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Will Smith the American Super Star, Actor,Producer, Writer, Director and Pop Singer
The American Super Star Will Smith Hires Randall Wallace to Have a Go at The Last Pharaoh Taharqa, the last Pharaoh of the 25th or Nubian Dynasty (the one in which blacks of Ethiopian descent ran Egypt) and is supposedly full of Ethiopians battling Assyrians for the throne of Amun-Ra. More

Headline News

Nov. 29 2008

Ethiopia urges tougher action on Somalia piracy
"By directly and conspicuously supporting extremists in Somalia and exacerbating its woes, Eritrea is responsible for the rampant piracy in the region," Meles said late Friday. "It is of utmost importance that the international community does more in tackling piracy in the Gulf of Aden."

Somalia's Transitional Government Fears Withdrawal of Ethiopian Troops
Somalia's Deputy Speaker of Parliament Osman Elmi Boqore says if Ethiopian troops leave Somalia next month, the government, which depends heavily on Ethiopian forces to protect it from insurgent attacks, may cease to exist.

Taxi Meters, Economy Trouble Ethiopian Restaurant Owners
Owners of restaurants in the D.C. neighborhood known as Little Ethiopia, centered around 9th and U streets, say they are suffering a 20- or 30-percent drop in sales.

Nov. 28 2008

Ethiopia Halts Coffee Auctions, Moves to Exchange
Ethiopian troops to leave Somalia
Ethiopia presents "proof" against war crimes allegations

Nov. 26 2008

Not a drop to drink
State pardons 44 ex-OLF members
Kahsay Beyen: "This is the worst drought I have seen in my life"
Govt; rescue defiled Ethiopian orphan

Nov. 25 2008

Ethiopian Cabbie gets $305K verdict against MTA police
Ethiopia: A feast for the eyes
Israeli jets intercept Ethiopian airliner

Nov. 24 2008

Business delegation sets off for Ethiopia
Islamist leader vows to punish Ethiopian troops
Dechasa surprises, Ayalew defends - Great Ethiopian Run Race
OiLybya Begins Pouring Oil in

Nov. 23 2008

Ethiopian 18-carat gold crown stolen by britsh troops in 1868Ethiopia demands stolen crown back
The Magdala treasure differs to other restitution cases, such as that of the Elgin Marbles, because it is acknowledged that the treasures were simply stolen. "It was straightforward looting," a spokeswoman at the Ethiopian embassy in London said.

Ethiopian troops remain in Somali capital
Lawyers in Ethiopia training course

Nov. 22 2008

Obama's To-Do List: Somalia
First Ethiopian Restaurant in Beijing

Nov. 21 2008

Somali police say ambush, kill 17 Islamist rebels
Mauritius best, Guinea Bissau worst for African children: report
Italian Cooperation donates 3.1mln USD to drought-affected communities

Nov. 20 2008

The world in 2009-Ethiopia Economist forecasts
Toronto man returns to Ethiopia a pop star
US cracks down on alleged Somali terrorists
Bombardier Sells Eight Q400 NextGen Airliners to Ethiopian Airlines
Somali pirates pocket at least $1.67 million
Indian navy sinks suspected pirate 'mother ship'

Nov. 19 2008

UN deputy chief to address Africa development meeting in Ethiopia
Ethiopia ban stays as talks fail
Surging Demand for Power Offers Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia
50,000 Ethiopians displaced by floods
ERITREA: Use harvest wisely, government urges
US issues travel warning for Eritrea, Somalia
8 civilians killed and 5 injured along Barentu-Elala route by bomb explosion

Nov. 18 2008

Eritrean rebels claim killing 285 government troops
See video CBP Conducts Agriculture Operation on Ethiopian Airways; Discovers Insect Pests...
Ethiopia won't stay in Somalia "indefinitely"
Somali Militias Near Outskirts of Mogadishu

Nov. 17 2008

Somali pirates seize supertanker loaded with crudeSomali pirates seize supertanker loaded with crude
Somali pirates hijacked a supertanker hundreds of miles off the Horn of Africa, seizing the Saudi-owned ship loaded with crude and its 25-member crew, the U.S. Navy said Monday.

Q+A-Why should the world care about Somalia?
AU troops replace Ethiopians in key Mogadishu positions Talks fail on new Somali cabinet: Ethiopia
New Kansas State University sorghum breeder brings international experience

Nov. 16 2008

Over 100mln birr referral hospital inaugurated
An Ethopian-Eritrean war looms again
Egypt 'must stop' border shooting

Nov. 15 2008

Ethiopia elders urge OLF rebels to negotiate
Islamist rebels whip 32 dancers in Somalia

Nov. 14 2008

Female genital mutilation denies sexual pleasure to millions of women

The near-complete 1.4 million-year-old female pelvis was found in EthiopiaHuman ancestors born big brained
The near-complete 1.4 million-year-old female pelvis was found near Gona in northern Ethiopia. As it was pieced together, the archaeologists were struck by the unusual width of the pelvis.

Lessons from Mulugeta Seraw's beating death changed Portland
US Embassy in Ethiopia issues terror warning
Storybook hero for Ethiopia
Ethiopia, Israel celebrate ties in D.C.

Nov. 13 2008

“Ethiopian market is promising”
Al-Qaida is engaging Somali extremists to revitalize operations says CIA director
Ethiopian Q3 exports rise 30 pct to $285 million
Ethiopians to tour county juvenile facilities

Nov. 12 2008

University of Kansas to offer Amharic Course
Ethiopia Eyes a Big Role in Global Leather Industry
Ethiopia's rain-lashed Wolaita zone holds its breath for the harvest
Cuban Support to Ethiopian Sovereignty
Somali Islamists seize port as insurgency gains
Persecution in Eritrea rages on

Nov. 11 2008

Little Addis Ababa in Tokyo / Ethiopian expats find chance for better life in Katsushika Ward
Broken bones and body bags: horrors facing Ethiopian domestic workers
Offers flood in to help repatriate housemaid's body

Nov. 10 2008

China attaches great importance to ties with Ethiopia
Uganda stops sharing water data with Egypt
Media orgs condemn editor’s attack
Over 432mln birr investment projects licensed in Tigray State

Nov. 09 2008

Haile Gebrselassie wants to become a prime minister of Ethiopia
Should Kids Be Able to Graduate After 10th Grade?
Ethiopians dominate Delhi Half Marathon

Nov. 08 2008

US, France Renew Warning After Ethiopian Terror Alerts
Chinese top legislator arrives in Ethiopia on 3rd leg of Africa tour

Nov. 07 2008

Ethiopia says rebel leader killed in west
Black Israeli Voices on Obama's Victory

Nov. 06 2008

Ethiopia arrests terror plot suspects
Terrorist Group Ring Leader Killed, Others Give Themselves Up
Ethiopian Government shuts down Ministry of Information,
Eritrea hopes Obama will change US policy in Horn of Africa
Reno Police Seize 20 Pounds of Pot at Amtrak Station

Nov. 05 2008

Barack Obama wins in a landslide to become the first African American president in the history of the USA
Obama's landslide victory sparks cheers around the globe
"This is the fall of the Berlin Wall times ten," Rama Yade, France's black junior minister for human rights, told French radio. "America is rebecoming a New World.
Editor’s comment: Obama’s win is a historic one and we at Tigrai Online would like to congratulate president elect Obama. Many people are so happy it is the end of the Bush era but, after all the jubilation and festivities are over, the first African-American president is facing unimaginable challenges. Some of the problems are legacy of the Bush administration and some are results of some other world crisis. All we can say at this point is may god give him the wisdom and strength to do the right thing.

Ethiopia volcano sets lava record
Kenya arrests 155 Somali, Ethiopian fighters in north

Nov. 04 2008

Ethiopia warns of 'imminent' terror attack
7,000 Ethiopian pilgrims to travel to Saudi Arabia
Iran mediates between Djibouti-Eritrea
UN Says Djibouti, Eritrea Tyrant Says Ethiopia!

Nov. 03 2008

Premier lays cornerstone for construction of university in Wolkite
Ethiopia arrests opposition leader, journalist hurt
Purse Strings; luxury label exported from Ethiopia
Sixty African refugees found dead on Yemen beach
IPI Condemns Brutal Assault on Editor-in-Chief of Ethiopian Newspaper
Ethiopia hopes to revive Egypt meat exports
Ethiopian Wins 2008 "Best Airline in Africa Award"

Nov. 01 2008

Editor in hospital after brutal assault
Somali Region of Puntland Makes Arrests After Suicide Bombings
Islamist leader returns to Somalia town to defend peace

Oct. 31 2008

Ethiopian Airlines sets new fleet, sales targets


POLITICS-ETHIOPIA:Disappointed But Not Defeated
Michael Chebsi
Nov. 29 2008

Flawed Methodology, Unsubstantiated Allegations
Aiga Forum
Nov. 26 2008

Ethiopian who Suffers in Arab Countries
Gezaee Hailemichael
Nov. 25 2008

Response to Gezaee Haile Michael
Getachew Reda
Nov. 24 2008

Do credit repair and loan consolidation work?
Senai Haftu
Nov. 24 2008

Why Donate your Car?
Donate car for tax refund

Melissa Lahti
Nov. 20 2008

Alem Alemitu
G.E. Gorfu
Nov. 18 2008


Re-thinking Capitalism
Ermias Haile
Nov. 20 2008

Alem Alemitu
G.E. Gorfu
Nov. 18 2008

Many Front War Buffets for Ethiopians.
Gezaee Hailemichael
Nov. 17 2008

The Ethiopian Government must do something to the People it claims to represent
Gezaee Hailemichael
Nov. 13 2008

Barack Obama: A historic Icon of Democracy and America’s gift to the world.
Nov. 07 2008

My wife is a real snake
G.E. Gorfu
Nov. 07 2008

Book Reviewbook review by Abraham Leakemariam
Nov. 06 2008

Yekuno Responds to TDVAYekuno Responds to TDVA Yekuno Mesfin
Oct. 31 2008
Please see also First article and TDVA's rsponse

Retirement Plan Investment Feasibility Study
G.E. Gorfu
Oct. 30 2008

Response to Sending Cash Home: Ignorance or utter hatred?
Ethioobserver Editorial
Oct. 21 2008

Yemeni africans, the untold story The Axumites assisted by Christian Yemenis ruled Yemen for fifty continuous years
Yahya Al-Olfi
Oct. 20 2008

Shocking Book "Stolen Justice" Sheds Light on One Woman's Heroic Battle for Equal Justice & the Fight against Racial DiscriminationShocking Book Stolen Justice Sheds Light on One Woman's Heroic Battle for Equal Justice & the Fight against Racial Discrimination
Tseghe M. Foote
Oct. 17 2008

TDVA's message and clarification following the blackmailing message of Ato Yikuno Mesfin (Boston).
Oct.13 2008

Speech delivered by Arena Chairman Ato Gebru Asrat on September 20, 2008 in Washington, DC
Arena Tigrai Support Group
Oct.13 2008

Samuel M. Gebru
Oct.13 2008


Taddese Abraha (Wodi Kokeb) coming to SeattleTaddese Abraha (Wodi Kokeb) coming to Seattle

Radio Snit in Washington DC and surroundingsYekatit 11 and the Ethiopian renaissance blending!

Yekatit 11 and the Ethiopian renaissance blending!Yekatit 11 and the Ethiopian renaissance blending!

Seret New Tigringa Movie and music DVD coming soonSeret New Tigringa Movie/Drama

Firdi Tigringa Movie, DVD on sale now Firdi Tigringa Movie/Drama