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Abiy Ahmed the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner declared war on Tigrai state

Tigrai Online Nov. 4, 2020

Tigrai Online news today November 4/2020

Abiy Ahmed the former Ethiopian Prime Minister has declared war against the state of Tigrai and it’s people yesterday Wednesday November 3-2020.

Abiy Ahmed ordered the Ethiopian National Defense forces to attack Tigrai state from all corners. On top of that the illegal and illegitimate dictator Abiy Ahmed declared state of emergency on Tigrai. Telephone, internet, and banking services are down in Tigrai state following the declaration of war against the people of Tigrai.

This unjust and disastrous war against the people of Tigrai was planned and coordinated with the intimate knowledge and support of the Eritrean dictator President Isaias Afwerki.


Meanwhile the Tigrai government said that the commanders and members of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force has decided to stand by the people and government of Tigrai, opposing the dictator Abiy Ahmed and the treasonous group. The Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force has roughly 80 percent of Ethiopia’s heavy weaponry.

The main reason why Abiy Ahmed declared war against the people and government of Tigrai is because they exercised their constitutional right to self determination and for having held their elections.

The Tigrai government statement indicated the dictatorial regime in Addis Ababa is forcing Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people into a devastating civil war and possibly breaking of Ethiopia after rejecting calls by the TPLF, the government and people of Tigrai to an all-inclusive political dialogue as a solution for their political crisis in Ethiopia.

The government of Tigrai State statement includes the following decisions. 

1. The Ethiopian National Defense Force within Tigrai and to Tigrai is prohibited.

2. Any Air transport flights to Tigrai are forbidden and any attempts to attack our people damage property using war planes will be met with proportional measures.

3. Other commanders and members of the National Defense Force across Ethiopia should follow the example of Northern Command and make the same historic decision and stand by their people to save the country by opposing colonel Abiy's regime.

4. There would not be any transport service in Tigrai.


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