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Letters of Ras Woldemichael Solomon exposed Professor Asmerom Legesse

Tigrai Online , August 16, 2019

Letters of Ras Woldemichael Solomon exposed Professor Asmerom Legesse

Original Amharic letters of Ras Woldemichael Solomon exposed Professor Asmerom Legesse’s hypocratic attack against Emperor Yohannes IV

About six months ago Professor Asmerom Legesse had given a Television interview to a pro PFDJ group and the interview was published on YouTube. On the interview Professor Asmerom Legesse criticized Emperor Yohannes IV, King of Zion and King of Kings of Ethiopia for using Amharic as a sign of lack of confidence on the world recognized Eperor.

Professor Asmerom Legesse’s ill-informed interview said more about his ignorance and lack of understanding of the Ethiopian history on his part than the target of his wrongful criticism.

Tigrai Online publish an article by Mr. Berhane Kahsay and s short video reply on YouTube which opened the flood gates against Professor Asmerom Legesse by Tigraians and friends of Tigrai including many Eritreans openly and harshly denounced him on social media including on Face book and YouTube.

"Professor Asmerom wrongly understands why Emperor Yohannes had Amharic as his court language. This was simply for ease of administration not for the reasons Professor Asmerom indicated. The language was in use well before the King of Kings came to the throne and consciously decided not to impose Tigrigna on his subjects." Mr. Berhane Kahsay said on his article.


After a few months Distinguished Professor of Economic Development, Barowsky School of Business, Dominican University of California, Professor Desta, Asayehgn wrote a long article one hundred percent rebuking Professor Asmerom Legesse false claims about  Emperor Yohannes IV.

“It is quite surprising to hear that Asmerom’s claim that the impregnable hero, Emperor Yohannes IV, use to suffer from “inferiority complex,” or lacked self-esteem, because during his reign, Emperor Yohannes used Amharic rather than the Tigrigna language as the official language of the Ethiopian Empire,. In addition, Asmerom asserts that Emperor Yohannes IV used Amharic in the palace and daily life. At this juncture, what could be said is that had Asmerom thoroughly referred to the Ethiopian History, he could have known in advance, that is before he opens his mouth to articulate this nonsense, that Amharic was made as the national language during Emperor Tewodros’ (1855-1868) era rather than during Atse Yohannes IV’s  (1872-1889) period”, said Professor Desta, Asayehgn on his article which was published on Tigrai Online on June 3, 2019.


Today August 16, 2019 someone sent to our attension old letters written by Ras Woldemichael Solomon the Governer of Hamasien and Medri Bahri. The letters are written in Amharic and Arabic they are addressed to “Loard Mohamed Ratib Basha”. Now the question to Professor Asmerom Legesse is had Ras Woldemichael Solomon become King of Kings of Ethiopia the then Abyssinia do you think he would have used Tigringa to communicate with his Habesha subjects if he was using Amharic in his official correspondence with the Turks and Arabs?

Thsese original Amharic letters of Ras Woldemichael Solomon exposed Professor Asmerom Legesse’s hypocratic attack against Emperor Yohannes IV in particular and the Tigrai people in general.

Click here to see Historical original Amharic letters of Ras Woldemichael Solomon in Amharic


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