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Tigrai business group to establish a new independent airline

Tigrai Online , August 9, 2019

Kudos to the the North Star Business Group, but we need similar teams in the banking and telecommunication sectors too.

A Tigrai investment group is working to establish a brand new independent airline called “North Star” based in Tigrai with a capital of 134 million dollars or about 3.8 billion Ethiopian Birr.

The airline is being established by Tigraians living abroad and in Ethiopia according to one of the founders, Mr. Mekonnen Beyene BBC Tigringa said on its website.

The North Star Business Group is holding its first meeting in Tigrai, in the city of Mekelle. The investment group is trying to address and solve the severe shortage in logistics, transportation, and aviation sectors. In addition having independent airlines will help solve the land transportation and highway closures.

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The group said their company will have three main sectors: People and cargo transport, aviation training center, and maintenance and training center. The group said it will work to facilitate tourism in Tigrai.

The North Star Business Group plans to build 35 story modern building in the capital city of Tigrai, Mekelle also known as “North Star City”.

Tigrai is ripe for this blessed idea, if I am not mistaken 99% of Tigraians were wishing and hoping for this to happen.

Seifesilassie Gebremeskel Guangul, who is really advocating for the people of Tigrai on social media said the following on his Facebook wall on Decemeber 28,2018 about why Tigrai should have its own airlines.

"Due to the unpredictability and unreliability of surface transportation to and from Tigray, now might be the time for Debretsion's administration to look into other mode of transportation. One viable option is to build reliable air transportation for movement of goods and people, including direct international cargo and passenger flights to and from Tigray. This might entail expanding and strengthening existing airports to accommodate larger aircrafts, building new and improved airports, establishing Tigray owned airlines, etc. What is your thoughts on this?"


The political situation in Ethiopia is deteriorating at an expected speed and most Tigraians and Tigrai origin people living abroad don’t want to go to Addis Ababa and come back to Tigrai, instead they want to fly directly to Tigrai from wherever they are flying. They want to avoid the hassle in Adddis Ababa and cut their trip by two hours and forty minutes or by 1000 KMs.

Tigrai Online would like and love to see similar Tigrai groups to establish Tigrai based telecommunication which includes telephone and internet companies in Tigrai bypassing the Addis Ababa connection and connecting directly to the international fiber optic through Djibouti or the Sudan republic.

It would be very helpful if the banking sector would have strong involvement from the private sector similar to what is happening in the aviation sector. These sectors of the economy are the foundations and extremely essential to Tigrai standing on its own feet.

We would like to congratulate the North Star Business Group for taking this bold and crucial business decision.

Tigrai to have its own airlines

Tigrai business group the North Star Business Group to establish a new independent airline based in Mekelle, Tigrai.


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