Eritrea says Ethiopia is planning full scale war against the tiny nation
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Eritrea says Ethiopia is planning full scale war against the tiny nation

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, June 21, 2016

Eritrea says Ethiopia is planning full scale war against the tiny nation

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The Eritrean government is sounding the alarm claiming Ethiopia is getting ready to launch a full-scale war against Eritrea. The leaders of the African North Korea were found guilty of crimes against humanity by the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea this month.

To deflect attention from the United Nations Security Council, the mafia leaders in Eritrea launched a surprise attack on Ethiopian positions on June 12, 2016 only to be wiped out by the Ethiopian defense forces.

The Eritrean leaders keep the Eritrea people in the dark by exaggerating and lying about their military strength, their political standing in the world, and other shortcomings. For all their miscalculations, misadventures, political failures, and military humiliations they don’t admit they made a mistake. To make themselves so big they blame the United States of America as if Ethiopia is too small and too weak to do serious damage to them. In the last Badme war they said they got defeated because Ethiopia used American Satellite support, Israeli advisors, and Russian and Ukrainian pilots. Not because of their miscalculation and started a destructive war with a much bigger and much stronger country. Not because they under estimated the Ethiopian people.

The most fascinating thing is all this fake and false pride has no foundation in history, because in the history of the Horn of Africa Eritreans never ever won any war against the Ethiopian people.

The reality is Eritrea is one of the poorest countries in the world. This tiny African country has no peace with itself and it is the source of instability for all the Horn of Africa.

In the fighting last week the Eritrean rag tag army was punished and pushed back by the gallant Ethiopian defense forces, but the Eritrean government says America is supporting Ethiopia. Many Eritrean websites are trying to decisive their people by claiming there is evidence that shows the American government has provided satellite images of Eritrean military arrangements in the border. All of it is a lie to fool the Eritrea people. There is not a single shred of such evidence in existence. In fact Ethiopia has the military might, economic power,  and young population  willing and ready to fight to invade Eritrea five times a year.

Today the Eritrean presidential advisor, Yemane Ghebreab told the U.N. council, "As we speak, Ethiopia is making preparations for a bigger military offensive and contemplating a full-scale war.” Surprise! And who is responsible if Ethiopia starts a full-scale war? You and your cronies are.

The not so bright Eritrean official continued to say, "Ethiopia reckons that the gross accusations against Eritrea afford it with the perfect pretext, and that it may be now or never. It reckons that those who are only too eager to blame Eritrea will as usual look the other way and fail to act as Ethiopia commits what are truly crimes against humanity against its people and unleashes another war."  

It is astonishing how big they think they are. In the grand scheme of international politics Eritrea is less than nothing. Why would any country or any world organization be against Eritrea? And why would the American government would be working against a dirt poor really small black African country? To be honest with you 99.9% of Americans including most of the politicians don’t know where Eritrea is or do they care what happens in Eritrea.

Ethiopia is busy building mega dams, cement factories, sugar factories, universities, light rails, and other useful economic developments.

A country registering great economic growth, a country where foreign investors are pouring billions of dollars in various economic sectors, a country who is fighting poverty and winning, a country trying to bring peace and prosperity to its people, and a country who is sheltering over half a million refugees including 120,000 Eritreans would not benefit by going to war to a full-scale war. But, make no mistake this is not 1998 when you back stabbed the Ethiopian people in general and the people of Tigrai in particular by invading their land and bombarding innocent school children. It is 2016 and boy! Is Ethiopia ready!!!

It is not late for the Eritrean people to think about their moronic leaders who are holding them hostage in their own country and say no war. It is about time for the Eritrean people to kick out the terrorist groups the PFDJ is training and arming against Ethiopia. Tell your government to stay out of Ethiopian internal affairs.

The false PFDJ dream of weakening Ethiopia by amercing it in to continuous civil war and rob its resources is just a pipe dream. The Eritrean people should not be sucked in to the evil agenda of the evil PFDJ and become victims of these mafia gangsters for second time.

After 30 years of armed struggle and 25 years of independence, what does the PFDJ goons have to show to the people, nothing. What is worst is these mafia leader’s madness gets out of control every ten years and they start war and the poor people of Eritrea pay the price.

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