After twenty six years what did the anti EPRDF forces accomplish?
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After twenty six years what did the anti EPRDF forces accomplish?

Tigrai Online, May 31, 2017

>After twenty six years what did the anti EPRDF forces accomplish?
After 26 years of false propaganda, mountains of lies, thousands of demonstrations, and false starts the sons of fake kings have to show zero results.

Since the day the TPLF/EPRDF rebel forces removed the Derg dictatorial regime in Ethiopia, some extremist and tribal groups have been vehemently opposing the government in every turn.

It didn’t matter what policy, or strategy regarding the economy, military, foreign policy, land, education or technology if the government try to implement it, these useless groups will shoot it down.

Opposing government policy for the betterment of the Ethiopian people is always welcome, but these groups are doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason. Their only dream is to get to power by using any means necessary.


One of their tired tactics is to piggyback on temporary hot issues hopping that one of this days on of these issues will trigger a massive public demonstration big enough to sweep them to Menlik Palace. Unfortunately they will be waiting for that to happen for a few decades.

What is suprising is in the past quarter a century these tribal groups have never raised one single agenda that would benefit the wider Ethiopian public despite their battle cry of “Ethiopian unity”.  In fact they were instrumental on spreading hate and fragmentation among Ethiopians because what they preach day in and day out.

One of their stupid ideas is EPRDF created ethnicity, but nothing can be far from the truth. The Oromo, Afar, Somali, Tigrai, Harari, and many other people didn’t all of sudden realized they are what they are. All Ethiopians knew who they are forever, but they were forced to pretend they are something else.  Even if the EPRDF government brought these policy what is the problem? 80% of the Ethiopian people don’t have a problem with it. In the contrary most are saying that is the only reason they are staying in the union.

So, this week old people with old ideas did what they have been doing for the past 26 years, they gathered in the American city of Seattle to solve Ethiopia’s problems. They called it “National Unity Conference From May 27 to May 28, 2017” they are excellent on choosing catchy phrases, but short on bringing any meaningful alternative for the people.

They do this exact thing year after year to make themselves feel better and get their bonus checks from Egypt and other Ethiopian enemies. What do they have to show to the Ethiopian people after 26 years of ”bitter struggle against Woyane”? One interesting political development as indirect effect of the pushers of “United Ethiopia” sickness and hunger for power is, the youth on both sides of the Mereb River are starting to roar and they are organizing themselves we will cover that issue on different day and different article.


If the extremist groups had a point that would resonate with the Ethiopian people, they would have overthrown the EPRDF government by now, but they have no point. Let’s be real, it took 17 years for the Woyanes to topple the Derg with all the might brutal government had and the support they had from other countries like the Soviet union. The open secret is, the Ethiopian people including the army did’t agree with policy of the Derg.

The second problem is it might sound ironic to you, but those who are dying to get to power by removeing the EPREDF are not willing to die for it. Instead they are doing the next best thing to armed struggle, the hightech struggle becuase they thought they can ride the TPDM group from Asmera all the way to Addis Ababa, well that dream became a nightmare when Mola Asghdom left them high and dry in deserts of northen Eritrea. Then they thought they can ride the Oromo youth movement all the way to Finfine from Washington DC and London, OH! my God where they worng. We all remember what happened at the 
London Oromia Conference for National Consensus.

If you do the something again and again expecting different results, they say you are not that bright. We think our beloved wannabe ethnic kings are spinning the wheel like a hamster and expecting different results. From the looks of it, they are not achieving any results. 

Everything and anything this loosers do ends up in failure!

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