Abraha Z-Axum the first Agazi military general
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General Abraha Z-Axum the first Agazi military commander

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, August 4, 2016

General Abraha Z-Axum the first Agazi military commande

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General Abraha was a Tigraian military genius from Axum. General Abraha became a Governor of present day Yemen and Hijaz (western Saudi Arabia) under Emperor Kaleb of Axum. When the Jews of Yemen persecuted the Christians in the land of Arabaia and Emperor Kaleb of Axum sent an army to stop the Jews from oppressing the Christians.

When the first military leader from Axum to Yemen General Ariaya failed to help the Christians, Emperor Kaleb of Axum sent the famous Axumite military commander, General Abraha. Genral Abraha was successful to subdue the Jewish Kings in the region who were destroying the Christian communities.

Emperor Kaleb appointed General Abreha was appointed as a Governor of the whole Southern and Western Arabiya.  Emperor Kaleb anointed General Abraha as King of Saba'a, Zuridan, Hadrmaut, Yemen and Hijaz. General Abraha established Sana'a as his capital and the region would continue to be under Axum for the next 100 years.

A few years ago Saudi historians and archeologists found water wells dug by General Abraha’s army on their way to Mecca. According to Islamic history Abraha’s army was on its way to destroy the Kaaba, but there is no archeological evidence to show their goal was to destroy the Kaaba. However, the presence of the Axumite army in the mountains of Saudi Arabia has been proven beyond shred of doubt. “Mohammed Al-Amry, head of the geology department at King Saud University, said he had seen the path of Abraha and his army in Tathlith and Baha. “The army had passed the Arabian shield region comprising rocks and there were writings in the Humairiya language on some mountains,” he said.

Army of General Abraha Z-Axum dug this well in now Saudi Arabia

Two years ago arab news published a small article about what the Saudi historians found and documented. “During their tiring journey across mountains and rough terrain, the young Saudi men took photographs of important landmarks, beginning from north of Najran, to the east of Asir, and then east of Baha. Some of the most important historical sites along the way included inscriptions of elephants on rocks in the Al-Qahr Mountain, southeast of Tathlith; an old well in Hafaer, east of Asir; and a paved road near Kara in Aqeeq principality in the Baha region.” Arab news said.

General Abraha who was from the city of Axum referred to himself as “Abraha Z-Axum” in a small obelisk. The name Abraha is very common in the Tigrigna speakers of Tigrai and Eritrea. In Tigringa language Abraha means, he who lights it or it could mean he lit it. Like most of the Axumite emperor’s names like Atsbaha, Armaha, Asfaha, Romha, Girmai, Tesfai, Teklai, and Amida Abraha is distinctively Tigrigna in origin. They are only used in Tigrai and Eritrea. Way before the birth of Christ there was an Axumite emperor named Handanai (Hunter).

Way before Raesi Alula Aba Nega, and way way before General Hayelom, there was another Tigrawai military hero, General Abraha, but the history of Tigrai is a taboo subject in today’s Ethiopia, because according to our leaders telling the real history of Tigrai will make some people feel inferior or create narrow nationalism in Tigrai. On the other hand the fairytale and fabricated history is taught as an Ethiopian history. In 2016 we have reached the lowest of the low as a country where freebooters roam around for days pillaging towns bragging they are this and that with any shame. What they are forgetting is their fabricated history is only founded in sand and it is only real for them. The rest of us have our own real golden and glorious history we are proud of and if the duct-taped history falls apart, our identity, history, language, heritage, and land will remain intact because our forth fathers like General Abraha Z-Axum recorded it for us in the history books and literally on our mountains.

It is not going too be long before our history is misappropriated and claimed like Adam, Hewan, and Noh. Time to claim and own our history!!!

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