Supporters of Isaias Afwerki are delusional beyond cure
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Supporters of Isaias Afwerki are delusional beyond cure

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, June 24, 2016

Thousands of Eritreans demonstrated in support of Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea
Thousands of Eritreans who live in Ethiopia demonstrate against the mafia gangster government in Eritrea. Diehard supporters of the Eritrean regime say they were forced by the Ethiopian government. (photo Gerger)

The diehard supporters of the Eritrean regime will say and do anything under the sun to convince anyone that Eritrea is one of the greatest countries in the world to live in. According to the PFDJ members and sympathizers all the evidence on the ground showing how miserable life in Eritrea is a propaganda war orchestrated by the United State of America and the Woyane TPLF. Everything and anything bad happening in Eritrea or to Eritreans is caused by the TPLF Woyane.  These people live in world of their own far far away from reality in the land of Delusionia where their leader is the greatest of all, where mosquitoes believe they are way bigger than elephants and butterflies think they are stronger than lions and where Ethiopia is much weaker than Eritrea.  They think if a full-fledged –war is started, between the two countries, Ethiopia is in such a fragile state it will collapse on its own weight.  “06/24/2016 The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affiars, Dr. Shannon Lee Smith is visiting Eritrea. ...Is this to diffuse the tension with Ethiopia or to engage Eritrea per the overwhelming call by the majority of the states during the UNHRC commission? Or maybe the threat of war is imminent and the US scrambling to stop the war which would be a war of attrition treating the existence of Ethiopia as a united entity?” this is the analysis given by one of the Eritrean dictator’s mouth piece websites. Delusion in an epic proportion.

This week thousands of Eritreans demonstrated in support of Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea - COI report in Geneva, Israel, Addis Ababa and many capital cities throughout the world.

Eritreas go out in full force to protest against their own government and in support of the COI UN report
Eritreans from all over Europe demonstrate in Geneva to show their support the COI report. Who is forcing them?

The delusional supporters and their allies the GIM-7 still say the thousands of Eritreans demonstrating in Ethiopia are forced by the Ethiopian government and not on their own free will to protest against their evil leaders in Asmara. Well, given the ongoing conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea it sounds logical, but the question is what about the many more thousands of Eritreans who live Europe and North America, who is forcing them to go out and flooding the streets of these countries?

Thousands of Eritreans demonstrate in support of COI report in Geneva, Addis Ababa and many capitals around the world.

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