The right decision at the right time for the right country- Ethiopia
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The right decision at the right time for the right country- Ethiopia

Maryihun Tsegay- Tigrai Public Relations Bureau
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, July 1, 2016

The right decision at the right time for the right country- Ethiopia

Ethiopia was elected to the Security Council as a non-permanent member for two year term almost unanimously by receiving 185 out of the total 193 available votes, but two countries abstained and one vote was invalid. It is rumored Eritrea, Egypt and Senegal are the three countries that opposed Ethiopia’s election.

The UNGA in its 106th plenary meeting of the 70th session has elected ETHIOPIA to serve as a non-permanent member on the SECURITY COUNCIL for two-year terms starting on the coming January 2017. Ethiopia was elected in one round of voting with the support of 185 member countries of the 193 member assembly. Several reasons can be listed for this. The first one is that its readiness to shoulder the responsibility of the UNSC for collective action. The other reason is that its contribution for the maintenance of international peace, stability and security. For example, Ethiopia has so far contributed over 80,000 military and police personnel for peacekeeping mission.Currently, 8,326 personnel are involved in peacekeeping missions in the world.

Another reason is that its commitment to the UN as well as the League of Nations. The commitment and efforts to the poverty reduction is also the other factor that made Ethiopia be elected. Its efforts towards reducing global warming by declaring CLIMATE RESILIENT GREEN ECONOMY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND ENSURING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is the other factor that can be mentioned .The other reason could be its roles in hosting a number of refugees from neighboring countries and giving them opportunities of education security, healthcare, etc

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.Last but not least is that its efforts in the regional integration by constructing railroads, highways, and hydroelectric powers for economic ,social , and political integration with the neighboring countries. A typical example is the GERD which is over 50 percent complete. The most important factor is also its friendly and non-hostile foreign policies and strategies towards its neighboring countries and respecting all international laws.

Ethiopia is a member of the IGAD, NEPAD, and has contributed a lot to the peace and security of Somalia, South Sudan and Darfur. Ethiopia is also one of the few countries that have wider participation in the UN agencies and committees such as UNHCR, UNICEF ,UNDP, UNFPA WHO, UNECA, etc.

To sum up, Ethiopia has always been a strong advocate of the principles of collective security and multilateralism as can be witnessed in her active and strong participation in every regional, continental, and global affair.  The most important point is that its role in fighting terrorism globally and promoting international peace and security. Therefore, shall we say this is the right decision at the right time for the right purpose to the right country? Ofcourse it is ‼

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