Eritrean leaders claim the United States of America has deployed weapons in the border
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Eritrean leaders claim the United States of America has deployed weapons in the border

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, June 17, 2016

Eritrean leaders claim the United States of America

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The Eritrean government has released its fifth press release since the recent breakout of military conflict. Every press release they put out is more bizarre than the one before it. It seems the mafia leadership in Asmara is so nervous about the recent rapid developments around their sinking boat.

In the latest press release which was published today on the 17 of June 2016, the Eritrean government claims the fighting last week was instigated by the United States of America. They even went further saying the USA government has deployed weapons in the border, what a hogwash! The only thing driving this nonsense is FEAR.

Eritrea is aware of Washington’s instigation not only of the attack against Eritrea that the TPLF launched last Sunday, June 12, 2016 but also in its deployment of weapons along the border for a much expanded offensive.” (

Ethiopia is one of the oldest, not colonized, proud nation with about 97 million people. Ethiopia remained free when most African countries were colonized by Europeans not by the good will of the colonizers, but because the Ethiopian people stood together and defended their country and their dignity. Thousands upon thousands of Ethiopians lost their lives to defend their country and they will do so any time.

The new generation Ethiopians showed the world in the Badme war they will not let any country disrespect their sovereignty by humiliating the invading Eritrea army and burring it in the tunnels it dug.

The point here is Ethiopia does not need any help from anyone to wipeout the ragtag demoralized so called Eritrean army. In fact we are encouraging the Ethiopian government from slaughtering those young Eritreans forced in to slavery by the arrogant leader of Eritrea and his few cronies. The Sawa boys and girls didn’t choose to be living in the fox holes, they didn’t choose to stop their lives, they didn’t choose to work for free, they didn’t choose to be cannon fodders for Isaias Afwerki, and they definitely didn’t choose to be slaughtered in a meaningless war.

Let it be absolutely clear for all Ethiopia will never need help against a tiny, dirt poor, sanctioned, cornered, and isolated African country like Eritrea.

Some might ask if that is the case why Ethiopia didn’t finish the regime while they have the chance. The answer is very simple; Ethiopia would not should not be sucked in into Shabiya’s desperate war of exit from the COI report. If there is going to be a war by Ethiopia it had to be on Ethiopia’s plan and on Ethiopia’s choosing not on the limping Eritrean regime.

We fully support the change in policy towards Eritrea. The Ethiopian government seems it has chosen to be more aggressive when provoked by Eritrea. Any retaliation against the gangsters in Eritrea should be and will be extremely disproportional. We are sure they have learned their lessons last week.

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