Ethiopian judiciary organ, he was allowed to ask a question about Tigrai. The President of the Federal Supreme Court didn’t answer the question right away, but she came back to it apologizing for forgetting it, even though she didn’t forget it, but was pretending. When she was answering the question she referenced an American government using force to protect black students from attacks by racist white mobs who were opposing integrating black and white students in schools.

Answering the question, how can you talk about rule of law and justice when you know there are people who are wanted by the Ethiopian justice system roaming around free?  Meaza Ashenafi’s reply was, in America a state refused to abide by the law and the American president at that time sent the army directly to that state, put the state under control then he was able to restore law and order in that state. In Ethiopia there is one state that refused to sign the modified laws and for the sake of justice we the Ethiopian government should take similar military action against the only one state refusing to sign the modified Ethiopian laws.


In 2018 the Ethiopian parliament approved an illegal and unconstitutional bill that will give power to Abiy Ahmed Ali the Ethiopian prime minister to establish a new Identity and Boundary Issues Commission. The new Identity and Boundary Issues Commission directly reports to the prime minister about its findings after it investigates causes of identity and conflicts between ethnic groups. Tigrai state representatives all 33 of them voted against it and it has been one of the laws that Tigrai state rejected and refused to sign.

Now what capacity and legislative power does Meaza Ashenafi has to make such a disgraceful and dangerous statement and declare war on the people of Tigrai? We suspect since she is so close to Abiy Ahmed and to the Americans, she might have spilled the beans about what is being discussed behind closed doors. If this is not the case, Meaza Ahenafi should immediately resign her post as the President of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia and apologies the people and government of Tigrai.  

If the federal government dares to attack Tigrai state, it will be a fatal mistake that will be the beginning of the end for Ethiopia as a country.

Tigrai and its government should not get involved in the continued political quagmire and relapsing greed driven chronic sickness of the chauvinist groups


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