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dVentus Technologies Tahunia Rubel an Ethiopian-born Contestant Wins Israel’s Big Brother
Rubel, an Ethiopian-born 25-year-old model from Beit Shemesh, palmed the first prize, worth NIS one million. She is the second woman to win the show, the first being Shifra Cornfeld, who won the first season.

Norway partners with World Bank to support Ethiopia
Norway is pleased to collaborate with the World Bank in supporting Ethiopia's ambitious efforts to fight land degradation, deforestation and climate change while promoting sustainable development in the land use sector. Tove Stub, Charge d`affaires a.i., Royal Norwegian Embassy in Addis Ababa

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August 31, 2013

Witnessing the reality in Ethiopia was life changingThe Addis Ababa light rail under construction
I can say we have to be part of this positive movement. We may have differences and opinions in some issues, but we have to be one on national issues. Ethiopian and Ethiopia are changing incredibly fast and we need to be part of it.

August 30, 2013

United States Trade Representative Michael Forman visit dVentus Technologies facility dVentus Technologies On the outskirts of Addis Ababa sits the engineering and production facility of one of the world’s most cutting edge high technology firms, the Ethiopian-American firm dVentus Technologies. This firm and its success could be a harbinger of change across the entire African continent. Oops! Will this news trigger a migraine headache for the "fake freedom fighters" in Washington Dc? Oh well deal with it.

August 29, 2013

Ashenda Girls in Tigrai State Is Ashenda religious or cultural holiday? Tigrigna Article by Mebrahten G.Mariam University of Mekelle

August 28, 2013

Abebe Gellaw: Amharacentric and Hate PreacherAbebe Gellaw barking
The desperate predicament of G-7 is getting to Abebe Gellaw and he has quite rightly identified the webmaster of TOL as the cause of the near demise of the terror group that he espouses. Editor of TOL is now coming under a ferocious assault for strongly defending his country from internal and external foes.

Amazing poem written by a 94 years old lady for PM Meles Zenawi

August 27, 2013

A Tigrigna poem and short history dedicated to the ultimate Ethiopian hero Raessi Alula Aba Nega

August 26, 2013

Ethiopia poised to become an economic-hub in the footsteps of China

August 25, 2013

The endless cycle of infighting and disintegration of Ethiopia's opposition parties

August 24, 2013

The Danger of Multi-Party Democracy and Free Elections in Plural Societies
The Ethiopian Muslim question is a question of power and politics

August 21, 2013

Recognizing the Muslim Brotherhood as a Legitimate Player in Egyptian Politics was a Big Mistake
Ethiopian Partnering with ASKY to Establish West African Cargo Hub

August 20, 2013

Ethiopia and China’s ZTE singed $800 million mobile deal
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi memorials, one year later:

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Representative Christopher Smith: Stop the Anti-Ethiopian Bill
Ethiopians for Peace and Development, Washington D.C.

Atlanta Tigrai Community meeting call Atlanta Tigrai Community meeting call

Happy Ashenda and New Year celebration partyHappy Ashenda and New Year celebration party

Ashenda and Ethiopian New Year party event in PhiladelphiaAshenda and Ethiopian New Year party event in Philadelphia

Alemnesh - A new book by Melak TezazuAlemnesh - A new book by Melak Tezazu


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