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Leaderships of Tigrai Development Association (TDA) and Tigrai Regional Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations (TCCSA), declared the business community to donate 10% of their taxable income to TDA during joint press briefing today.

TDA Headquarter, Mekelle
Tigrai Online Oct. 28, 2020

TDA Press statement Tigrai business community

Leaderships of Tigrai Development Association/TDA and Tigrai Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations/TCCSA, during a joint press conference held today declared the historic decision of the business community in Tigrai to constantly donate 10% of their taxable income given the 283/2009 income tax proclamation of National Regional state of Tigrai and that of 979/2008 of the Federal Government of Ethiopia.

TDA Executive Director Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael, in his briefing, extended his appreciation to the business community and their leadership for their continuous tremendous contributions that would definitely help to realize the operations of 12 special high schools underway and other projects.

Having complimented the development works of TDA in terms of creating well-educated, innovative, and competitive workforce and that of the supports being thus far bestowed by the business community, Mr. Asefa Gebresilassie TCCSA president, on his part, urged the business people in and out of Tigrai to support the common grand cause of TDA by donating 10% of their taxable income.

The objective of the press conference was to raise awareness of the business community of the fact that if they donate 10% of their taxable income to TDA, it would later be considered as an expense while paying tax to the government body concerned.